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Abandoned F250 Revival! First Start in 26 Years -- Part 1

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This is part one of the epic revival of an abandoned f250 that was left to rot on a farm for 26 years!! SUBSCRIBE FOR PART 2!! Part 0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nhf9TJz4JI Part 2: https://youtu.be/LFSGl90ZrP4 Lukes Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThunderHead289 T-Shirts now available! http://relatabletees.com/product-category/junkyard-digs/ Contact Kevin: [email protected]
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Text Comments (1391)
Terry Morrison (14 hours ago)
Young people????? use a matchbook cover come on. your thumbnail come on.
DynVec (22 hours ago)
Interesting video but there was really no need to cut that alive large branch.
Ace Maheswaran (1 day ago)
that car moved and my heart skipped a beat like "wally!!! you're alive!!!!"
BlaggerDagger (1 day ago)
omg this is so fucking cool. I know nothing about cars or the language they're using, but it's so fun to watch
Tristan (1 day ago)
I really like the fact that you make sure everything is operating properly before you try to fire it up. Most people would've just hooked power to it and caused some major damage, fighting the urge is hard so I respect the good work ethic!
highrev92 (1 day ago)
Skip to 22:16 to save a lot of time.
jesperom[SF] (2 days ago)
before starting any unknown engine you should do some full revolutions by hand if you don't want to murder the cylinders
Damien Jaquez (2 days ago)
Well put some tRaNnY FLuEd
Mack James (2 days ago)
Two guys with too much time on their hands. Go volunteer at a homeless shelter.
Jairo Mariscal (2 days ago)
This is the Epitome of Manhood.
EatAndGrow (2 days ago)
She’ll run.
Anon Doe (2 days ago)
Found On Road Dead
Vivian Stimpson (2 days ago)
Better than a drag race, better than porn, two guys and a pickup truck trying to get it goin.
AdroitNGaming (2 days ago)
Shell run
TJ NightTrain (3 days ago)
do u losers have a life?
Oliver Roedel (3 days ago)
gimme the dodge
Brian Davis (3 days ago)
You boy's have way to much free time.
Ryan Hogan (3 days ago)
Fucking queers, hit it with brake clean and red line it the second it fires. 👌
Ryan Hogan (3 days ago)
It says farm on it, it wasn’t good the first mile, let alone the other 6k
Ryan Hogan (3 days ago)
Imagine how many guys got laid in that piece of shit, right where it sits..
Outsider (3 days ago)
Hank ツ (3 days ago)
" She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run She'll run "
Junkyard Digs (3 days ago)
She did tho🤷🏻‍♂️
charles klemmensen (4 days ago)
5:22 what?
Dave Boothney (4 days ago)
Wait. Why aren't you fixing up that cool Dodge truck?
Dave Boothney (4 days ago)
I believe the measurement you are looking for is Glugs. You are adding 3-4 glugs per cylinder.
Steven Clark (4 days ago)
You guys are fun to watch!
The Doofus Channel (4 days ago)
Oil change and drain fuel? Or do you guys not do such plebeian things out here? *sub*
freedoms2010 (4 days ago)
OMG, i wish i knew that much about cars. Those guys could probably build a car out of nothing. Incredible.
Kirei Edwards (4 days ago)
Im surprised that starter works still
Uriah Brown (4 days ago)
Looks like it was placed there
Ryan Maxon (4 days ago)
Runs about as good as a new ford.
Rookie Sim Racer (4 days ago)
that truck to the left thats the one that needs saving. air baga and gring frame all day
Nathan Cole (4 days ago)
Save that dodge
eLMoney20 (4 days ago)
I remember when my aunt gave me her old 1984 K10 Chevy. Had 42k miles on it all original! My buddy had it started in no time the same day I got it! So cool! It hadn’t ran for almost 17 years! Had it completely restored!
Jasen Klems (4 days ago)
Dont spark off the fuel pump lol
adam chapman (5 days ago)
I wish that Ford stock to the push rod Engine.
