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seadoo explorer beech landing

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blackl1steddrums (2 years ago)
ObiJuan Kenobi (2 years ago)
You got skills.....
happy day (6 years ago)
getting one in two day all rebuilt i can wait im living on an island and it would be cool to use everyday!!
Ty Pettitt (6 years ago)
nice... i just picked one up the other day for 450 bucks... has a 657 80hp motor.. have to replace the wear ring then im out into the water.. my tubes are shot so i pulled them off and put aluminum pontoons on each side lol.. i know redneck right?
Ty Pettitt (6 years ago)
And I thinks it's 587
Ty Pettitt (6 years ago)
581 I believe it's the 60hp
richardtheone (6 years ago)
i don't know the hp rating but it is an 581cc rotax engine.... it will do about 40-45 mph top speed with me (300lbs) on board full of fuel
Ty Pettitt (6 years ago)
What engine is in this one? How many HP?
richardtheone (7 years ago)
@TheElectricSalad sure it is super safe but not real fast about 40-45 mph top speed takes about 10 gallons to fill it and that is good for 2 hours running at wot. about 80 mile range .. you can't sink it and you can't flip it.. my little guy who is 8 this year loves driving it..
tcoon (7 years ago)
Is this boat worth buying?

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