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Stihl trimmer aka weed eater, weed wacker overview

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Learn Stihl trimmer models from residential to powerful commercial models. I good Stihl string trimmer aka weed eater, weed wacker is an important piece of lawn equipment for your business. I cover many of the models in this video and discuss things such as the price, power, and weight of the trimmers. Jobber Software: https://getjobber.com/ Jobber Academy: https://academy.getjobber.com/ SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE LAWN CARE BUSINESS VIDEOS http://www.youtube.com/subscription_c... VISIT http://www.start-lawncarebusiness.com FOR MY LAWN BUSINESS RESOURCES INCLUDING -- video courses -- marketing letters -- free ebook -- logos -- recommended products DISCLAIMER: Some of the products I recommend are affiliate links meaning I get a small commission at no extra charge to you. Don't buy it for my sake but if you are going to buy it, purchasing through my affiliate links is a way to support the channel. Much appreciated. RECOMMENDED LAWN CARE PRODUCTS ON AMAZON https://www.amazon.com/shop/lawncarelife I have started listening to Audible audibooks while I work. Get a book free with a trial of Audible. http://amzn.to/2CBKtPf 2 Books I recommend getting for free with Free Audible Trial. Note: You can keep the books even if you cancel during the free trial. E Myth Revisited: http://amzn.to/2CzDkyP Taught me to think bigger than myself in building a business E Myth Landscape Contractor: http://amzn.to/2F5L6lw Gives you a big vision for your lawn business with good practical ideas If you would like to get in touch with me about reviewing a product, then send an email to [email protected] JOIN the Free Lawn Care Life Facebook Group https://www.facebook.com/groups/lawncarelife/ Need a Good Lawn Care Laugh: Check out this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgkasFZ7KGE&t=629s
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Text Comments (134)
James Pearson (10 days ago)
How good is the fs50 stihl trimmer
Johnny Cortez (25 days ago)
Hey Jason I have important question/opinion for you. Today I went to my stihl dealer to purchase another trimmer that was stolen from me the (110). When I got there my intentions were to either get the 91 or the 94. However as I looked further down the aisle I noticed that the FS111RX was 20 to $30 cheaper than the other 2. I did not ask the rep why this particular model was 319.99 and the other 2 were more expensive. I figured it was a great deal so I jumped on it because it's a bigger machine with more power. I just figured how can I go wrong on this deal. But after I purchased it I started thinking to myself I don't know anyone who owns one of these particular models. Looked on YouTube didn't see many reviews that could help. My lawn service is very small I strictly do nothing but residential lawns. Did I make a great purchase for my business with this particular bigger machine or should I spend a couple of dollars more and get one of the other 2? However I still need to buy another trimmer because I like to run 2 on my trailer. What are you thoughts? Is the 111 worth it because of the price or should I have spent more for the smaller units because I only do residential lawns? Thx
Lawn Care Life (24 days ago)
To be honest, I'm not a Stihl timmer user so I don't have enough experience to give a comment on it. I know the 91 is popular. Maybe someone else can comment and help.
bill (1 month ago)
Since they are all made in China anyway, how do they measure up to the crazy 55cc ebay 7 in 1 trimmer? None of these even come close to 55cc engine...
jokster (2 months ago)
can u change a cuver shaft to a straight shaft on a 46 stihl weedeat
Lawn Care Life (2 months ago)
I've never seen anyone do it. Not sure
Thao Nguyễn (2 months ago)
Tôi ở Việt Nam, tôi rất thích một chiếc máy cắt cỏ chính hãng. Làm sao tôi có thêt mua viwis giá 219$ tại Việt Nam?
Silent but Deadly (2 months ago)
I have the fs94 I love it but also have a 100rx 4-mix about 6 years old and is still awesome and the go to weedeater when cutting thicker stuff. The 4 mix has more grunt for sure also had a 111 rx but was stolen. I use br 700s for blowers also. Great video good to know the differences on these machines
John Shaw (2 months ago)
is there a steel sleeve weed trimmer?
Farley Musclewhite (2 months ago)
Not a good video IMO, really didn't say much and slow to start with some sort of ad for somebody that "sponsored" this?! It's free to upload here. I use an FS250R with .130 line. I would have liked to see the difference in weight and performance to the newer FS240R. Also, you mentioned that 10 Lbs was too heavy for you. You will get used to it and you will grow muscles to handle the weight. I use a 14 Lb. (with head and string) all day, sometimes 10 hours straight and it feels like a toothpick in my hands after 5 years.
