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Marty Linane (1 year ago)
- Go Cougs... make some *Duck* Soup this weekend!
rayh53 (1 year ago)
Good to hear that there may still be some journalists actually doing journalism and investigating independently.
Jolene K (1 year ago)
Beautiful sound
John K (1 year ago)
like 27
Hector Castaneda (1 year ago)
Umm? Kinda left us hanging. Damn wifi
Patrick B (1 year ago)
I swear by umbiquity unifi access points. Get a good LR one. Amazon 100$
Tom Seagraves (1 year ago)
Hey Suits where can I hear your interview with Kelly the "asstronaut"?
Bruce Williams (1 year ago)
I think your phone is wifi touchy.
zatoh (1 year ago)

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