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How To Talk To Bullies.

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Daughter's first foray into movie making. She addresses a serious situation in a completely, totally serious fashion. (I did sound and principal photography.)
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Text Comments (15)
Reagan Suits (4 months ago)
Omg I can't believe how awkward i was on that!
Becky Tauvar (5 months ago)
U are right Reagan love,leader of kindness club.You be u love who u are just be you and don't be mean be who you are quote from me.
Reagan Suits (4 months ago)
Awww thanks becky
Cassandra Mike Tango (1 year ago)
Great skit Regan! Also the totally random chicken appearance at the end makes a great conclusion lol.
Jolene K (1 year ago)
Extraordinary young lady--❤️❤️
Jolene K (1 year ago)
Thank you Miss Suits❤️♥️
Baynewsvideo (1 year ago)
Give the kid an 'A'...and the 300 blackout.
Daniel Collopy (1 year ago)
I've done a lot of drugs and this made me sad and hungry for marshmallows.
Juno Wilson (1 year ago)
She looks just like you!
lepke1979 (1 year ago)
That's good. Would probably make for an awkward conversation with his wife if Reagan didn't.
Crash Fistfight (1 year ago)
The world will not end with a whimper,it will continue with a child...
Wayne Rowe (1 year ago)
Regan your the best!
Boe Dayious (1 year ago)
She seems smart and a NICE GIRL. YOU are a good parent. Now sign up entire YUM YUM class into JROTC.
Antonio Macias (1 year ago)
My five year old and four year old daughters loved the video! Of course, as soon as it was over they starteded to fight.
Scooter Rat (1 year ago)
She's awesome.

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