JC (3 months ago)
If you want "every now and then I have big weeds or a ditch bank" power, then get the 91. The 111 and up are really better suited for brush clearance. They can put a rock through a car windshield easily.
mark harris (3 months ago)
All that time and ain't said....nothing. I read spec sheets and price tags. Cut to the chase.....which is the one to buy!
Aaron cash (3 months ago)
Not weed Wacker comment. But my 271 farm boss. After 8 tanks. Is a beast. The main issue I see in the comments is maintenance. Clean your tool noobies. Or,!!! Go to Walmart and buy a pooplan pro.
EZ TV (5 months ago)
Looking to get a 131R
Krocodockle (5 months ago)
I hate Stihl. Shindawa better in every meaningful way
Brent Reed (5 months ago)
Which ones have the solid shafts, I’m starting a lawn care business and I need something that won’t break
It is a 4 stroke,2 revs one spark,you said it right!!!Very nice presentation !
Mixed Facts (8 months ago)
I use a fs 220 and its a monster love it...
Emily Belt (9 months ago)
You didn't touch on the differences haha. Some have the wire shaft some have solid shaft some have harder plastics some have heavy duty switches and heavy gears some come with harness anchors ... some can run heavier string weights ...
Joseph W (10 months ago)
I like doing business with Argo Power Equipment (^_-)👍
Lawn Care Life (10 months ago)
They are nice people. If you see me around town stop by and say hello
Sri V (10 months ago)
I am looking at the green classic truck through the window. Wish I had one of those.
Bubba Fudpucker (8 months ago)
That is a 50's Studebaker truck. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studebaker
will valenzuela (11 months ago)
FS 56 rc
Jason Shubert (11 months ago)
I thought this was a review! Thanks for nothing
Burt Hulbert (1 year ago)
I've been working the shit out of my Stihl 56 for a couple years now. It's the best $199.99 I ever spent. I just put an Echo speed head on it and went to .105 Oregon gator line. Doing these 2 things increased my productivity four fold and I'm not exaggerating one bit. I just can't imagine what a professional grade Stihl would do.
Caleb Geddens (1 year ago)
I need a new Stihl trimmer and am not sure which one to get bc they are all good. Any suggestions? I’m thinking the 94r but just not 100% sure.
little Finkle (1 year ago)
I just bought a HT250 pole saw, swapped the clutch drum and installed a donor shaft and head. I now have a brand new FS250 which unfortunately got canned due to EPA restrictions.
1cleandude (1 year ago)
For what it's worth, I have the Echo SRM 265T with Speed Head and LOVE IT!!  It's 5 years old never been serviced, starts on 2 cranks and has ALL the power you can want!!  I wish I could say the same about my Echo blower.  However, I love the old school 2 cycle sound of the Stihl trimmers!!
Robert Descamps (1 year ago)
I have fs90r, fs110r and km110r. It depends on the situation of just standard weed eating around the house or cutting brush. All are versital just need more power for certain situations.
wnracing (1 year ago)
I've been eyeing them for a while and the 111 seems like the overall best bang for the buck to me, especially if you want to use some of the attachments that need a little more power.
Adam Holbrook (1 year ago)
I really wish they'd cut about half of their blowers and trimmers and chainsaws out of production.  It's just ridiculous how many different models of each they offer with very miniscule differences.  Not just Stihl, but Husky and others as well.  Thanks for the videos.
Tommy W. (1 year ago)
Adam Holbrook Chainsaws yes, but trimmers each one is more logical. They need to make another one really, a 94R but a solid driveshaft.
mike thomas (1 year ago)
ya didn't do any comparisons except color and weight WTF dude?
Josh T (1 year ago)
I bought the stihl fs-91r i love it best investment ever
Tim J (1 year ago)
Stihl Kombi system 131
Obi Wan (1 year ago)
This was very useful! Thank you
Jim Younger (1 year ago)
I have the fs91r and it’s a beast !! Plenty of power !! Great piece of equipment , but I have trouble with the string locking up.
Brady Kowaluk (1 year ago)
I was looking to get the FS 70R. How well does this unit preform out on the job?
