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Top 5 Motorcycle Mods Under $100

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Tune up your performance on a budget. Here are some easy motorcycle mod ideas for under CDN$ 100. That's like under $10 for all you Americans watching this. Motorcycle mod ideas in this video: 0:10 - Motorcycle Levers: https://frt9.co/y9yh8i 2:01 - Halogen Headlight Bulbs: https://frt9.co/3ugvun 2:54 - Frame Slider Kits: https://frt9.co/own102 5:01 Tank Knee Pads: https://frt9.co/qyd8x1 5:39 - Fender Eliminators: https://frt9.co/cfg53a Gear up for your next adventure at fortnine.ca: https://frt9.co/98au9e Connect with us: http://facebook.com/fortnine http://instagram.com/fortnine http://twitter.com/fortninecanada
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Text Comments (352)
Mikael S-P (4 days ago)
But it's 5 mods under 100$ that means that it could cost 495$
NZXEagle (6 days ago)
Wooooo “Prettier women” Okay i agree but you’re still not an Asian country
Seedless Grapes (9 days ago)
Sounds like you lost too many chrisfix videos or Doug demuro videos or is everyone just becoming robots LOL
ArcanePath360 (10 days ago)
Coloured bar end weights are also a cheap way to add style
Lalnable Hector (18 days ago)
ahhhhhh painnnn dont touch the non metal part of the bulb with your fingers
Harri? (23 days ago)
That fender eliminator doesn't exist anymore, could you link another good one?
funcle (23 days ago)
Word of caution. I changed the lever, easiest way to pump my ride. It nearly killed me. Some levers allows for the pressure to be released as the oil heat up and expand. Most levers don't allow this meaning my front break went tight on a motorway while a car was sticking behind my wheel trying to push me to go fast
William Dudley (28 days ago)
Blue tinted bulbs are just bulbs with a filter to remove some of the light. Less light, no real benefit, unless "looking cool" is a benefit.
Markes Castro (1 month ago)
This nigga can swear and make it sound nice
Markes Castro (1 month ago)
I can tell he's a pussy ass canadian. By the way he says lever
nevermore painting (1 month ago)
6:20 ok now I'm using that when ever I talk to a American
Samuel Mike (1 month ago)
I for one refuse to drink Canadian beer. I just think it is way to cruel how you force all of those Moose to pee in those tiny bottles.
Cody & Brooke Hanson (1 month ago)
Why it just recommended an led headlight?
Milos Balunovic (1 month ago)
the blue tinted halogen bulbs at same power will give less light to the road, it only looks brighter as it is bluer and have contrast to street lights and has no where the light intensity of a hid setup.
Jaime Bear (2 months ago)
"prettier women" ok canuck lol
Joel R. (2 months ago)
The Halogen Headlight Bulbs link is not working anymore, were do I buy that specific light he was talking about?
timo_du 879855 (3 months ago)
I dropped my bike today because I forgot to take off the lock I had on the front wheel. I drove off in a corner and the front wheel locked up
Joe Riley (3 months ago)
I'm subscribed and like your presentations. Quick question: what are the best replacement LED headlight bulbs for 2003 BMWf650gs? Thanks
Jayden Smith (4 months ago)
Yea buddy
Jesse Snyder (4 months ago)
its about 110$ per individual fairing piece on my 98 cbr600 f3. Bought it for 600$ which turned out to be the steal of a lifetime even though I needed new tires, fairing pieces, fuel pump and some TLC to make it look better because I bought it from my dads buddy who traded his jeep for it and the guy he got it from had told my dads buddy he had recently tore the bike down and rebuilt the top end after he had dropped it. We obviously didnt believe him but when my dad and I tore into the top end we could instantly tell based on how clean the block itself was and the entire top end was spotless. We also think they added some extra P-formance parts to it because it has so much more power than any other 600 ive seen. I watch most videos of 600 f3's doing 135mph about to shift into 6th meanwhile I have done "only" 132mph on my bike and I was in like 3rd gear still. Maybe I just am hoping my bike has something done to it but I think it does. I know sprocket changes can make differences and my bike did have a smaller tooth rear sprocket on it when my dads buddy got it, but he put the stock tooth sprocket back on so its all stock sprocket wise. who knows. my current plan is to streetfighter it. Im not too into wheelies and shit like that and i dont think ill ever be into stunting but who knows. I would just like to have a completely personalized bike. My bike being older I feel is perfect for it.
python_play (5 months ago)
that lever cost 116dollars ... fuck you
python_play (5 months ago)
yh i agree man
Slinging Lead (5 months ago)
Wait just a God danged minute, prettier women? I'm gonna have to research this one further.
xGxPhantom Zzz (5 months ago)
everything except the swingarm nubs is actually highly illegal in Germany and can get your bike seized (the clutch levers don't have an E- Rating (like ECE or DOT on helmets but we have that for _everything_ ))
Mr Noncredible (5 months ago)
Would it hurt your feelings if I saw this decided to buy the brake lever and then went and got it from Revzilla?
