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Dude, It's Steph (1 year ago)
Two years later and this video still fucking kills me. I'm so glad this happened.
Jas Matharu (1 year ago)
😂 👌
Victoria Alliaud (2 years ago)
loved it
Azucena Silva (2 years ago)
"Oh in the lips, very interesting technique". :')
ml 812 (2 years ago)
Brisa S (2 years ago)
LMAO THE PALM i loved this hahah
Jaaannette ♥ (2 years ago)
I've watched other "Boyfriend Does My Makeup" videos and this by far is the best one! It's so fun to watch :D You guys are so cute and your boyfriend seems like a very nice guy. There's a certain video like this one that I watched and the boyfriend looked like he was so pissed at his girlfriend for forcing him to do it. Gahh I swear it was so hard to watch!
Angie Dasner (2 years ago)
lol - love this
chiumei lee (2 years ago)
you guys are cute together :D
cream (2 years ago)
aslan is too funny
Colin Tilley (2 years ago)
"It may be a bit more dramatic than your normal makeup..." I nearly fell off my chair with laughter. Aslan is the king of understatement. Love it
Katie Badger (3 years ago)
You two are absolutely adorable! True love is amazing. :)
nomadichronicle (3 years ago)
"conceal the stuff" lollll
Isabel Guzman (3 years ago)
hahaha why I didn't saw this video before?! It was hilarious!!!!! <3
Sanjusha Kolli (3 years ago)
Loved this video! What is the shade of this Charlotte tilbury lipstick?
Sarah Steventon (3 years ago)
awww he is so sweet. Such a good "boyfriend does my makeup video". Love you two. By the way, my name is Sarah, I am using my husbands account lol.
Nadya Samson (3 years ago)
. Hahahaha... You two are cute
Your boyfriend's hilarious
Rao Aslam (3 years ago)
Rao Aslam (3 years ago)
Please b
Jensweetiepie (3 years ago)
Loved this video! So funny😊😊
Funny 😀
Sнαnnon Hayles (3 years ago)
That really her BF lol wouldn't put the two together wow
Gabriela Santos (3 years ago)
Sarah Bretz (3 years ago)
he actually did better than most others on this tag!
kcazyt9 (3 years ago)
Did Aslan go to school in Kent.. i think I knew him
Mongol Alpha Male (3 years ago)
his accent and the words coming out of his mouth strangely match and at the same time dont
pj floy (3 years ago)
"you don't need foundation" "you're beautiful without makeup"
Ronaq Zubair (3 years ago)
"Do you wana be a tart or do you wana be healthy" 😂😂😂😂😂😭
Naash Ranui (3 years ago)
I only just started watching you guys so funny ^_^
Tangy Tang (3 years ago)
you should do a video on putting make up on Aslan. ahahahah it would be so funny
Cora Cho (3 years ago)
Hilarious... How does Aslan keep a straight face???? Hahahhaha
Charles Kang (3 years ago)
Aslan is so damn lucky.
unaanguila (3 years ago)
Ahaha. Thanks for sharing!
nVr (3 years ago)
Yas finger that T-zone
HeartedAngel27 (3 years ago)
hahahahahah freaking funny and cute LOL
HeartedAngel27 (3 years ago)
awwww how cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! You two are so freaking cute! I love you!! xo
Katharina Fuchs (3 years ago)
You are literally my favourite couple ever.
Lauren Pack (3 years ago)
Currently DYING laughing!!! 😂😂😂
Lauren Pack (3 years ago)
Currently DYING laughing!!! 😂😂😂
tropical girl (3 years ago)
men and make up haha they don't have any idea about it
marie lrn (3 years ago)
aslan is very artistic
Elizabeth Medina (3 years ago)
Man, your boyfriend knows makeup more than I do since I never wear any. He is pretty good despite being a guy.
quwu (3 years ago)
he looks hot with the beard @theworktop
Kim Ramirez (3 years ago)
My favorite couple here in Youtube! 😍😍
oldmarriedcouple1 (3 years ago)
OH! MY! WORD!!! I LOVE this!!! I laughed so hard! Thank You for the fun! :)
Is he Kazakh btw?
Bendsiac (3 years ago)
Very Robert Palmer "Addicted To Love" lol
Coconut Pop (3 years ago)
"I'm gonna try and go for...- everybody's favorite - the summer natural, no makeup makeup, smokey eyeshadow, going out nighttime look." LOVE IT
joycexo (3 years ago)
Leah Hogan (3 years ago)
so much white background and clothes
Elia (3 years ago)
what an ugly boyfriend. ugly asian.
Leigh McFarlane (3 years ago)
Honestly love you guys! Aslan makes me laugh so hard!!!
Hayley Amanda (3 years ago)
Aslan is so funny!!
happycomesfirst (3 years ago)
"So would you like to be a tart or would you like to be healthy?" xD
Cassie Lauhon (3 years ago)
I loved this! Aslan was great! I always enjoy his natural wittiness. Your blush looks Fantastic! before the gunmetal eyeshadow the far away shot almost looked cool... In kind of a fuzzy Monet way. I'm just so glad you weren't crazy about him "making you look bad" like a lot of girls in these types of videos. You both handled it beautifully. Fun video!