Ryan Gaming and more (1 year ago)
I have a video of the fs 91 r on my channel
Luke Lowenstein (1 year ago)
I've been using the 94 for awhile now and love it. Great power to weight ratio.
oliver jarquin (1 year ago)
Redmax trimmer fan here .they last a lot longer ran stihl for couple of year they all break down I was in top of maintenance and everything . My red Max no problem still have my first red max trimmer and still running from 03
travis10ist (1 year ago)
Yeah 4 mix or 4 stroke hybrid you can call it as you want, I have fs70r, fs110r and fs240r. Fs240r is definitely overkill for residential and many commercial area in city unless you going cut super overgrown grass that never been took care or live in country or plains field with bunch of overgrown grass/weeds or whatever. Primarily use fs110r cause of fuel economy, secondary is fs70r now I did consverison into km70 then fs240r for back up, also been using fs131r almost everyday and a bit overkill but not much like fs240r. Running with fs131r or fs240r, make sure you get high quality trimmer lines and use .105 to .110 trimmer line. Btw I am 2 stroke guy, fs70r and fs94r have exactly same hp. I rather go with fs70r with 27.2cc over fs94r with 24.1cc.
Isaiah's Lawn Care (1 year ago)
Something weird is i live in west virginia where the prices are the same as your sealer but i go into virginia which is easier the prices are $20 - $30cheaper for all Stihl stuff is that because the Factory is in Virginia Beach
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
Interesting. Perhaps you are correct and the discount is due to the factory being in Virginia beach
Shiva Maraj (1 year ago)
Is stihl grass trimmer water proof? Or can I clean my grass trimmer with soap and water?
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
I would not recommend cleaning it with soap and water. If anything, you could wipe off the cover with a damp towel
Austin (1 year ago)
I wish more people were interested in lawn care to give you some more return on making these videos because this is really a good channel
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
Thank you. Glad you enjoy the channel
SG M (1 year ago)
Just bought an fs 80 from a homeowner over the weekend for $100, very gently used to the point where the safety stickers still look brand new on the shaft... Runs like a top!!!. Dropped it off to get serviced & get a once over for my piece of mind. Can't wait to use it this season
Kamil Kus (1 year ago)
they are 4 stroke their just lubricated like a 2 stroke
William Jeremiah (1 year ago)
Last season was my first season mowing. I had five lawns; I mowed three every two weeks and two every week, grossing $1775 at the end of the season (I'm in South Central Kentucky), so I haven't had much experience in the business. Though I did mow some lawns for people when I was younger too. The first piece of equipment that needed replacing was my trimmer, a Homelite which I originally purchased in the early 90's from Western Auto. It still runs great. It's still using the same spark plug that came in it actually, but it has a curved shaft and I wanted something more versatile, balanced and better suited to everyday use. After a couple months of research I was dead set on getting an FS 94R. I knew I wanted something light and a two stroke because of the better throttle response and mechanical simplicity.. Something versatile enough to be used lightly for adding the finishing touches and powerful enough to breeze through edging and the occasional clearing of overgrown fence lines and ditches. So basically I was wanting the perfect medium between light weight and powerful and as I continued to research the Stihl 94R, reading reviews and watching videos, I began having second thoughts about both the 94R and Stihl equipment in general. Firstly, I'm a DIY type of person (do it yourself) and it disturbs me that the part lists for Stihl's equipment aren't easily obtainable, if at all, to anyone that isn't a dealer. Secondly, I'm more concerned about where parts are made than I am about where equipment is assembled and evidently Stihl parts are made in China. Anyway, I'm not trying to rant here. I'm just stating why I chose to go with Maruyama over Stihl. Maruyama is Japanese through and through and everybody knows Japanese is synonymous with quality, unless you'd rather have a Briggs & Stratton over a Honda. I picked up a Maruyama B30L Turbo at the nearest dealer and.. well of course I'm happy, I was using a twenty five year old curved shaft with nearly no compression. The B30L was a little more expensive than the 94R and it does weigh about a pound and half more but the B30L has a 30 cc engine compared to the FS 94R having a 24 cc and the Maruyama has a 7mm solid steel drive shaft compared to the 94R having a flexible cable shaft. As for reliability, only time will tell but It performed flawlessly last season and I did put it to work in some high overgrown stuff too. One thing to note about the Maruyama is, the only two adjustments on its carburetor are its choke and idle screw. It doesn't have needle valve adjustments. As long as it's running as it should, that's a plus in my book; less to get knocked out of adjustment. https://maruyama-us.com/product/b30l-turbo/
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+William Jeremiah thanks for the information. I have never used that brand. I would love to try one someday. I'm not aware of a dealer in my area
Terry Ponder (1 year ago)
Hard to beat the 94r
C10KID96 (1 year ago)
I love my 111r it’s got power and starts on the first pull
Great video! I am looking to buy a 91 or a 111 and I’m trying to get some information. Thanks for the help! Much appreciated!
