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Abandoned F250 Revival! First Start in 26 Years -- Part 1

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This is part one of the epic revival of an abandoned f250 that was left to rot on a farm for 26 years!! SUBSCRIBE FOR PART 2!! Part 0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nhf9TJz4JI Part 2: https://youtu.be/LFSGl90ZrP4 Lukes Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThunderHead289 T-Shirts now available! http://relatabletees.com/product-category/junkyard-digs/ Contact Kevin: [email protected]
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Text Comments (1856)
Sothea Mam (9 days ago)
I like those old trucks
The Game (10 days ago)
blaze 2017 (10 days ago)
I wish i was this talented pretty awesome
Buck Buck (11 days ago)
. "tell me you got that. no way.really. what no "excuse me ?"
Robert Gildea (11 days ago)
Nice to see those old vehicles run again after many years of sitting. In Elmira NY at a property at 654 Sullivan Street sits an abandoned 1991 Ford Mustang the guy that owns it is in the military. The car hadn't run in over a year and a half. The motor is seized up. The owner tried to remove the rear drive axle to unseize the motor thereby breaking the rear drive axle. My hope is someone finds the owner buy it and fix it up before it rots away and becomes scrap iron. That would be a shame they are highly sought after muscle cars . To let it sit and rot away and become scrap iron would be wrong. Fan of restoring old cars Robert Gildea
Joe schmo (15 days ago)
so Ford engines used to hold on to spark plugs?
Alex Lamberty (17 days ago)
10:56 that fart tho...
CTComic (17 days ago)
Was it necessary to cut the damn tree sheeeesh?
Philmore Thompson (17 days ago)
Big up Junkyard Diggs. You guys are teaching me how to fix my old vehicles.
ross davidson (18 days ago)
Fuck that ford get the hemi running lol
Destia (20 days ago)
"Wanna do it agian?" "yeah!" the type of friends I need in my life
Ryan Maxon (21 days ago)
Put some seafoam in that bitch, she'll run better than a new Ford.
Hyphy2v (21 days ago)
10:57 when u take ya meat out and put it back in her
markopatrakka (22 days ago)
He ask's for 1000 likes & he gets 41k
Rex Jolles (23 days ago)
this might still belong to sombebody, although i doubt it judging by the 1986-1996 Iowa licesnse plates
Chris Wey (25 days ago)
Well I’m not a Ford guy but I’m open minded and don’t care when it comes to getting vehicles like this running. What state are you guys located in?
redbullninja11 (25 days ago)
how does one go about learning skills like these?? this is the coolest fucking thing ever
HiddenAuric (27 days ago)
How do you not get in trouble?
scorpiofor (28 days ago)
Looks like the beginning of a horror movie I wonder what happened to the person who was working on the truck LOL they found the parts on the ground
helmedon (29 days ago)
I want to see you drive that Dodge out of there next.
Gearhead Garage (1 month ago)
How do I get my hands on that Dodge
Travieso1 Ruvalcaba (1 month ago)
I wouldn't even attempt to fire it up with 1991 oil in it. Nice find
David cib (1 month ago)
So fucking cool
Oil Filter: 7/7/91 July 7, 1991... Shaking my head.
Andrew Castillo (1 month ago)
you guys should try and start the dodge
oblong box (1 month ago)
that 231 hemi wow that pup fit in any small car
oblong box (1 month ago)
shell run oh yeh shell run..... you young dudes make me proud well done
Jonny Gehringer (1 month ago)
The truck needs a new windshield. So, if you want to drive it, replace the windshield.
Jonny Gehringer (22 days ago)
+Niall Patton That’s what you do if you’re flying an airplane ✈️.
Niall Patton (22 days ago)
Kick it out and wear goggles
Diego Flores (1 month ago)
No trees were harmed in th....... Never mind
Patrick Johson (1 month ago)
Just wondering what happened to this ol ford f250. Cant find any videos on past 7 recap. Any updates guys? Thank you for your service.
B-Change (1 month ago)
What year is this truck?
Karen Rowland (1 month ago)
You guys are good I’ve seen your videos would you put some on vedios
Jeremy Rios (1 month ago)
Great job guys. Nice f***in fireball haha.
Tor sti (1 month ago)
it's so much fun watching you revitalize the old cars. one question is why do you leave such treasures of cars to themselves to rot in the middle of the forest? please save as many as possible so that the Tesla generation remembers how it started. greetings from the old europe, Torsten
Did you save the Dodge as well?
Mikey McMikeFace (1 month ago)
Kenneth Welch (1 month ago)
Love these old fords !!
Marc Okubuo (1 month ago)
Must read Henry Ford the international Jew the world's foremost problem...n FUCK YES MAN GREAT JOB ON THE RESCUE.GREAT WORK
Isaiah Knott (1 month ago)
i bet you could weld with those ground sparks haha
Clive Donnithorne (1 month ago)
I know it may just be his accent but . . . . is the guy in the glasses in a state of depression ? Smile , young man ! The sun is shining !!