Annie Miller (3 years ago)
Aslan looks great in this video! Not that he usually doesn't, but his current hair style + facial hair really suits him! Awesome video - and congrats on a million subscribers! :D
Poppy Green (3 years ago)
This is the video we've all been waiting for!
Tash L (3 years ago)
if he would've avoided the eyebrows and the eyeliner, the look wouldve been okay! lol
Marielle (3 years ago)
"i think the eyeliner could have gone a bit better" XD god tier quote!
Sam4G0d (3 years ago)
This is by FAR my favourite 'boyfriend does my  makeup' video on YouTube! Aslan's commentary was hilarious! :)
alisha47x (3 years ago)
Maria Simply Smiling (3 years ago)
Oh my goodness you two are adorable. This video was so fun to watch!
amy13b (3 years ago)
This is amazing.
Julia Zimmermann (3 years ago)
loooove it!!
Carel Sacramento (3 years ago)
Aslan: You're beautiful without makeup
Destiny Porter (3 years ago)
I literally gasped when she turned her head to show her brows 😄 but he did a good job! Shows that he pays attention to her and her make up which I think is very sweet 😊
susie g. (3 years ago)
Essie, this was awesome! Aslan did a great job! Some great techniques there!
Jess'Mess (3 years ago)
Aslan: "I think I'm going to start with this make up setting spray.." Great move ahahah gotta love them :) <3
WhateverIsTrueASMR (3 years ago)
HIS NAME IS ASLAN?! I'm sorry, but that's just awesome.
Skyebright1 (3 years ago)
Yup I'm having a total narnia moment here ;)
Denise Douven (3 years ago)
Aslan looks good with a beard! But you know, actually most of the men look good with a beard haha.
Geena Campbell (3 years ago)
The only boyfriend I've seen who has been able to do the lipstick beautifully
chloe pye (3 years ago)
aslan's looking well fit in this video
xoxoLeony (3 years ago)
So good. It's really evident in how he uses brushes that Aslan is artistic. The blush came out great!
Zahra Hariskhan (3 years ago)
hey girl.. felt so good to see u happy... u seem bit dull in ur previous video... i do pray for u and ur happiness :) stay blessed . love u tonS. good day :) keep smiling
Sid iscrazy (3 years ago)
Lmao .. You guys !! .... it was hilarious .... loved it
Frankie Cox (3 years ago)
Does anyone know the colour of that lipstick? It is beautiful!!!
Sofia Nóbrega (3 years ago)
He was very good, the others youtubers boyfriends didn't have a clue. He just did wrong with the eyeliner but no problems if was for fun. <3
paprikadelmar (3 years ago)
This camera set up is SO WEIRD, Estee, look up 180 degree rule this is so frustrating to watch!!!
Tingeling N (3 years ago)
OMG, this was soo much fun to watch! :)
Joy Xie (3 years ago)
That inverted T zone. HAHAHAHAAH. Omg Essie I don't know how you managed to contain.
Joy Xie (3 years ago)
You guys are so seated with the table it's hilarious. How snuggly you guys just NEEEEEDDDD to be!!!!
jnetlife (3 years ago)
after that first wing liner i could not contain my laughter anymore!
inma montalvo (3 years ago)
tu chico lo hizo bastante bien!!!
Lia Ruiz (3 years ago)
loved it!!! love you guys!!!
Diablomom 71 (3 years ago)
aslan is awesome
Isabella Dimitrovski (3 years ago)
"Is this incestuous?" LOL
Hannah Randolph (3 years ago)
2104natasha (3 years ago)
I have tears in my eyes...I laughed so much. He was very good at the face, maybe not the eyes so much. Xx
Rachellraye (3 years ago)
He actually did pretty good!
u-r-so-beautiful (3 years ago)
Essie. I have been following you for a long time now and I especially love watching your vlogs and I love you and reggie and aslan BUT THIS is the best Aslan ever looked!! Oh gosh I am freakin out haha :D
SomethDiff (3 years ago)
I want to give 1000 thumbs up. Aslan really is the bomb :D
shirale68 (3 years ago)
LOL Aslan is soo cute ! This was really funny , thanks Estee loved it.
Emily Rashkovan (3 years ago)
love the video. haaate the background music
Tori Thomas (3 years ago)
awwwww so cute. i love you guys!!
Always The Weekend (3 years ago)
Great work Aslan... look out there's a new beauty guru in town!
KaylieMcJadey (3 years ago)
I died!!!!!
Natalie & James (3 years ago)
this was so fricken cute and we cant stop laughing! we would love it if you guys could check out our Boyfriend Does My Makeup Challenge too. Thank you!
Anood Lari (3 years ago)
One of my fav Boyfriend Does My Makeup videos ever!!
Simply Alex (3 years ago)
Loved this !!!
flimbie (3 years ago)
this video was the highlight of my day!

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