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Top 5 FUTURISTIC Sneakers Technologies!

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Text Comments (88)
DeanRendar84 (2 months ago)
Nothing i saw here is too impractical to stop development on, people pay way more for shoes that aside from rarity are useless. I'd never regret having an expensive functional junk than an expensive rare fashion fad junk.
Luke Vincel (5 months ago)
some leathers can actually regulate your foot temperature on their own: Maserati MC Concept
Deus Vult (6 months ago)
#1 sketchera lightups, ofcourse I'm jk but idk I could honestly dig ir if someone famous like Kanye or lil pump wore them to give them more hype because that's the only sketcher shoe I want to succeed sinxe they copy most of their other shoes from Adidas
Vin xcxcxcxc (8 months ago)
showing porn on that lcd shoe would be hilarious lol
DeanRendar84 (2 months ago)
or video compilations of other shoes
Scouter Gamer123 (9 months ago)
I have a pair of shoes called, Nike Flight Bonafide, they're very futuristic, comfy and easy to put on you just zip them up and good to go 😀👍
Cryptic Ice (11 months ago)
The shoe concept is intresting but the shoe look is very bland. I mean the back to the future shoes are lit
James Farmer (11 months ago)
Why was there a Wheat air Jordan 1 between 4:38 and 4:39? Hahaha
Lucas Ng (11 months ago)
Top 5 reasons why you dont need to buy sneakers at all.
Suhur Farah (11 months ago)
Do top 5 sneakers to walk in All day
The Sneaker Closet (11 months ago)
Will you be wearing your custom Nike I’d LeBron 11s to the Avangers movie??
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
Yeah i think i have to!! Lebron 13 Thanos I made
Sen Lu-Chuong (11 months ago)
You forgot Big Ballers Lonzo shoes
david 300 (11 months ago)
this shoe called the dlopmr trainer is crazy look it up so worth it
Cika Daps (11 months ago)
MikaXD (11 months ago)
The Cost?
Snoodballla ! (11 months ago)
not gonna lie, too much family stuff on the IG bro-ski, so i had to drop.
Snoodballla ! (11 months ago)
i love all the sneaker content; the deals, the pick-ups and the on-feet looks and tests. i just get excited to see what you got next when i click that orange ring on the ig and its nothing on sneakers. - thanks for reaching out.
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
all good, what would you have wanted to see primarily just my sneaker pickups or sneaker deal?
Andrew Lee (11 months ago)
Enko didn’t realize that when you run you don’t use your heel
Nevon Katerson (11 months ago)
I felt your ranking should be reversed .
Prolific TV (11 months ago)
That last shoe looks like Russell Westbrook’s why not Jordan shoe sub to my channel if you think so
Lewis Dorsey (11 months ago)
No Adidas Intellegent Sneaker?
Nico Baradi (11 months ago)
I dig your channel. As some one who's not a sneaker head, I find your content more accessible and easier to understand than other sneaker channels.
Mister T (11 months ago)
It is fact, that every sneaker stinks after wearing them for couple of some months, so a sneaker ALWAYS needs to fit in the washing Maschine!! Other than that it’s not „the future“ of sneakers. So for me the only future of sneakers is Parley. There is enough plastic in the world especially in the oceans. Stop buying shoes with electronic shit inside, that can and will never be the future. Especially not because of the additionally problem with a battery inside. Don’t support this stupid trend, and please „hes kicks“, don’t give kids additional attention for such a world destroying trend. Earth day was just passing, and you already bring something totally against this wonderful idea of this event🤮🤮🤮🤮
Hayden Eden (11 months ago)
I feel like if I wore that Enko sneaker running, I would like tear both my Acls
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
agreed lol its very odd
Danny C (11 months ago)
the hyper adapt is ass man
Ueno54 (11 months ago)
Just use velcro or something stretchy.
Spanky Bruh (11 months ago)
I have a pair of Hyperadapts size 9 DS for sale let me knowww
gabriel dantas (11 months ago)
Do a top 5 classics
Kenny Baby the Prince (11 months ago)
Thought he was gonna click bait me tbh
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
DAY MAN (11 months ago)
Sooo PizzaHut shoe is not the future????
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
They could be on this list lol
kutocchi (11 months ago)
About the Hyperadapts. Casey Neistat gave his pair to a friend a cerebral palsy which made his life a lot easier when it comes to putting on and taking off shoes so there might be more application that you might initially think.
