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Abandoned F250 Revival! First Start in 26 Years -- Part 1

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This is part one of the epic revival of an abandoned f250 that was left to rot on a farm for 26 years!! SUBSCRIBE FOR PART 2!! Part 0: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Nhf9TJz4JI Part 2: https://youtu.be/LFSGl90ZrP4 Lukes Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/ThunderHead289 T-Shirts now available! http://relatabletees.com/product-category/junkyard-digs/ Contact Kevin: [email protected]
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Text Comments (1765)
keath flohr (19 hours ago)
if he says "she'll run" one more time.... LOL
Jorge Cintron (23 hours ago)
First time watcher,life time subscriber,I love the show.
xXAbit VoiDyyXx (1 day ago)
What kind of 250 is this like what year
Zachary Williams (1 day ago)
i have a 96 thats been sitting for 8 years i wish i had the money lol
Mocking69 (2 days ago)
13:48 コイツは凄い!! こっちの方がカッコイイじゃないですか=3
Austin (2 days ago)
20:20 "wanna do it again?' Why women live longer than men
DJ Bgwl (2 days ago)
DJ Bgwl (2 days ago)
DJ Bgwl (2 days ago)
Martin Curtis (2 days ago)
Save the Dodge
Martin Curtis (2 days ago)
Save the Dodge
Damonious Of Triangle (3 days ago)
Awesome job guys!
Neil Jorgensen (3 days ago)
White Noise (4 days ago)
Fuckin Amazing !!
Jesus J Carrillo (4 days ago)
Oh my Fucking God, you talk too much and no action!
Jesus J Carrillo (4 days ago)
I'd rather take that old Dodge, hemis are always better, diesel, even better.!
Jesus J Carrillo (4 days ago)
Old trucks or older cars are the best! Don't have to deal with computers, just plain fun to drive them.
josh blalock (5 days ago)
the dodge 😩
unido22 (5 days ago)
Dummies boys they should be check oil or moving parts put some lube then try out
Stupid Lucky (6 days ago)
Currently doing nearly the same thing with a 64 Chevy I have a video of it up. Just looking for some feedback from people that are into this kind of stuff👌🏼
Diz MacDiddler (7 days ago)
daaaamn, i love that old hemi truck!!!!!!
anyone else notice how the windshields on the ford and dodge are broken in the same manor and they are fine in the same spot? #illuminaticonfirmed
WHO ELSE SAW THE IOWA PLATES?!?!?!?! Sorry Im From Iowa And To See Those Plates Made My Day! (Somehow.........................)
Два дэбила)))
Buddy Cooper (7 days ago)
You probably broke a piston ring of two by not shooting marvels oil down the spark plug holes for a few days before cranking.
Eric Hite (8 days ago)
Ha wow you should try starting the dodge next!
Michael Bacon (8 days ago)
@7:20 JUST SEND IT! Haha love that great video guys
alaskahelo (9 days ago)
This made me absurdly happy.
obey conform today (9 days ago)
Not likely. I'm sure the floats are empty
Rodolfo Hernandez (9 days ago)
Seriously you had to cut the tree. 👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼👎🏼 you get a dislike from me for that
Jorge GOMEZ-HERNANDEZ (9 days ago)
Nice truck
RMG (12 days ago)
Robert Buzz (12 days ago)
What is with or environment. All the oil goes at the ground. How bad.
Fellas this is why Ford Chevy and Dodge makes junk ass trucks and cars they do today because these old trucks and cars from the beginning of when they all started making vehicles until the 1970s Vehicles were built to last and they were built for The Working Man these vehicles are all heavy duty they don't die too easily and I noticed that the longer they sit around the more reliable they become the automaker's never dreamt that these vehicles would still be around 50-60 even to a hundred years later, Vehicles they made from the late 80s through today are all throw away cars and trucks they're made to wear out they're made to break down they're made so you gotta go out and buy a new one every three to five years
asbestomolesto (14 days ago)
Should run!
Matthew Sisler (14 days ago)
I like your John Deere hat
Sharon Baldwin (15 days ago)
They may have found it there, but it didn't sit since '91 under that tree. The dust on everything is indicative of a building, and no tree debris on the body or cowling, not likely. But I'm glad they are having fun.
Sharon Baldwin (15 days ago)
I do thank you for the reply! Im just surprised at the lack of tree stuff. I guess here in Virginia, we get tons of that stuff on vehicles under trees. Please keep up the good work!
Junkyard Digs (15 days ago)
Dust is from the gravel road. Owner said he parked it there in 91
gooni goo goo (15 days ago)
I did not watch your whole vid..found it boring...but...you forgot one major problem....truck has been sitting over 20 years..the gas in it went bad...gas will. not hold the oct after a few years...needs to be drained and new fuel added.
alwaysnfor3v3r1 (15 days ago)
2:32 bro you're scratching the paint
Höllenjäger (15 days ago)
Christian Drum (16 days ago)
Doug Shiro (16 days ago)
I knew this was going to be good when the first thing they really did was remove the big tree limb overhead. They're gonna be thorough about it.
Rastaneda (16 days ago)
This is so dope!!!
Luca Michael (16 days ago)
bos dad (17 days ago)
No use adding trans fluid after you turned it over. if it was rusted, you already cracked the rings.
White Satin (17 days ago)
Damn, this truck was getting a boner seeing ppl in 26 years.
Viking 2121 (17 days ago)
They don't build them like they use to, my old Chevy v6 had 687,000 miles before I sold it, that thing just kept on going.
