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Florida Georgia Line - Simple

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Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing Simple. © 2018 Big Machine Label Group, LLC http://vevo.ly/vRWsrb #FloridaGeorgiaLine #Simple #vevo #country #vevoofficial #OfficialMusicVideo
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Text Comments (2724)
Ice Wallow come (2 hours ago)
Oh yeah yeah
J B (4 hours ago)
One of my Favorite Songs...
J B (4 hours ago)
S-I-M-P-L-E is my Style.
Joseph41170 (1 day ago)
I need a ten hour loop of this song because I’m tired of hitting replay
Mrs.Jevil (1 day ago)
Lucy Kabura (1 day ago)
Talk about good music😍😍
Angelyn Natasya (1 day ago)
I'm in love with this song 😍😍
Spirit Lily (2 days ago)
I love this song so much! Whenever I hear it I sing to it😁
Tammy Moppin (2 days ago)
Who else thinks the grand dad at the beginning is a little douchy?
Keri Cabral (2 days ago)
I love your song s
Waving Fire (2 days ago)
I wanna see this movie ?!
slithery playz (2 days ago)
This song makes my heart wanna get out of the sheel
Kameli a (2 days ago)
Who else here from Brent Rivera’s vid!?😂👍🏼
keyia janna (3 days ago)
This song is SIMPLE and Catchy
Maverick Gakin (3 days ago)
I am a big fan of you guys
Prettypop Puppy (3 days ago)
Hey I hope y'all see this but this is me and my bf song together and I'm so glad you made it, it fits me and him and this brings us closer together. Thank you ❤
Akari Taylor (3 days ago)
This is my favorite song in my life this song makes me die
RMix Official (3 days ago)
Best Band Ever!
Hafrn The Grey (4 days ago)
fake country trying to act country in a country music video , well i guess that just about does it, we're fucked (((they))) have everything, time to go back to keith and george
cinderella3000 (4 days ago)
This is by far my favourite 💙
Star Leona (4 days ago)
Love this 😊.
Jodie Cridlebaugh (4 days ago)
I love this song .. Simple
InfinityFox _ YT (4 days ago)
I love this kind of songs that’s why I always watch this
FreddyB 2K4L (4 days ago)
Simple just ain’t my style.....never understood country much.
Love everything about it
May M. San (4 days ago)
Intro instrumental thing kills me
Tyler Johnstone (5 days ago)
I hope Florida gorgia line lives forever
Allison Miller (5 days ago)
I put this song on my list because I love this song
savage potato (5 days ago)
mckee teo (5 days ago)
Videos reminds me of titanic when jack and rose ran away
the D is Here (6 days ago)
No love like the old school love. Old school love RIP! Generations now, compare divorces.
ffhgu 07 (6 days ago)
https://youtu.be/hCebq5lLgos In case anybody here wants to hear real country music there's link
ffhgu 07 (6 days ago)
About as country as LA and fake ass southern accents
Kyle Reese (6 days ago)
I love the song and I love how they slid in that one black guy lol
Justin Sherman (6 days ago)
Not gonna lie, really wanted to hate this but having a hard time hating it
Michelle Taylor (6 days ago)
This is my favrot song because my aunt and I licensed to it the day she died. 😇 she is in a better place now😞😟😢
Fizzy Zizzy (6 days ago)
ballora102 animaljam (6 days ago)
Awuondo L. (6 days ago)
wow. what a wholesome song and video. and I'm black,some friends would make fun of me for liking this song. but music is universal. like what you like. Happy 2019!
Maritza Villarreal (6 days ago)
I like this song😄😄😄!!! do you guys like this song.
Tha Nay Htoo (6 days ago)
I love the acting 😊😊✌️✌️❤️❤️✌️😊😂👍☝️🤨✌️🙏
The Winningest Duo (6 days ago)
I love this song
The Winningest Duo (6 days ago)
Pharis Smith (6 days ago)
awesome or aweesoome
Zinzi Pearl (7 days ago)
I love country with pop😍😍😍
Queen Goddess (7 days ago)
This song makes me all warm and happy
Joe Mannix (5 days ago)
This kind of music makes me want to to take a shit.