Ruben Renteria (5 days ago)
Should’ve saved the dodge instead for real!!!!
bill miller (5 days ago)
long before ethanol, otherwise that would be way worse. all you need was a matchbook cover to set the points
Rick Toles (5 days ago)
Ford F. ound O. n R. oad D. ead Gotta love em!🚚
Tony Merlot (5 days ago)
Did you have police run the plate?
Susie Brimhall (5 days ago)
Watch the paint man! Jeez!
Bill Martin (6 days ago)
Why put this Fix-Or-Repair-Daily truck back out on the road again, where it will just block traffic?
James J (6 days ago)
I 've owned several Fords over my lifetime and one thing about them is that they will start under the most challenging conditions especially when it's cold I can't say the same for the dodges or Plymouths that I've had
James J (6 days ago)
you can always jump it from the solinoid ...a quart of acetone and or denatured alcohol in the gas tank would help get it going
Wolfman Jack (6 days ago)
Don't forget to clean the windshield,
Wayne Beaver (6 days ago)
Had a great memory at 20:09. Me and my brother-in-law were moving an old Dodge motor home (mid 70’s model) with the 440. We drained the gas tank and added some 110 octane (at $10.00 a gallon). The motor sits inside the cab so we had the cover off while trying to start it. Then it backfired through the carburetor. Couldn’t hear much right afterward, almost lost some eyebrows, but it gives me a good chuckle now. The funniest thing was driving behind him on the way home. He could floor it, quickly let off the throttle and it would shoot this purple fireball out the rear driver side. We were on the phone with each other but we couldn’t hear one another because we left the motor cover off and it was LOUD. I was trying to tell him not to let off the gas abruptly but he couldn’t hear me. The he figured out how to make it backfire and he started doing it to a few cars that passed us. Oh gosh ... the look on their faces!!! That was about three years ago. Wish I could turn back some time and revisit that day. Funny and sobering the memories that return from seeing a simple backfire. 😥
Nathan Bethea (6 days ago)
Throw out the old Ford. Keep the Hemi!
Minong Maniac (6 days ago)
Ford trucks sucks.
tAmEz ZoDiAc (7 days ago)
Why don’t you see if the other truck works too.
John Murphy (7 days ago)
Damn, screw the Ford... I would have grabbed the 241 Hemi Dodge !!!
Catzilla (7 days ago)
It's encouraging that the engine turns over. At least you know it isn't seized up.
Eli Renigar (7 days ago)
When you’re sparking that ground wire, just scrub the surface you’re making contact on and it’ll put more power to the starter.
William Cook (7 days ago)
Not covered in dirt, webs, muddobers, tires still inflated. Clean for 2 years of sitting let along 26 years... and with the windows broken out.... the interior is pretty nice... gotta ask... was it frozen in a flash ice storm? Might have been somewhere for 26 years but it wasn't just sitting out the whole time. Maybe in a barn at the least. Look at the gauge set.... not 26 years old.. It's just a old farm truck... sitting in the same spot for "30" years that has had people come out and wash it every so often ....
fightingfalconfan (7 days ago)
Missing one crucial thing...ignition timing. Fireball out the carb means the spark is way to advanced. Have to retard it a few degrees.
ebsen raptzski (7 days ago)
Found On Road Dead is a good description
Ben Winstanley (7 days ago)
Skills! Respect n great to save such a great old potential awesome truck . Awesome watch 👍👌✌️
DonziGT230 (8 days ago)
That splash of gas down the carb flooded it, that was way too much.
Gotsens (8 days ago)
Awesome fucking video. SUBSCRIBED!!
Dion St. Michael (8 days ago)
I admire anyone who restores these classics.
parteibonza (8 days ago)
Ethanol was mixed everywhere back in 91, so you should have replaced all the gas first
parteibonza (8 days ago)
71K miles on a 60s or 70s american car was equivalent to 180K on today's vehicles. Yeah, it was shot to hell.
Shawn Tannehill (8 days ago)
7:28 It doesn't feel right. I've been there.
Jeffrey Holliday (8 days ago)
Great video. You guys know your engines.