PB&J (18 days ago)
Now make that 50s Pick up run
Abby Kitten (18 days ago)
Thank you for serving and thank you for saving that sexy Ford F250 just waiting for part 8 I think or 9
J&E edits (18 days ago)
You don’t need a rad
I can't stop watching
V Poppawolf (19 days ago)
what about the old Dodge?
V Poppawolf (19 days ago)
this should be a fun watch....
V Poppawolf (19 days ago)
Figures it's a Ford Pickup...they last forever....
Jerry Dodge (19 days ago)
"It's been here since '86" I was born in '86. I'm 32 years old. This video is a bit over 1 year old. Yet you say 26 years?
RedDirt Fit (19 days ago)
go back and get the dodge running too!!
frank black (20 days ago)
Use a business card for a feeler gauge
jack reed (20 days ago)
Ronnie DaMeatball (20 days ago)
Forget the crap Ford... Fix that old Dodge
stripemaster9 (20 days ago)
This is what NOT to do on a engine sitting that many years. People, stop posting fiction just to get your name in lights.
TraderJack641 (20 days ago)
Almost all of the brand-c trucks from this period have been crushed for years, but you still see lots of old Ford trucks on the road today. Time tells the story.
Nootnoot737 3 (21 days ago)
Y’all should revive the dodge
Johnny Mack (22 days ago)
It's a FORD...it was abandoned for a reason...just sayin
Brad Barnes (4 days ago)
Your absolutely right, it is a Ford! Thing is the truck wasn't abandoned. You might not know this, but a real truck can be parked in the north40 untill you need it... Others are parked in a junkyard!
Paul Johansson (22 days ago)
You dummies
Biglambo0123 (23 days ago)
Proof that ford is better than Chevy
John Harbin (23 days ago)
Everyone commenting on this video seems to be so upbeat and positive. Am I the only one who sees a problem here? They are trespassing on private property that they do not seem to know the identity or anything about the owners. They are messing around with a piece of private property without anyone's permission. And they are talking about going back to deal with the truck later. I can't believe these dumb asses have not been locked up. Oh yea and by the way Ford never made HEMI motors , it was  Chrysler.
Steven Smith (23 days ago)
Would love to see old Dodge flatbed revived
rick wyliee (23 days ago)
tim wilkinson (23 days ago)
" She,ll run " !
Ed Troyer (23 days ago)
Oh no dude it turned over
Ben Uluakiola (24 days ago)
Dude that’s awesome
TheJrmelo11 (24 days ago)
eric flower (24 days ago)
FAKE!!......STAGED.... sitting there for 20+ years.....no...
BudKnight (22 days ago)
eric flower you realize that there’s abandon cars that have been sitting out there for longer......? This isn’t fake..
NO MERCY (25 days ago)
Andy Villeda (25 days ago)
Love all ur videos guys great job 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
Trashman (25 days ago)
using a cheater bar on a 3/8 wratchet. wow good idea......
Antonio Dejesus (25 days ago)
only problem is its a ford. it will be dead in about 6 months after reviving it.
Andrew Startek (25 days ago)
The proper name is a manifold truck don't got headers nice educational video
Jude Groomes (25 days ago)
Every fan boi says their car brand is immortal. I like all three main brands ford dodge and Chevy
Thomas Jones (25 days ago)
Just gunna pass on the 50’s dodge
Charles Murry (25 days ago)
Watching anyone turn an engine over with 26 year old oil in it gives my gearhead a huge migrane
Smug Smugly (25 days ago)
You can reheat that warped insert, bend back into shape & hold under very cold water. Then put in freezer for 30 mins or so & you should be able to use it
Malcolm Wolfe (26 days ago)
that Dodge looks pretty roached.. tow it home with the F250!
Gevo A (26 days ago)
10:57 lol
Tom Maxwell (26 days ago)
“She’ll run!”
Tom Maxwell (26 days ago)
Rise from the ashes! Great work fellas!
Munky Schu (26 days ago)
I wonder what’s gonna happen with the Dodge pick up
Jake Wilson (26 days ago)
“She’ll run”
joe v (26 days ago)
12:02 in,..That one guys making me laugh. Just in case a hundred times wasn't enough better get-in-one-more. "She'll Run"!..Good Right?..Try for a hundred and two? Oh Yeah! "She'll Run"!
D S (26 days ago)
The reason they're working on a Ford is because all the chevy's are still running 😎
Richard Snouffer (1 day ago)
There's a reason Fords get abandoned . . . ;>
+Country_Kid_Productions F: Fucked O: Over R:Rebuilt D: Dodge F.O.R.D LMAO
Umm, no
Sneezymilk (28 days ago)
I watched this and honestly amazed at how intelligent you guys are. Amazing.
Eli Z (28 days ago)
That truck is happy, again. I can see it smiling... all googly eyed and near death, but smiling.
whitehope (28 days ago)
It would be much better to ground directly to engine block
Caleb Pack (28 days ago)
It'll run.
John-Del (29 days ago)
Ideally, the *best* plan is to remove the distributor and spin the oil pump for a minute or so with a drill and extension to build oil pressure. The next best plan is to remove the plugs and let it crank over with no compression load until it builds pressure just from cranking.
Dirty China (29 days ago)
Im woundering if resurrecting is even possible with these new cars . I mean if 2005 vehicle was found in the woods in 2025
Zach The country boy (29 days ago)
9:02 IMMORTAL now you tell me dodge and chevy are immortal piece of ford junk but good video :)
Chuck M (29 days ago)
by the way its either a 65 or 66 because those are the only 2 years of that body style
SteveB BKNY (30 days ago)
I have a 1990 Mustang siting for 20 years... can you guys get it started for me?

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