Allison Miller (7 days ago)
Make a nother song like thid
mmeganthrower (7 days ago)
Stang (7 days ago)
Renan Lucas Cordeiro (7 days ago)
Cool vid Jason
Malki Cobb-Wright (7 days ago)
I love contry
Anthony Dominic (8 days ago)
george sakellakis (8 days ago)
girl's instagram?
Carman Dalton (8 days ago)
this is a good songs
Carman Dalton (8 days ago)
scoleman coleman (8 days ago)
I love this song
PoP ITgood (8 days ago)
Wheeler walker jr for real country music
alan316 (8 days ago)
Any one else put this song on repeat for hours
David Richards (9 days ago)
1:29 those sweet kicks seem period correct lol
scoleman coleman (9 days ago)
I will Come to him
Stella Cornelius (9 days ago)
Omg best country song ever
Ts Gaming (9 days ago)
Citlali lssingarocksongdance
Ts Gaming (9 days ago)
Citlali dance arocksong
David Kelly (9 days ago)
I hate FGL, but I love this song
I am pissed off that no one had made a 1 hour version of this
Travis Beck (9 days ago)
I covered this a while back on my channel. People seem to be digging it. Say what you will about FGL but they put out some catchy tunes!
Baseball Lord (10 days ago)
Simple number one fav song
Rachel Astudillo (10 days ago)
Lupe Perez (10 days ago)
XxJointXDxX (10 days ago)
This is my fav country song
ReinzMix Official (10 days ago)
Good but This Is How We Roll Is Better.
Elya Jarquin (11 days ago)
I loveeeeeee this song 😍😍😍😍
Ngakau15 (11 days ago)
This makes me want to party
Dillets 10 (11 days ago)
Arthur Morgan be like
Chris Skate, Bmx (11 days ago)
DISGUSTING POP COUNTRY, what ever happened to real country and bluegrass like flatt and Scruggs so sad to see people think this is, “country.”
Kurt Moss (12 days ago)
ITS GOOD A MAKE ME SAD CUZ MY PRESENT IS BROKE NOBODY LIKES ME I LIK FORTNITE them are all the different peoples -_- €£€£€£€£€😬😬😲😲😲😲😭😭😭😢😢😢😳😳😛😛😛👄👄👄😄😄💩💩💩🔙🔛🔜
Kurt Moss (12 days ago)
Bootiful SOS my spelling is bad One two three Guiter -==''-:;&%%^;*(£(?*^$××21××÷%^"##
Mik Wri (12 days ago)
this isn't 'Pop meets Country'...Its Pop music that Calls its self Country...
Fred Wilson (12 days ago)
I don't know this song. But these people might get what country really is.
Stupid Genius (12 days ago)
Uh oh... childhood flashback
Jalene Scribner (12 days ago)
This is a simple best song
Stupid Genius (13 days ago)
This song gives me the hope that I can g through a painful semester
Peyton Still (13 days ago)
Fake country
K PERIDI (13 days ago)
Possibly the best country song EVER! Can't stop listening. Brian, Tyler, you are AWESOME!!!!!
Souza Junior (13 days ago)
This song is so good!:)
Mick Rath (13 days ago)
this sounds like total dog shit total dry dog shit!!!!!!!
Jessica Barrie (14 days ago)
What fucking snacks
Carlos Ramon Zavala (14 days ago)
Reminds me of the music video “Dirt” Keep killin it FGL 💪🏼
Carlos Ramon Zavala (14 days ago)
Ashik Sugathan (14 days ago)
Love you guys🙏😘
Swaginic (15 days ago)
Nasea, heartburn, imdegestion, upset stomach, diarrehea
Yvonne Crider (16 days ago)
s si sim simp simpl simple simpl simp sim si s
Yvonne Crider (16 days ago)
mary bernal (16 days ago)
I love this song very much
midnight chick (16 days ago)
You know those songs and smells or smells that just throw you back into your memorys? This song my family always used to listen to as we were going to are property every time I here this song I thing of dirt roads huge corn fields in the summer after helping our dad on our way to get the best pizza in the frickin world itself!
David (17 days ago)
This is the most annoying song on the radio
Gisele Silveira (17 days ago)
Love... 😍 Brazil 😊
Evil Kitty Cat (17 days ago)
Love this song!
Bill Boyer (17 days ago)
nice song happy new year FGL

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