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Guitar Kit Fabric - Thinline Telecaster style kit review

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A review of my first guitar kit build with sound demo. I'll add a report on the build process soon.
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Chris Catterall (1 month ago)
Hi, great looking guitar! Did you buy it online? Can you post the link to the website please?
Ragged Rascal (1 month ago)
The GKF kit was sold as mahogany with a maple veneer top. I'm always a little dubious about the claims with these Chinese manufactured kits. All I know is the quality was good overall. I;d happily buy another one. The Pitbull kits look good to me. I've just discovered they do a Rickenbacker 12 string type kit. No way I can resist that!
Chris Catterall (1 month ago)
+Ragged Rascal Thanks. Shame the GKF kit is out of stock or discontinued. The Pitbull Guitars body is basewood. Is the GKF the same? Ideally looking for alder or ash for less weight.
Ragged Rascal (1 month ago)
Hi Chris. I bought it online in kit form. There's a build video here on my channel that should also have a link to the supplier at the end. I got the kit from www.guitarkitfabric.co.uk but they don't seem to currently be listing the Thinline Telecaster style kit. A similar kit is available from www.pitbullguitars.com but it uses humbuckers rather than Tele single coils. They have a variety of other Tele style kits. I have added some upgrades to mine, most notably the Bigsby-esque tremolo which is available on EBay.
Ragged Rascal (7 months ago)
Update: Since recording this video I've fitted the new capacitor, fine tuned the nut and done a full fret job. The difference is very noticable and the tone of the guitar is sublime. I'll add a short video ASAP.

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