Jonathan Villarreal (5 months ago)
No judgement!
David Casner (6 months ago)
"Better beer" HA
sn95roots (6 months ago)
In la driveway hahaha!
2GRIPZ CRUISER (7 months ago)
If you have prettier women.You have way less of them 😋😁
Randy Bone (7 months ago)
The motorcycle videos are great. At 6:22: "Whoop-de-do, we have better beer... " Feel free to branch out and show a few of your favorites!
Othéra Flores (7 months ago)
DJ PUP (7 months ago)
"it's not gonna cook your motorcycle fuse on startup"..... much like i've cooked this HALOGEN lamp handling it WITH BARE HANDS!!!!! WTF?!?!?!
Nimbly (7 months ago)
Better beer? Have you never been to Oregon?
Charlie Dewald (7 months ago)
In la driveway lol
Phoenix Fyre (7 months ago)
These videos are soo cool!
Shola Akinde (7 months ago)
You sure your women are prettier, america has tons of ethnics
Philip Segura (8 months ago)
I subscribbled.
Brian Evans (8 months ago)
Sorry but HID's draw less current than halogens..
Handsome Devil (8 months ago)
you can buy Canadian beer in the states so fuck you
Riker Beard (8 months ago)
can you tell me how to mod my way to your heart?
daniel salazar (8 months ago)
i'd like to pause for a moment in bullshit corner 😂
andres garabito (8 months ago)
Whats the name and model of the light bulb???
Do or die Shoot first (8 months ago)
But y'all do got merica
First Name Last Name (8 months ago)
Prettier women? What all 10 of them up there?
Robert Plank (9 months ago)
Prettier women? Name one!
Ne0N (9 months ago)
(Insert triggered American comment here)
Jas B (9 months ago)
I like that.. cheapest mod, take shit off!
Muhammed Ijaz (9 months ago)
Backpack kid
Random Zil (9 months ago)
I've been watching these videos and taking notes. I have my helmet, gloves, and studying for my motorcycle license. I cant wait!!! Very useful videos and a big hit on the creativity sides also. I recommended this channel to my sister and bf. 🌹
Aiden Cox (10 months ago)
You're also an American, different country, same contenet.
Max MAX (10 months ago)
What fucking country are you from you need to learn how to talk it's not a leaver it's a lever
Lance Donohue (10 months ago)
h b (10 months ago)
I ride a Harley Ultra Classic and am having difficulty locating a modulating device for my front headlamp. Have you ever reviewed any headlamp or brake light modulating devices? My Harley has a H4 lamp, but, I replaced it with a Cryon (brand) LED bulb. I"ve read that some modulators won't work with LED bulbs.
Mr. T (10 months ago)
Canadian women are pretty and friendly indeed.
MarkusT (10 months ago)
I am always up for looking less "douchy"
Dave Carsley (10 months ago)
What's a _leeever_ ?
WhiteWolfLIT (10 months ago)
why are you leaving her
Harry Hov (11 months ago)
When you drop your bike in la driveway... lol
Drew P. (11 months ago)
Blue light is actually very bad for night riding. Causes eye fatigue and makes it harder to see in rain or fog.
Joe H (1 year ago)
I lever at the pub. ;)
Dave Ramsay (1 year ago)
Great stuff! Love the sarcasm and the information...Thank you!!
Valen Sinclair (1 year ago)
Knee grips? Are you shitting me? Why not just flush money down the toilet?
Yuziharu (1 year ago)
So Happy to hear Marc Marquez.
Mason Jordan (1 year ago)
Apfell (1 year ago)
And ... I live in germany, where nothing is alowed
reaper gaming (1 year ago)
wonder if ryan speaks any french also "bullshit corner" this is why i love him
Douglas Sinclair (1 year ago)
I find these videos so satisfying for some reason...
