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Eddie Bauer Microtherm Stormdown Jacket

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Here's a look at Eddie Bauer's Microtherm Stormdown jacket. It's a great, lightweight down jacket that uses 800 fill, DWR stormdown. For a written review, please click the link below. http://www.theoutdooradventure.net/2015/01/eddie-bauer-microtherm-stormdown-800-jacket-review/ http://www.theoutdooradventure.net http://www.twitter.com/bcoutdoor http://www.facebook.com/TheOutdoorAdventure Music: Intro, chanho Bang, Creative Commons usage. I have the worldwide commercial distribution rights to this video. All logos created by my company The Outdoor Adventure . Net and I have commercial rights or permission to all still images, logos, and video.
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Aaron King (5 months ago)
Aaron King Response By Email (Erica Swartz) (12/06/2018 04:24 PM) Dear Mr. King, This letter serves as formal documentation that we no longer wish to do business with you. Despite exception processes Eddie Bauer established in an effort to enable you to purchase our merchandise, we have failed to provide you satisfactory solutions. You have communicated to us that you are not satisfied with our processes or our service. It is for these reasons that you are being asked to stop shopping with Eddie Bauer effective immediately. This includes our retail and outlet stores, our website online and through our catalog. Should you attempt to place an order online or over the phone with us, your order will be automatically cancelled without any notification to you. As our decision is final, we no longer will be responding to your calls or emails to Customer Service or other departments within Eddie Bauer. We have exhausted all options in attempting to serve you to your satisfaction. We are now exercising our right to not conduct business with you any further. We value our customers and do not enjoy having to ask someone not to shop with us, but based on past experiences we have no choice. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. (This was also mailed to you) Sincerely, Erica Swartz Office of the President
roll14tideroll (7 months ago)
I just wish it had better colors. The grey has that ugly orange zipper. Might spray paint over it
Timothy Little (1 year ago)
Thanks for this review. I've been trying to decide on this or one of the LL Bean versions. I like the pocket options on this better.
Calvin Hoe (1 year ago)
I have the large. It does really well in Colorado's high country. At 12f with wind chill to 0f. Really hard to pack in the left pocket so I recommend a after market 3oz stuff bag either rolled up or stuffed. It took me about 5 minutes to stuff it into the left pocket but about 2 to roll it up and push into the stuff bag.
ChestyMD (1 year ago)
They fit similar to arcteryx. Slim and close to body with great mobility.
EDC Adventures (2 years ago)
Thanks for sharing! I just got the jacket for $100 from their clearance sale. Had to get it in Orange since it was clearance colors but still a great find.
The Outdoor Adventure (2 years ago)
Hey, I LOVE orange, it's a fantastic color. Good purchase. I was just wearing mine this past weekend on an alpine trip.
Herbert Torres (3 years ago)
Just picked on of these jackets up but got the hoodie. Seems like a great jacket so far, will be taking it on the trail to test it out soon. two thumbs up
Ray Johnson (4 years ago)
Might be too late now, but I picked up this jacket at Eddie Bauer's winter sale last week at 70% off. Sweet!
The Outdoor Adventure (4 years ago)
What? I should have bought one for my wife/kids!
David Knotts (4 years ago)
You've hit alot of great points about the jacket , BUT how warm is the jacket
mustang774 (4 years ago)
Sounds like a great jacket for the price. I was expecting a little more pricier on this one.
The Outdoor Adventure (4 years ago)
Yup. Very impressed. Great deal.
Wow, that's sweet, great price point, but a little out of my range... I will have to stick to heavier jackets, but preform well, like Helly Hansen low end jackets.. But that thing looks awesome!! Thanks for sharing
The Outdoor Adventure (4 years ago)
+Chris Pund Sweet!
Chris Pund (4 years ago)
Sure thing. Just had gotten an email this morning with the sale.
Holy crap... I need to check that out, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Chris Pund (4 years ago)
+Central Oregon Survival Network Eddie Bauer is running 40% off on all winter outerwear right now, brings the jacket price down to about $120.
You bet, I like your video's very informitive..
Woodenarrows (4 years ago)
Looks like a real nice jacket, $200 was less than I expected.
The Outdoor Adventure (4 years ago)
Yah, I was surprised too. Maybe DWR down prices are coming down. 
TomsBackwoods (4 years ago)
Great looking jacket!
The Outdoor Adventure (4 years ago)
T'is. Thanks for all your comments Tom!
Scouting Free (4 years ago)
Wow this is outstanding! It packs down so small and only 11 ounces is ridiculously low weight! 200 Dollars is a lot of money but like you said, it's high tech! Great review, thanks! Cheers, Marc
The Outdoor Adventure (4 years ago)
Thanks Marc! My Favourite Jacket. I've given my other down jacket to one of my sons as a blanket.

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