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WAMinStyle WETLOOK Levi's Jeans Party!

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Wetlook Levi's jeans Party. Part 1 (ID-364) http://www.waminstyle.com/store/direct_link/?set=364 Four beautiful young girls - Kylie, Greta, Nika and Elena, loved Levis jeans so much, that they decide to make a pool party dedicated to this brand. They even invited a Levis expert Wanda to make their party not only fun, but also educational. The expert turned to be a very serious bossy woman and the girls felt like teenage schoolgirls on a lesson with the strict teacher. But the lesson wasn’t at all boring, it was funny and full of games with water, which all the girls loved to play. The first game they played was to check how do the girls know the history of Levis company. Wanda named the facts about the company and the girls were to tell whether they were true or false. The one who gives wrong answer, should be punished with water. Our girls showed very poor knowledge of it and each of them got wet, but didn’t seem to worry about it much. Then Wanda gave them a pair of Levis jeans and ordered to pull them apart and the winner team supposed to go to the water. Girls had a lot of fun struggling for them. The lost team went to the water but in the last moment they pulled the winners into the water too and continued fighting for jeans in the pool. Wanda also joined the girls in the water and the party began. To be continued...
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Text Comments (9)
Chuck Iantosca (1 month ago)
Three cheers for our "hot hostess" with the librarian look. Best looking of all 5!
Louis Williams (4 months ago)
Please upload more!!
Boots Adventures (4 months ago)
Very nice video ! Great girls 🤠😜 Have a look at my vids: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCaXPKEKw1eQZE97QMy94cGA
Osiris Bronx (6 months ago)
nice Levisgirls....😋😋😋😋
Simone Strothteicher (1 year ago)
Warum geht ihr nicht in den Pool
buddy ward (1 year ago)
Hey there I was wondering if all you ladies are married somehow. I love Levi's jeans on all you ladies
R H (1 year ago)
0:33 Nina 😍
MrJoseffffffffff (1 year ago)
WHEN can we see MORE!?
PageMonster (1 year ago)
Gorgeous ladies, especially the one in full denim. <3

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