Rob Francis (1 year ago)
Stihl weed eaters are fantastic. What I have carried for the last three years is a FS 240R for the tough jobs and then a Redmax 260TS for the lighter trimming. I also use the pole saw extension that I can add to the Redmax for trimming trees up to.... say 15'. Great tools! Thanks for the video my man!
Rob Francis (1 year ago)
That's the truth, Redmax weed eaters are still cold to srart. Nothing has changed there.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Rob & Marisela Francis thanks for your input. I had a RedMax trimmer once though it has been years ago but I found it cold to start. I love RedMax blowers. they seem to not have the same problem
Rusty Shackleford (1 year ago)
I have a fs90r but my shindaiwa t242 is much better
Hazardra Lawn Care (1 year ago)
Absolutely love my FS111R. I have used the FS100 and the FS130 and they are great machines as well. the 130s are almost overkill
travis10ist (1 year ago)
Hazardra Lawn Care yeah I have fs70r, fs110r and fs240r.
What would you suggest for first timers with limited funds and only 6 customers which two are small commercial account's. My business is only a part time gig for now.
Joesph Baumgardner (1 year ago)
I have the older FS55.7 so years I think.Not one issue.I have the FS56 RC.Not one issue.I mow 9 lawns a week plus my own big yard..Some are big.I have taken on projects where stuff looks like a hay farm high.Both trimmers are work horses.Another words, for the time being in what lawns you do, the FS56 RC will do fine.
ConradThe102 (1 year ago)
cfd58 go to Home Depot and get the $200 echo, it will be perfect for what you are doing and the best you will get for 200 bucks. Stay away from Stihl’s homeowner equiptment. However if you’ve got the money to spend then get the stihl 91 kombisystem
Lawn care life. Yes I was referring to your video about string trimmers. As for my customer base I just want to clarify that I also work a full time job also and didn't want to over tax myself to start my business in the beginning. On a side note just want to say "great job" on your vids and thank you for the great advice you've given so far.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+cfd58 I would place a heavy emphasis on getting more customers this year. I'm not sure if you are asking about a string trimmer recommendation. My personal favorite is a Husqvarna 525ls
Robert Murphy (1 year ago)
FS90 all last year. Trimmer fires up in 1-2 pulls I love it! Bought a new FS91 to kick of 2018 season. Hopefully just as good. I used to use Shindawa and Redmax.. But Stihl has them beat. I like the torque these seem to have and they start up really quick, when properly maintained.
Austin Hoffman (1 year ago)
100 fs rx has the best power to weight ratio imo.The 90 bogged down quite a bit and couldn’t be held on its side for edging.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Austin Hoffman thanks for sharing from your experience. I definitely don't want my trimmer bogging down. Time is money and bogging down means slowing down
goldtopsrock (1 year ago)
Switched from Stihl 94r & 100rx to Husqvarna 324 & 525. The Stihl’s had disappointing performance. Still love my Br600 and Bg86 though
I STAND ALONE (1 year ago)
goldtopsrock , ROOKIE
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+goldtopsrock I am currently using a Husqvarna 525ls and I love it. Glad to hear the Stihl handheld blower is performing well. I may be getting one of those in the next month or two
Nicholas Shiplett (1 year ago)
I have a 90, 130, and 240. They are power monsters. I’ve had very good luck with Stihl I run premium and the Stihl HP ultra mix. I’m thinking of adding the 94 for next year due to the light weight but I’m concerned it will lack the power I like. The 4 mixes have a ton of low end torque and can rip through any residential at low throttle. Therefore I’m somewhat reluctant to try the 94. The 240 despite being a two stroke has a ton of torque. On the top end it’s and absolute powerhouse. Heavy trimmer but I do not see another trimmer spec wise or real world use wise that can touch it.
Nicholas Shiplett (1 year ago)
Austin Hoffman yeah the 130 and 240 are pretty much over kill but the power is there when needed. I will run them regular trimming on yards with ditches so I can blow right through the over growth. Majority of the time I run my FS 90R
Austin Hoffman (1 year ago)
The 130 and 240 have to much power for Residential imo. If you’re trimming all day I’ll take the 100 rx over heavy echo crap.
