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[MV] BTOB(비투비) _ MOVIE

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[MV] BTOB(비투비) _ MOVIE *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) :: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/feelem/id1208939162?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes ▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶1theK G+ : https://plus.google.com/+1theK
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Text Comments (10989)
hana akimmy (7 hours ago)
Still legendary!
Kakali Rabha (14 hours ago)
reemd 049 (16 hours ago)
2018-English 1440-arabic
Velas Quez (1 day ago)
Peniel's rap is 💝🎧
Anh Minh (1 day ago)
Immerse into the melodyyyy ❤
윤보라 (1 day ago)
예전에 카페에서 듣고 좋다고 했는데 비투비인거 지금 알았음 헐!!!! 늦덕 아흐흐흑 와 애들 졸라 잘하네 웃긴영상들 보다 왔는데 낯설다.... ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 일훈이 랩 존나간지
이름쓰기시뤄 (1 day ago)
Jisoo Kim (2 days ago)
This song is tonight😍❤👌
Nadia Ruiz (2 days ago)
Love this song It’s such a cool MV ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ Great job
Febi Zulhiyah (2 days ago)
Omg, i find a best group. Why i meet them too late😭
falak 123 (2 days ago)
Hana Humaira (2 days ago)
Oppa!!!Peniel Shin😆😆😆😊😊😊😉😘awesome like always
I stan Legends , BTS (3 days ago)
*Who else loves BTOB* ? 😘❤️
Fao_fao Channel (3 days ago)
Make it 15 m views 💪💪💙
Jesseleiya Reyes (3 days ago)
I hear potato at 1:39 uwu hello to my fellow potatoes out there're <3
Fat Evelyn (3 days ago)
The best "Movie" i have watched😊
Scraf (4 days ago)
History of Sungjae becoming my ultimate bias: "Oh, BTOB song" *click* "HOLY F*** I WASN'T PREPARED FOR THIS YOOK SUNGJAE" The end
킨치 (4 days ago)
2019 will be save.
Jane Yeon (4 days ago)
this song is full of swag''☆☆a masterpiece..this is BTOB..thumbs up to jung ilhoon☆
yeshuacc 10 (5 days ago)
He looks like joker from suicide squad
Nuta Stoff (5 days ago)
김지혜 (5 days ago)
2018 12 ??
Valeria Taehyung (5 days ago)
Paniel watched 8 Mile from Eminem 😂 the battle is coming
Ruma Begum (6 days ago)
uWu! Sungjae!! ❤️❤️
Valery Gomez Yto (7 days ago)
Este bello video necesita más visitas dónde están las LATINAS!!! 💥👀👀
kayleigh (8 days ago)
this song is honestly like nothing i’ve heard before and to this day it’s still my favorite of theirs,,
nhi x (8 days ago)
홍학도라지튜브 (8 days ago)
꿀벌 (8 days ago)
나만 이민혁 파트에서 폭발직전의 폭풍전야를 복분자라고 들었나...
Demmi Tc (8 days ago)
Still loving this song :D
damn anyone know the girls name?
+prk eunb thank you so much!
prk eunb (5 days ago)
Asu taşkıranoğlu
Blue Magic (10 days ago)
Nufaa (8 days ago)
ikr! its composed by our genius joker ilhoon <3
Sugandh Sood (10 days ago)
Nostalgia. :3 My ears are blessed.
Ky Khoo (10 days ago)
Anyone knows the name of the girl?
Zeynep Şahin (9 days ago)
Asu taşkıranoğlu she is turkish model girl
Vicky CarYangali (10 days ago)
반소단 (12 days ago)
오빠들 귀여어ㅜㅜ
Aum Jariya (12 days ago)
Jaqueline Ramos Ortiz (12 days ago)
nombre de las actris. me facina esta cancion 0:55 hasta 1:26
Regina Carla Ilagan (13 days ago)
who's still into this?!?!
park mochi (14 days ago)
I keep coming back here for some reason
공평화 (14 days ago)
2018 11월인데 아직도 본다
Erica (15 days ago)
Love this😍😍😍
zukko (15 days ago)
whats with the ending bdxhhdhssh
たけのこの里 (16 days ago)
Falont L (16 days ago)
The joker¿
박지민 (17 days ago)
정일훈 파트 목소리 개좋네
Anon Rahman (17 days ago)
Why does twice have the same dance move thing in the mv of what is love as hyunsik?
Ezabella Love (9 days ago)
May be They took inspiration from BTOB haha 😂 😂
행성날다람쥐 (17 days ago)
손채현 (18 days ago)
정일훈 진짜 개섹시하다 💙
손채현 (18 days ago)
오늘은 비투비 아.아 뮤뱅에서 1위한날 ㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠㅠ💙💙💙💙💙
Mina Lee (19 days ago)
Last part tho!😂💙
ッ청댜양반 (21 days ago)
이창섭 왤케 귀엽지 백수옷(?)입고 막대기 들고 면 끊는거..♡
Can't believe I just heard the piano playing in the back 😂 I have special sense when I have exams😂 even the smallest things is very noticeable
1:22 best part😂 I love them😍
One of the best songs😄
호도기 (21 days ago)
이창섭님이 부르는 조금 어지러워~ 이 부분 넘 좋음ㅠㅠ 중독된다
Paula got7 (23 days ago)
Awesomee 🙌 🌌
paula kpooop (23 days ago)
ˇ비츄 (23 days ago)
육성재 너무 잘생겼어요💕
kim taehyung (23 days ago)
¡BTOB! hermosos.
