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ODI DANCE meets KDF Dance Challenge at Orero High School

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Text Comments (59)
Belac Antonio (18 days ago)
Mnajaribu lakini bado
omole elvis (27 days ago)
Manze hiyo ni waya
jakowuor Ochieng (1 month ago)
Nikunoma sana
ruth nechesa mukangai (1 month ago)
wat students lyk .....without no learning
Ian Kemei (1 month ago)
like kdf dance
Hesbon Baraza (1 month ago)
Mary Gathoni (1 month ago)
waah kdf dance 😂
Martin Odhiambo (2 months ago)
Times have changed,during our time at Orero it was a like a military camp with strict disciplinary measures forcing you to bury your head in books.Good dance enjoy yourself young men.
dj ropi (2 months ago)
Ruthless Johny (3 months ago)
inawexa waxeea
George Derick (3 months ago)
good for nothing pull up ur socks
rodgers odhiambo (3 months ago)
lions imeweza wasee👍👍👍👍
Peter Omulakayi (4 months ago)
the songs are cool
Jackson ouma Orwa (4 months ago)
kaciey shee (4 months ago)
This is great
Meshack Takweny (4 months ago)
Naomi the Loyal gal (4 months ago)
tamu sana
George Mutio (4 months ago)
kali sana
Heartbreaker Kevv (4 months ago)
The move from 1:35 - 1:45 , imekubali 💯✔💪🏿
Lucy Wainaina (5 months ago)
Frida Gakii (5 months ago)
Msee Sijakuona 😎
sweddy albert (5 months ago)
Cock me (5 months ago)
kunywa uji asubuhi
ingare bria (5 months ago)
Nice trial
DijiFlex CyberTech (5 months ago)
Noma sana
Calvince Odera (5 months ago)
Think it has become now boring...
Alice Akoth (5 months ago)
Calvince Odera to get your
creative joe (5 months ago)
the first dancer ameweza
iroyah dismas (5 months ago)
Wako fiti maze dance kali
fredrick ondago (5 months ago)
My school
HILLARY BUKACHI (5 months ago)
Si kwa ubaya but tunaexpect something new from you
Braxtone Makokha (1 month ago)
HILLARY BUKACHI (5 months ago)
Nishasubscribe bro
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
HILLARY BUKACHI subscribe to my channel
Janize Icey (5 months ago)
dhose guys are in top like it
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
Janize Icey subscribe to my channel
George Mcgengar (5 months ago)
Kabisaa wamenirep vifty Sana🔥🔥... Noel mmecome enzi zetu pale 2014 mngependa tu
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
George Mcgengar subscribe to my channel
Magdaline Bosibori (5 months ago)
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
Magdaline Bosibori subscribe to my channel
Faith Mercy (6 months ago)
What I like ni eti wako unique
Faith Mercy (5 months ago)
ODI DANCE FINNEST mara that that
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
Faith Mercy subscribe to my channel
Eddy Gachie (6 months ago)
iko fitty too Sana maskanga wako salama 👍
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
Eddy Gachie subscribe to my channel
Ruth Akoko (6 months ago)
scout ya orero iko juu
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
Ruth Akoko subscribe to my channel
Elcy kossy (6 months ago)
Kali sna 👏👏👏👏👏 i really love that song
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
Elcy kossy subscribe to my channel
Nady Nady (6 months ago)
wako sawaa,,,, lakini hawafikii nyakiambi girls, nyakiambi girls wako yuuuu tu sanaa
Onchieku Lamech (4 months ago)
nyakiambi wako poa
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
middy mily subscribe to my channel
Hotensiah's Outlet (6 months ago)
Imeweza scouts
Hotensiah's Outlet (5 months ago)
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
Angela Wambilianga subscribe to my channel
Meshaaki Brawn (6 months ago)
Mercy Wanjiru (3 months ago)
Brian Akello (5 months ago)
Meshaaki Brawn cool
ODI DANCE FINNEST (5 months ago)
Meshaaki Brawn subscribe to my channel

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