Nicholas Shiplett (1 year ago)
I also have a BR 600, KM 130, HS 45, SH 85, and SG 20. Big Stihl fan love the power and dependability. When it came to getting a bigger backpack blower for leaves I opted for the Husqvarna 580 BTS. All brands are good in the pro lines but certain categories are owned by certain companies. Blowers Redmax/Husky now Maruyama 9000. Trimmers I just prefer Stihl but I do have two echos which are solid just not my favorite.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Nicholas Shiplett thanks for sharing your positive experiences with Stihl
Doug Smith (1 year ago)
We use 3 fs 90's 2 fs 94's 1 fs 100 1 110 (only with hedge attachment) and just purchased the new 111 rx (aluminum shaft) fs 111 rx is a light powerful blower. The 94 i call it my fs 89 lol. Lighter than the fs 90 but just a tab bit under power than the 90. 94 is a great trimmer for guys trimming a long time
Bob Simpson (1 year ago)
I was getting distracted by the green pickup (ute) in the car park.......lol
Bubba Fudpucker (8 months ago)
That is a 50's Studebaker truck. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Studebaker
Bill Osborne (1 year ago)
I love stihl products. I have a stihl blower 25 years old still goes like new.
J's Crazy Cutz, LLC (1 year ago)
I have 5 red max trimmers 4 small ,1big one. The small ones weigh 9.5lbs ebz2150s. 300dollars and big one 12lbs ebz3050t.400dollars I've been using red max for at least 8 years now,it's all I know and love!
Daniel Jordan (1 year ago)
I've had a Sthlil fs 90 for years.   I got a Milwaukee battery powered weed eater last year. Quieit and plenty of plenty  of power and runtime for homeowner use.  It makes trimming a lot less of a dreaded choir.  That .080 line holds up excellent for normal weed eating.
Russ Schampers (1 year ago)
Daniel Jordan glad electric worked out for you. I tried a B&D electric and I am RUNNING back to gas powered 😂 Then again I do have areas that constantly tend to try to grow brushy type growth so I do need something with a good bit of power.
I P S (1 year ago)
Love stihl but cant get behind the trimmer, I personally like the shindaiwa
William Jeremiah (1 year ago)
I've also used the old Shindaiwa trimmers, with a landscaping company about fifteen years ago. They were really nice. Though, in 2008 Shindaiwa merged with Kioritz (known as Echo since 1978) to form the Yamabiko Corporation. Today, Shindaiwa and Echo trimmer models seem to be twins.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+I P S I have an old model Shindaiwa probably 10 years ago. It was heavy but I really liked that trimmer. I haven't tried many of the new ones
Black Slacks (1 year ago)
i have a 131 really torque a little less volume as far as noise goes. pick the line for your job this dude will do what you want
Flash Lawn Service (1 year ago)
I bought a Stihl fs 94r last year and It’s great so far. Can you make a video on the Stihl Kombi system models and attachments?
Cathy Thrash (1 year ago)
Flash Lawn Service i
Robo Lockhart (1 year ago)
Deff. Make a video on the kombi system
Flash Lawn Service (1 year ago)
Ok. Thanks!
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Flash Lawn Service I would love to make a video on the Stihl kombisystem if I can find one to demo
James S. Harper (1 year ago)
I use a FS90R and have for the past year. Had great service from it. All of my handheld power equipment is Stihl.
Vincent Vader (1 year ago)
I wish you'd use and review the Honda 4 stroke. It is great reviews and it's a Honda.
William Jeremiah (1 year ago)
These Husqvarna models use a Honda 4 stroke engine: 324L and the 524LK
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Vincent Vader I would like to try it. I haven't used one of those myself
Michael Rice (1 year ago)
Which line trimmer would you recommend for cutting tough heavy grass under an apple orchard? I currently use a Husqvarna 224L which has the Honda GX25 engine. It is rated a 1.1 hp. It will do the work but I am using it at its limit. The FS240 is probably a little overkill. I think the [email protected] would be excellent but maybe a little heavy. Would the 111 being rated at 1.4 hp be sufficient?
Austin Hoffman (1 year ago)
Oregon gator line for sure.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Michael Rice I'm not sure how heavy the grass is that you are referring to. Have a Husqvarna 525ls which would probably be similar to the trimmer you are using. Perhaps mine is a little more powerful. I would expect a Stihl 131 to be another step up from both of our trimmers in power. I haven't used one personally though. I believe my dad has a 111 and it has pretty good power but not much different from my Husqvarna 525
Robert Welch (1 year ago)
we like the fs91 the gas tanks are a good size there's plenty of power. we run the articulated hedge trimmer heads on them as well. The power head can handle the hedge trimmer well even with the articulated gear box.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Robert Welch thanks for sharing. I have heard good things about that model
Nate (1 year ago)
I've got the 70r, 100rx, and just this last year bought the 90r which is my favorite. Seems to have,the most power for the weight
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Nate good feedback. Thanks for sharing
I have two 56 rc trimmers, two 91r trimmers and a KM 111rx Kombi system and I love them all! I used to use the 56 rc trimmers and one of them I’ve had about 10 years. But the 91r is by far my favorite trimmer!