Stuart Smith (8 days ago)
What year FoRDY is that????
Troy Nowak (8 days ago)
My uncle got a 67 fast back first start in 37 yrs we are restoring it for a guy
David (8 days ago)
Was loving it until I see the other car and was like now that's a better car.
aussiebloke609 (8 days ago)
"That was a massive fireball." "You wanna do it again?" "Yep!" Love it. :-)
Martin DEAN (9 days ago)
Kemp Dog (9 days ago)
yep road kill style lol
Carlos Benitez (9 days ago)
You guys got me the first 5 min ...sub & like
5c0H (9 days ago)
save the dodge next!
Mike Weber (9 days ago)
Is the guy with the glasses the same guy that does the videos of his boots getting cleaned and shined at the airport
Adam Pike (9 days ago)
should crunk that hemi
COMPLEX Richard (9 days ago)
Wat a hell of a mechanic.. I don’t now how they do it
Rick es (9 days ago)
Looks like a 64 to 66.
Wooley689 (9 days ago)
I'd like to have both of these, the Ford and the Dodge. The guy doing most the work really knows his stuff.
TheRealCat (10 days ago)
Guess what guys.. *She'll run*
Bob Bowie (10 days ago)
Go to _DMV-_ and *lien it* to yourself.
James Varner (10 days ago)
That's so COOL wish you were here to help me with my Truck LoL
Ziggy BoomPow (7 days ago)
Eric Homstad (10 days ago)
I know I'm watching something great when they have to chop down trees at the start to get to the vehicle.
Toady (10 days ago)
I'd rather get the hemi going.
onus gumboot (10 days ago)
71,000 miles was usually pretty near used up back then, you didn't get 100,000 miles out of a car without a major rebuild. sometimes you got lucky, but it wasn't like now where 300,00 isn't unusual
BaconNBeer (10 days ago)
LIke my friend indian John says Fords have heart.
guy tremblay (10 days ago)
its a Ford . you should give it the respectit deservews in its final moments of its life and leave it to die in peace
Hamish the Irish Amish (10 days ago)
"Abandoned"????? Unless you guys are either on your own property or on public ground, ITS GRAND THEFT; AUTOMOBILE.
Junkyard Digs (10 days ago)
Or the part where the owner hands us the title stating it's ours??
Jason Ferguson (10 days ago)
Luckily for me this video was on my recommended list. Good stuff. Saw one of the two was serving overseas. From a 22 year retired Army guy I hope you are home safe. Got yourself a new subscriber.
Tariq Choudry (11 days ago)
I love this challenging projects.
Save the Dodge !!!
john doe (11 days ago)
The one guys voice sounds just like Egon from Ghostbusters
Gregory Southerland (11 days ago)
My grandma also has a ford f series and old dodge pickup behind her house, both from similar eras as the cars in the videos, better condition, but still undriveable.
tjsean0308 (11 days ago)
If we don't get this running we'll loose the shop!!
Dave Berswick (11 days ago)
COOL.Woodheads they can spend ten min taking about a coil.what ever works GOOD LUCK
Vanna6345 (11 days ago)
boring ;0(
RenceBrandon Ducusin (11 days ago)
whats the purpose of pouring atf fluid to spark plugs holes>?
ya yaya (11 days ago)
a week yt pushin this video to distract me from shit that matters like dan bongino and the coming slaughter of communist socialists and globalists that been selling out the usa and sovereign nations for decades to their endless growth economics and ecological doom overfull planet obsolete immigration armies of mindless western emulating, ingrate, greedy 3rd worlders and tropicals.
TaichX1138 (11 days ago)
Glad I stumbled upon this. I don't know squat about cars, and engines, and whatnot, but this was fun to watch.
Nick Ennis (11 days ago)
I’m curious. Why did you people give this video a thumbs down.
Paul Rooke (11 days ago)
She'll run.
Jallen (11 days ago)
Proof Real Men* Still Exist...Good Shit Fellas
Kathleen Tinley (11 days ago)
I wish you were my mechanic! Can not wait to see what you do with her! I would love to have something like that!

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