Aidan Morris (1 month ago)
I almost literally died when I saw that old nostalgic dodge pickup WITH A HEMI just sitting in the woods and you guys just using it for parts.😣
Jose Reyes (1 month ago)
Should run
gundyassassinsHD (1 month ago)
The Ford was more happy then the owner
MyCoolpop (1 month ago)
Please tell me you have it an oil change before you started this boy up.. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Michael Leeson (1 month ago)
1 dude sounds like steve1989MRE
Matthew Stevens (1 month ago)
Honestly this reminded me when me and my grandpa fixed a buddy 50 scooter.
Dalia Martinez (1 month ago)
BRWfilms (1 month ago)
Why ATF?
Alex Tryby (2 months ago)
plot twist, owner of the car sees the video and gets his fixed car back
Kellcee Wentzell (2 months ago)
When are you going to post again ???
Fernando Silveira (2 months ago)
Nice truck save her
Hendrik Van Kerckhoven (2 months ago)
Next time take some sandpaper with you and make a clean contact.
Kenneth Russell (2 months ago)
The one that was tight was passenger, not drivers. That gave me a laugh.
Frank May (2 months ago)
choke it guys !
Tiwari car technology (2 months ago)
Old is gold nice car
Taylor Ward (2 months ago)
I'm trying to get a 68 ford started. Im not understanding how y'all hot wired it. Im just trying to get it to turn over. Literally doing what y'all did to this truck.
tyler f-j (2 months ago)
Have u called it in to check the plates to make sure it ain't stolen or from a robbery cuz if ur caught driving that u could be in shit
Junkyard Digs (2 months ago)
The owner hands me the title in this video series
James Kelly (2 months ago)
This gives me hope for my 1977 Chevy Nova that's been sitting for decades! On the other hand it is a Chevy so.....
Stanley Spadowski (2 months ago)
Nothing productive done for first 5+ min of video. ...but you did manage to spin it over repeatedly, no doubt tearing up the rings and cyl walls. Good thing you oiled them afterwards. ugh
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David Klimmek (2 months ago)
Thats why Ford trucks have gotten as far as they've gotten today!
Jed Siena (2 months ago)
She'll run :)
Josh peterson (2 months ago)
that dude sounds like kip from Napoleon dynamite.
Seth Thomas (2 months ago)
Pull tha' Hemi out of the old Dodge! That ol Hemi deserves to be saved!
Franklin Culbreth (2 months ago)
Genius you are. Wish you could help with a drivable 2000 300M. She starts, runs, very drivable but she rough cold starts.
Chris G (2 months ago)
The oil filter is fine.
Brian M (2 months ago)
Made me happy seeing these younger guys dealing with points type ignition, its become a lost art!
My Eyes (2 months ago)
This is my morris minor https://youtu.be/94rlpQ85Y-Y
Fabio Escobar vitola (2 months ago)
Que mecánicos tan malos deberian darles pena.
Angelica Landeros Gatica (2 months ago)
this is wild. yall are so smart.
Travis Matchett (2 months ago)
Ford F ound O n R ode D ead
Don Faulkner (2 months ago)
p b blaster is especially a must for older cars. I approached them with a killer ad slogan " #PB'laster , it busts a nut so you don't have to ".
Don Faulkner (2 months ago)
What do you call a Ford F250 with Dual Exhaust ? A wheelbarrow
GAMERS COLLIDE (2 months ago)
That car wants to start so bad
Deez Nuts (2 months ago)
Where do y’all find these cars?? Like what the hell that’d be so nice to not have to pay for project cars
Dale Mullens (2 months ago)
That truck is way to clean to have been setting outside under trees for 30 years...sorry. Having pulled a bunch out from places you wouldn’t dream about, that’s way to nice.
James Cipparone (2 months ago)
Of course it will have spark its a Ford
Daddo And Son. (2 months ago)
Shame roadkill blocked itself behind a pay wall and large media group.
Joe Clayton (2 months ago)
top vids nice one bud
Josh Wells (2 months ago)
Do a video on how to run your start switches
The Cynic (3 months ago)
Yous should have taken the dodge.
My first 1965 ford 3/4 ton flatbed was sunk to the frame In Mud I drove her out w wood under the cracked tires .. o ran her 1 yr and sold her .. that owner drove her another 27 years
CouchMaster (3 months ago)
She'll run.
Vickie Moberg (3 months ago)
1991 when the Ford F-250
Alejandro Romano (3 months ago)
Como llega al abandono un vehículo que funciona
WiCKeDxGaming (3 months ago)
So mclovins recycling trash now
CoDGplays (3 months ago)
Yall have the sickest Pontiacs and Plymouth n shit in the states just layin there in the woods man.. So sick!
420og Family (3 months ago)
Love tha show
keath flohr (3 months ago)
if he says "she'll run" one more time.... LOL
Jorge Cintron (3 months ago)
First time watcher,life time subscriber,I love the show.
xXAbit VoiDyyXx (3 months ago)
What kind of 250 is this like what year
Mocking69 (3 months ago)
13:48 コイツは凄い!! こっちの方がカッコイイじゃないですか=3
Austin (3 months ago)
20:20 "wanna do it again?' Why women live longer than men
DJ Bgwl (3 months ago)
DJ Bgwl (3 months ago)
DJ Bgwl (3 months ago)
Martin Curtis (3 months ago)
Save the Dodge
Martin Curtis (3 months ago)
Save the Dodge
Damonious Of Triangle (3 months ago)
Awesome job guys!
Neil Jorgensen (3 months ago)

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