Burt Hulbert (1 year ago)
Seth Kessler my 56 is HUGE bang for the buck. Love it.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+M Kessler seems like you and others really like the 91 r
Dave Tires (1 year ago)
I have the FS 70 R entry level,it’s plenty of power for weed eating & edge trimmer,I use Vortex string made here in Ga. It lasts the best outta all the diff string i have tried🤓 Thanx Jason,AWESOME VLOGS
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Dave Tires I don't think I've tried the vortex line. Can't remember if it is a braided line. I like the braided line I have used in the past
Tristan Norris (1 year ago)
I personally prefer a crook shaft because that’s what I was raised with. They are super light and last a couple seasons. They are the FS 50c. Very easy to start and more than enough power. I also own the FS70 and the 130 Kombi system. But for my weeklies, the 50c is perfect.
William Jeremiah (1 year ago)
I was raised using manual hand clippers, kneeling to trim around the house. My first power trimmer was a curved shaft. Homelite ST-145. It throws everything onto my legs. I bought a Maruyama B30L Turbo last year. Love. It's much easier to get under things with a straight shaft.
Francisco Ramirez (1 year ago)
I use stihl trimmers. I own a 94r, 2-111rx, 1-130. I do own the Echo PAS 225. Will be shopping for an upgrade. The PAS has been good but it’s underpowered for what I need to do. Probably buying the kombi soon.
Francisco Ramirez (1 year ago)
Lawn Care Life I love the 94 because of weight but my go to is the 111 especially when I’m maintaining edges.
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
of the stihl trimmers you own, which would you recommend?
LawnCrack (1 year ago)
AKA Whipper Snipper for the folks across the pond!!! LOL
Simon Jack (2 months ago)
Weed whacker, brush cutter, whippersnipper are all the same thing?😂
Gerald Dixon Cummings (1 year ago)
We call them Whipper Snippers too up here in the Great White North.
LawnCrack (1 year ago)
I like the Kombi units too!
Michael Mac Tavish (1 year ago)
i like the Kombi system plus saves me pile of money then buying alot of power units wich km131r does it all in 1 with 14 different attachments and any power head wich less power unit to service
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
your right. I thought that was pretty funny when I heard that name the first time
John Shapard (1 year ago)
I love the 94. Great trimmer. Thanks Jason!! Keep bringing the videos! Much help, much appreciated!
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+John Shapard glad the videos are helpful. It's good to hear a good report on the 94r. Most people seem to like that model
Happy's Family (1 year ago)
I used a fs 100rx all last year just got the fs111 r . Wanted something with a little more power.
Silent but Deadly (2 months ago)
The 100 and 111 are the same engine just updated design and larger fuel tank.
Nicholas Shiplett (1 year ago)
Shindaiwa interests me the non echo models. I have read a fair amount of negative reviews on lawnsite. I feel like trying them but Stihl trimmers are so good it’s hard to stray
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+Happy's Family I believe the model my dad has is a 111r. He bought it this year and seems to be happy with it
Peter Som (1 year ago)
Now own FS90 but plan to get FS94R in future. Great video
style5tie (1 year ago)
The 94 is awesome. I've used a 90 and it's great too, but the 94 is my pick. I'm a two stroke guy. I have a KM94 and a 10 year old FS55. I've used the KM94 with the trimmer, pole saw, and blower attachments and have never wanted any more power. I'm sure the 131 is an absolute beast. I don't think you could go wrong with any trimmer in Stihl's line up.
Hudson klauber (1 year ago)
Peter Som I have the 91 same as the 90 just updated I also have the 94 on my trailer I almost always end up choosing the 91 I like it more and the power delivery is so much better and a lot more Tori with it
Michael Mac Tavish (1 year ago)
im planing to get a KM131R kombi with attachments plus i get great deals from my stihl dealer :)
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
If I bought a Stihl it would probably be the 94r
j d (1 year ago)
i was just watching your grass/weed identification videos. keep up the great videos man. tha k you so much
Lawn Care Life (1 year ago)
+j d glad the videos are helpful. I hope to make many more this year

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