Ben Irwin (1 year ago)
As an Audio Visual tech in Australia. Put your lapel belt pack on your belt at the rear. Much tidier look.
crazyfker77 (1 year ago)
blue lights are for kids get white lights
Dan SZ (1 year ago)
Im blocking this channel. Simply cant look at his face.
padlockd (1 year ago)
I definitely have NOT let my bike fall over in the driveway and broken the factory levers... nope. Stop looking at me like that, man.
SDTat 2 (1 year ago)
shonz88 (1 year ago)
Canadia has better women but that's about it............. #beerISforFATgolfDADS #cocaineISforWINNERS
Jerry Jauregui (1 year ago)
Ha fuck your women. American women are way better.
Nishidake (1 year ago)
Ah Le Driveway... Depending on how your housemates park, that can a very dangerous course!
Ay Jaime is here (1 year ago)
Nice video about these mods they are very amazing to have. My problem you may have is getting your message across. Any new rider will just look at these as just useless tins and cans. Show examples how it impacts the bike like maybe a clip with the bright lights before and after, just a suggestion.
Leo Blauensteiner (1 year ago)
u don't touch the bulb like that!
TheAmericanGuy (1 year ago)
Pro tip, don’t touch the damn bulb with your fingers
kristinLFG (1 year ago)
he was probably just using it for the sake of the video. I wouldn't worry about it
TheAmericanGuy (1 year ago)
Cananada has prettier beer bigger women and uglier plates, got it.
daniel farmer (1 year ago)
“BullShit Corner” love this guy. But our women, brew, and plates are hands down way better then maple lands.
MotoX4life2000 (1 year ago)
um sure.
ZookaJoey (1 year ago)
Great videos. Just subscribed after watching many of your videos. Had 3/5 of your suggestions already modded. Keep up the great work. Looking forward to more videos
Brosapprentice (1 year ago)
Where do I find the exact frame slider kit he talked about starting at 2:54 ?
Anogoya Dagaati (1 year ago)
I absolutely love that you have no loyalty to any brand! I can't stand spokespersons; Dante has a special place for those!
Edanski (1 year ago)
The Fortnine logo is almost identical to the macafee logo!!!!!!!!!
Thomas Hopkins (1 year ago)
unCanal Oarecare (1 year ago)
Nice watch
MonstaFreak13 (1 year ago)
the fact that you say prettier women makes me wonder if you've ever been to California. take a trip down here to the south bay and let me show you a thing or ten.. also since when is a bigger license plate a good thing?
Bram Meijer (1 year ago)
Later end interrupt yesterday suggestion enforce nothing lie mark close staff
Mark David (1 year ago)
Astronomer forth other tale diplomatic understanding too
Daniel Balfour (1 year ago)
Now this is a genuinely useful video clip
JP VL (1 year ago)
this video is bullshit, buy cheat stuff from your website. Not sure... But for once you are getting close to have a nice bike.
GronkGrunk (1 year ago)
Levers are the 1st thing i replace when i get a new bike. Adjust to fit my weird hands & fingers, lol.
TommyGunnz (1 year ago)
I've seen a couple of your videos, you're welcome, and I have determined you are full of useless shit.
Daedalus Design (1 year ago)
Great video man! Always good to see someone as in love with bikes as we are. And about the beer comment... we've got some amazing beer here in the bay area, if you're ever around, we'll treat!
charlie ryan (1 year ago)
Another excellent video
Robert Fancher (1 year ago)
What was the name of the company that makes that headlight again?
Justin You (1 year ago)
I’m 15 and my parents will never let me bike :///
Sircade (1 year ago)
1. Nobody gives a flying FUCK if you have better beer you stupid drunks. 2. Look on all the dating sites u will find someone. 3. So what if u have bigger plates. But still like ur channel very informative
Blindi (1 year ago)
an assisted lever would have been better
urnzwayzmoove (1 year ago)
I never understood cut frame sliders... You get them to save your plastics but you have to drill two huge holes in your expensive PLASTICS!
Boba Defett (1 year ago)
Marc Marquez WTF, THIS IS ROSSI country. Unsubscribed. Great Video as always.
FortNine (1 year ago)
I'm a Rossi fan too. But you can't deny that Marquez has godly skills. He's been winning on an inferior machine for a while. ~RF9
Alfredo Pacheco Jr (1 year ago)
Well, he is right. Beiber is a pretty woman..............

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