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Congress Shooting

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Bob Randall (1 year ago)
Bryan, awesome video. You are at your best and keep them coming. I've watched this one twice. By the way nice pancho. I have the other half of the shelter.
Broadsidejohn (1 year ago)
Btyan, you can hang a repo Roman banner with the Eagle with SPQR "The Senate And People Of Rome" behind you and other Army unit banners and stuff. Keep it up.
Broadsidejohn (1 year ago)
As a resident behind the New Iron Curtain here in SoCal, I have been and always remain, your fan and listener. No one else delves into the huge issues we face here. I, too, will be made a criminal soon, with my WWIi era Inland/IBM M1 carbine and period 15 rd mags.
Aaron Brown (1 year ago)
Maybe I'm wrong, but I don't think of this as terrorism. This is a rebel, a revolutionary, trying to make political change with violence. This isn't guy with an agenda killing random civilians, or even soldiers. This is a targeted attack on members of government.
Hector Castaneda (1 year ago)
Great show. Thanks for taking your time to produce this content.
weaponspc (1 year ago)
That would be me... (1 year ago)
Bryan, you are hereby officially invited to move your family to the Inland Empire. Both San Bernardino and Riverside County Sheriff's issue CCW's.
That would be me... (1 year ago)
Hey, at least Riverside & San Bernardino Counties issue CCWs. Not their fault CA bureaucrats create extra hoops to jump through. Nor their fault if high numbers of applications slow down the process. And if the extra requirements you're referring to is the firearms safety class and range qualification, what the heck is wrong with that?
1stGenRex (1 year ago)
Riverside County KIND OF issues. Their wait list is terribly long, and they add arbitrary requirements that are additional to the actual CA law.
That would be me... (1 year ago)
Riddle me this... If a bad guy with a gun knows police response time is +5 minutes away, but has no clue how many good guys with concealed carry guns are in the area... How likely is the bad guy willing to bet his life, today is leave your gun at home day?
optimuskime (1 year ago)
Lemme get you a bigger backdrop buddy!
Gj STANFORD (1 year ago)
Gj STANFORD (1 year ago)
mslizzyborden (1 year ago)
Hip hip for Second Amendment wins. It's too bad that those who NEED to see it that way, will most likely NEVER see it that way. And I cannot believe so few people turned out to sign the petitions for "Gunmageddon" and most gun stores around here didn't even HAVE the petitions to sign. It was pathetic. Felons indeed.
Arcane Thought (1 year ago)
You need to keep this up. I love it and people need to hear your perspective.
Jolene K (1 year ago)
Hi Lucy ❤️❤️ Hi Lt. So happy you're on the tube!!!! Wooooohooo Neither Newsome nor Harris would walk the streets of SF without their armed guards. They and their pals are the Heights of Hypocrisy.
mojavedesert3381 (1 year ago)
Move to Kern County!
Chris Dixon (1 year ago)
Hey Suits! Shout out from one of your ConnectPal listeners in Germany. Danke for the video. I can't get enough of your recoded content. Being OCONUS, I don't usually get to listen to you live on KFI. By the way, I go through Switzerland all the time to see my wife's family in Italy and it's not homogeneous. As an example, the road signs are in German in half of the country and in Italian in the other half. I think there are some even in French on that side.
Scooter Rat (1 year ago)
I like the backdrop you have.
Eric Davila (1 year ago)
Glad to see you on your own Channel!
no amazon affiliate links?????
will repost this to my liberal friends
menacebcs (1 year ago)
speaking as a 20 something left handed male with disposable income and many friends with similar socioeconomic backgrounds and interests please keep up the live streams
Tony Galvan (1 year ago)
Shave under your chin.
Dan Dietzler (1 year ago)
if you're on a lifeboat with no food & you say "this hunger must stop". you're getting ready to eat someone on the boat.
tom jo (1 year ago)
No daily show on KFI wtf . I really have been holding my breath for that! military Mondays at great,one knolagable mother fucker!!!!!
Moira Fisher (1 year ago)
Love Lauren!
Moira Fisher (1 year ago)
I LOVE the background lol don't change it, wrinkles and all. It's funny :D
Anthony Ortiz (1 year ago)
Glad to see you on YouTube. Are you still on connect pal?
Paul (1 year ago)
close your garage when you record, you are too distracted.
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
I'm first!!!!
Phil Kline (1 year ago)
the guy was a traitor
weaponspc (1 year ago)
I see u Phil!!!
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
35. Lot's of Muslims in Zurich, Switzerland
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
not only Italians/Krauts....smirk...:)
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
31 [email protected]'s help him get elected! Does he has a Hispanic last name?
Guess Who (1 year ago)
Great video. We shall see how many idiots come out of the woodwork for gun control...
David Henry Posadas (1 year ago)
WOW. The trolls are out.
haix ь т я л б (1 year ago)
LOL. Amazon delivered the ...... but not the background? What a shame

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