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
Yeah I saw that I think that’s dope!
chevy rides (11 months ago)
awesome video
Rock it Don't stock it (11 months ago)
No Nike Vaporfly Flyprint??
ike (11 months ago)
Imagine a boost midsole with a Nike air bubble
ike (11 months ago)
Manna42 42 maybe not the whole thing made of boost
Manna42 — (11 months ago)
That’d be bad because the air bubble requires a lot of plastic for the structure and all that plastic would effect the boost
ike (11 months ago)
SYA Playz (11 months ago)
Ike mitchell you can find em as knockoffs in china 😂
ike (11 months ago)
Natalia Crilly (11 months ago)
I like the idea of the futurecraft 4D but all I can picture is how much dirt I would manage to get stuck in that sole 😩
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
Agreed! Pressure washer would help maybe lol
euqirnE niuqaoJ (11 months ago)
They should make a back to the future 2 on 2099
Hugo Garrett (11 months ago)
It’s Nike not Nikey if it’s nikey then bike is bikey
roro2k (11 months ago)
Hugo Garrett Nike isn't an English word. It's Greek origin, pronounced ˈnaɪki
jason yeary (11 months ago)
I think you have it totally backwards!! The HyperAdapts should be #1, then the futurecraft...
Zach (11 months ago)
Ediel Cobos (11 months ago)
If you own a pair of smart shoe what If your phone dies, how are you ganna untie the shoe?
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
CheezuS (11 months ago)
Rather tie my sneakers than pay almost $800 for a gimmick.
Marty (11 months ago)
CheezuS It can be a pretty cool for people with mobility issues especially in there hands like the elderly ,price is high though $$ I'll give you that
Mr. Mioto (11 months ago)
same old same old
Red-Haired Shanks (11 months ago)
Thoughts on Nike fly print hes?
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
Must see!
Ape.R.ape (11 months ago)
Top 5 sneaker collaborations?
Lizo Joseph (11 months ago)
If adidas futurecraft4d and Nike hyperadapt would collab then that could produce the ultimate futuristic sneakers
talkpls (11 months ago)
Lizo Joseph also HyperAdapt needs some space for the charging pad in the sole . Impossible in futurecraft sole
talkpls (11 months ago)
Lizo Joseph Boost + Future Craft . idk if it's possible Adidas should inject bost between the gap in futurecraft
K I L L U M I N A T I (11 months ago)
Nike x Adidas? Impossible
6ix God (11 months ago)
4:11 taking that step probably makes that tightening portion dig into the top of your foot lmao
sneakersxsosa (11 months ago)
I recently bought the HyperAdapt and its by far the most uncomfortable sneaker I own. Have you tried them Hes?
Hive Gaming (11 months ago)
Nice video, I wish hyperadapt never lost the hype :P Love your vids! :D
Freddy Centeno (11 months ago)
Hes with another amazing video
kein Name (11 months ago)
What about Crocs
dead red (2 months ago)
Crocs are not sneakers
Noah Archuleta (10 months ago)
kein Name crocs and gucci collab😂😂
AKA ĀŻŨĶŮ (11 months ago)
Do best sneakers from 90s
Nuu b (11 months ago)
Just bought my first ultra boosts!
Michael Chan (11 months ago)
Nuu b nice
Takumi Fujiwara (11 months ago)
Nice video!
Nuu b (11 months ago)
Bonafides look advanced
Red-Haired Shanks (11 months ago)
Nuu b shit really?😂😂 well nice seeing you again Nuu
Nuu b (11 months ago)
Red-Haired Shanks yea I posted that with no thought and then edited to say look advanced. I see you every where though and I think we had a argument or at least I chimed in to one with you in it.
Red-Haired Shanks (11 months ago)
Nuu b sure but no advanced tech in the shoe
Sneaky Hound (11 months ago)
Jose Eduardo Ortañez (11 months ago)
8 minutes late..... G O O D R E V I E W T H O U G H
haher hubert (11 months ago)
J K (11 months ago)
Top 50 can like this
Cjharps2442 (11 months ago)
Blazing Jaws (11 months ago)
Hes Kicks (11 months ago)
Yo! Here is a bonus Top 5 vid for you guys this week! Check Back tuesday, I have a really good one fr you guys!!
Chris Cernoch (11 months ago)
Andrew Lopez (11 months ago)

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