AparNa KJH (24 days ago)
Saranghe 💗
anisa humaera (24 days ago)
Wow amazing😘😘😘💕💕💕
Jan Rhea (24 days ago)
Nearing the end of 2018 and I'm still here 💙👏🏻 can't get over on Ilhoon's swag in this MV 💙😘 all of them are my bias 😍💙💙
슬주 (24 days ago)
2018 ❤
honey yook (25 days ago)
"I'll be your man nugu potato" never dies 😎 Come back here in 2018
퍼렁퍼렁멜로디 (25 days ago)
2018년 있나요?ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 있다면 아름답고도 아프다 홍보 댓으로 ㄱㄱ
becca becca (25 days ago)
I wonder why Minhyuk haven't got any main role in any drama, he is good looking and act well too😯
321 seonata (21 days ago)
If I'm not mistaken, minhyuk is one of the main role in the drama ' nightmare teacher' also his future new drama 'number 6' he got the main/lead role i think.. For me, i want him to star in a historical drama 😍😆
SY.Pluto (25 days ago)
무비는 뮤비 보는 재미
이도훈 (26 days ago)
0317ぴぃ丸 (26 days ago)
kokoflop (26 days ago)
wow.... what a catchy, beautiful song! the rapping was really good and omg can i just say that ilhoon as the joker is my new favorite thing lol
ʜʏᴜ ɴᴀ (27 days ago)
Who still watching?💕💕😭
Accel Pagobo (28 days ago)
Still rocking in my head.. ^_^ BTOB fighting!!
멜로디예지앞사 (29 days ago)
Bim Channel (29 days ago)
The Red Rose Rani (29 days ago)
0:14 lol😂
Fellah Fatimah (1 month ago)
Unknown Dance (1 month ago)
유튜브네 (1 month ago)
2018 is saved.
piee e (1 month ago)
2018 is saved hehe 🐙
비투핑크윤하 (1 month ago)
덕질의 이로움: 내눈을 정화시킨다, 내 귀를 정화 시킨다.그리고 또 하나, 예능왕 대회에서 오빠들 춤과 노래로 상을 타게 해준다.
wannapa sopakdee (1 month ago)
ngọc lê bảo (1 month ago)
triqqer hqppy (1 month ago)
Asu taşkınoğlu turkish girl
Jaycee Vee (1 month ago)
I think this is the most challenging song for the vocal line. Daebak!
Ezabella Love (9 days ago)
There are many BTOB Songs where the Vocal Line Gets More Difficult Work. I would say 1. Someday 2. The Feeling 3. Way Back Home 4. It's Okay 5. Remember That and Many others. Thou They are very strong vocals But those two top songs are like Way more Hard but They sing is Very Effortlessly. They are very Powerful in challenging Stuffs. That's why many don't Cover BTOB Songs. They are Actually difficult to sing .
Well, the composer doesn't care about the vocal line 😒(glare to Ilhoon)
jawaher abdullah (1 month ago)
I think it's okay is more challenging
Cutenest (1 month ago)
son increíbles
Cutenest (1 month ago)
los amo
Cutenest (1 month ago)
hehe, los amo.
Cutenest (1 month ago)
Ohhh, los amo.
I've been separated for too long! I need to be back with this group! haha Peniel dear got more lines now! and it's in english! yey! ahhhh #Melody2012
Btrandwwelover (1 month ago)
Who is the guy at 1:02 ?
Merurin (1 month ago)
Lee Changsub
Multifandom Hoe (1 month ago)
*My inner rap star unleashes at Peniels part*
LiBingu :3 (1 month ago)
Русские кей-поперы )
dori game (1 month ago)
Jeachangsub loves BTOB (1 month ago)
I've always loved this era. It really was able to perfectly combine BTOB's musicality (major shoutout to Jung Ilhoon, main rapper and composer of this bop), creativity and humor. 😍 Whenever some Int'l friends ask me who BTOB is, this is the first video that I show them.
MEL NG (1 month ago)
*This song was alway played in PH radio(s)!!* ♥
L Bloomz (1 month ago)
piee e (1 month ago)
weeeeeeehhh?!!!! anong station huhuhu
Y/ALI Entertainment (1 month ago)
• *[M/V] BtoB (비투비) - 'Movie':* https://youtu.be/QgoJwhfV60A *Channel: BtoB 비투비 (Official YouTube Channel)*
I adicie I (1 month ago)
I don't stan but wow the rap part is... incredible
I adicie I (4 hours ago)
Update; i stan.

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