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In Memoriam - Charlie Haden

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Charlie Haden, one of the great bass players of jazz history, died on Friday July 11 at his home in Los Angeles after a long illness. Honouring his musical legacy we share this video of 'My Love and I' performed by the Metropole Orkest Strings (conducted by Vince Mendoza) and the Charlie Haden Quartet West, as recorded in 2010 in De Doelen, Rotterdam (NL)
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Text Comments (37)
lindo lindo.....
Jason Ferguson (3 months ago)
azachae (3 months ago)
Thank you for sharing it.
Claudio Vernetti (3 months ago)
Charlie Haden - bajo Ernie Watts - saxofón tenor Alan Broadbent - Piano Billy Higgins - batería Está bien? It's true?
SurfingAli3n (4 months ago)
Many, many thanks for the emotions and everything... RIP Charlie!
mrbertiep1 (4 months ago)
Quartet West and Alan Broadbent's string arrangement - PERFECTION.
Guy Levilain (4 months ago)
It's not about instrumental technique, it is about taste (playing the prettiest notes) and give them a soul that reverberates with ours. That's Charlie Haden.
Nat Images (9 months ago)
so beautiful...thank you for posting
Olimpio Alvares (1 year ago)
Pearl defines this Haden peace. Ernie Watts is pure magic.
Alfredo Remus (1 year ago)
Este es un CONTRABAJISTA! Esto es música de verdad!! Me emociona! Grande Maestro, tu imagen, sonido y expresión no morirá nunca y siempre será un ejemplo a seguir.
John Greenan (1 year ago)
Wonderful, Wonderful Charlie Haden, you are sadly missed, thank you for your participation in THE MUSIC ( Jazz)
jsphotos (1 year ago)
Charlie Haden: one of the best! RIP and Godspeed, Charlie!
TheBlueMinecraft (1 year ago)
Simplicity and heart, melody and feeling. Already three years as he passed away. Sorow.
Eric Walker (1 year ago)
Thank you Charlie Haden.
Alan R Secor (1 year ago)
I miss him.
Alan R Secor (1 year ago)
Jan Misztal (1 year ago)
Boże miej Go w Swej Opiece.RiP Przyjacielu
TheGlass50 (1 year ago)
I'm just now finding out that he passed away. Love him and his music. I listened to The Moon Song all weekend. Thank you for your vast contribution to music Mr. Haden. Thanks so much for posting this beautiful piece of music.
Juliano Mastrandea (2 years ago)
god bless you Haden!
Alfredo Remus (2 years ago)
Una obra maestra del inmortal Charly Haden, EL CONTRABAJISTA!! Que saxo tenor!!
Claudio Vernetti (3 months ago)
Y vos también sos un gran contrabajista!!!
Alfredo Remus (2 years ago)
CHARLIE HADEN un colosal contrabajista con una personalidad unica, que descanse en paz!
Jean-Paul Callut (2 years ago)
A very great composer...
What a great bass player, what a great man, an inspiration for music lovers!!
michael nestler (2 years ago)
wonderful and greatest and extra deep feeling. a wonder in interpretation and music !..................................
William Taylor (2 years ago)
May he rest in peace...A great composer he was indeed. Ernie Watts did a great job with the tribute. Most of my collection was with him and Ernie Watts.
Alfredo Remus (2 years ago)
unkulmark (3 years ago)
Thanks for uploading this video. This is far beyond an excellent song, arrangement & performance. It is the first time that I remember hearing it & I've listened to it a few times in the last 24 hours. I also listened to the Coleman Hawkins rendition which inspired Charlie and I strongly recommend that others also listen to it. Another recommended listen is a version with lyrics by Johnny Mercer that Cassandra Wilson sung on Sophisticated Ladies. In a August 6 2011 article at his website titled: 'Charlie's Turntable: "My Love and I" ', he talks about this song. Here is an excerpt: "I first performed the song on my Quartet West CD Always Say Goodbye recorded in 1993 with Ernie Watts on tenor sax, Alan Broadbent on piano and Larance Marable on drums and strings. We play the song first and then I bring in Coleman Hawkins’ original version so that everyone could hear what inspired me".
Frank Mayer (3 years ago)
Very much in his sometimes melancholy spirit. Excellent choice for honouring CH
shlomo katz (3 years ago)
may he rest in peace
drbernal1 (4 years ago)
De lo mejor !! y gracias por su aportación al universo !!
Myron Schwartzman (4 years ago)
What a superb Bassist, and what a beautiful human being! Myron Schwartzman
danibeoli (4 years ago)
Marc Patry (4 years ago)
So glad we made the trip from Paris to go see him in concert in London, 3 years ago or so.   He lives on.
MrDarktunes (4 years ago)
Wow, I was there at this concert, front row. So beautiful and big compliments for Metropole Orkest who did a great job ! I wish I had the whole concert on video... Thanks very much for uploading !
Ivy Official (4 years ago)

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