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6 Signs "He's Just Not That Into You"

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Have you ever been “into” a guy, but wondered whether or not he’s “into” you? In my experience, what most women do is spend 1,287,907 hours talking about it with their friends, family, colleagues, neighbors, roommates…you name it, they’ve all heard about this guy. I'll teach you how to meet the right guy - watch this video: http://www.sexyconfidence.com/secret And lesson #1 is the following: if you’re spending this much time analyzing where a guy likes you, then chances are…he probably doesn’t. The harsh reality of dating is that most women waste so much of their emotional energy on men who are really just not that into them. And you know what? That’s OK. It’s a mismatch. You two aren’t meant to be. So move on and find a guy that meets all of your standards and IS REALLY into you. Watch the video below to learn the 6 signs a guy’s just not that into you:
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Text Comments (975)
Jade Jumilia (7 hours ago)
How do you know his not into you.. If you only met him online.. And we never met
Frances Holbert (3 days ago)
Find a man that's really going to give you his attention or if not just move on
Copper FireStarter (3 days ago)
If two people agree to just talk with no title or relationship than these signs dont apply to you. When you are at your best the top potential prospects appear in your life but until then just enjoy yourself dating, its not that serious. You can control your time more when you are at your best
Money Money (4 days ago)
Thank you, next
Mbao Solotji (10 days ago)
I love this , Thanks
the snakeu loves hobi (12 days ago)
video starts at 0:58 btw
Tilly G (16 days ago)
Who's Jenny ? 😂😂😂😂
mansi singh (16 days ago)
void ten (22 days ago)
How I text with female friends:hello😋 Texting with dudes:MY NI🅱️🅱️A!!!! GET CHO CHUNGUS ASS OVER HERE!!!!!! (I chat with meme pages)
Fernanda Salazar (22 days ago)
You are so funny 😂
Mash Feliciano (24 days ago)
Aminah D (24 days ago)
Block n move on 💅
Jessi Dawkins (28 days ago)
My bf doesn't share any of his problems with me. And every time he post some sad memes saying that ppl don't love him fuk love and stuff and then when i ask him whats wrong he wont tell me...am always asking if hes ok... but then the ine time i didnt ask he says that i didnt even cared to ask lije seriously...
Arjole 2001 (1 month ago)
I asked a guy to go see a film. We share a passion for cinema and we are friends. He said he was going with his sister already...I thought that it was a subtile way to say no. But we’re still talking like nothing happened. I figured I might be friend zoned. What do people think ? It is an excuse right ? #manslator
Taehyung's Bestfriend (1 month ago)
Carey Allen (1 month ago)
I'm fifty seven and im going thruogh this believe me it doesn't matter how old a,guy is it happends no matter the age!!
Patrick Montanari (1 month ago)
Rejection? We don't know that girl
Monalisa Malaquias (1 month ago)
He does take forever to respond, and he never has time. So thank you, next☑️
Latisha Moore (1 month ago)
Oh well...... I got my answer 😟💔😟
Ruri Suoh (1 month ago)
Agent K (1 month ago)
#1 wrong. Men will tease a girl he likes. #3 semi wrong. men will act aloof so that you think he is doing more than just waiting for you to call. #5 Meh. Men will use the friend zone tactic to get you to want him more. #6. ABSOLUTELY RIGHT.
Sleeping Cinderella (1 month ago)
the saddest part in my life is not that some guy's not just that into me. there is no guy. WHERE'S THE GUY
Cheri Weber (2 months ago)
Who the F cares I love it !! Yes indeed and Thank you !
Chi-Chi Monroe (2 months ago)
Yep....my dating life in a nut shell
brieze 1 (2 months ago)
I have never had a guy that was in 2 me..sad but true
Lirissa Hardy (2 months ago)
I feel that because he make plains and then break them off and I deiced to go on the dating website and he been on, couple time. So I am trying to move on. I feel like I am no good for a guy.
Kaaaelin L (2 months ago)
Your first name is my crushes name..🤪 major oof..
xStacyx (2 months ago)
Thank you next next
Linni S (2 months ago)
Truth! Dealing with a guy that is always busy. At first he was more responsive and then becomes less. I’ve given space and let him know I’m into a possibility of a date. Now I’m back to swiping and talking to other potential matches. This week I’m not going to text Mr. Busy at all and see if he reaches out on his own.
File Sender (2 months ago)
If you already confessed your feelings for someone and they just ignored your message, then it just simply means that he's not into you. If he already tells you directly that he only wants you as a friend, then he really means it. A guy who likes you won't quickly say that. Love and value those people who are always there for you. There will always be that one right guy for you. Appreciate your friends and family who are there for you in times of need and really cares about your feelings. Love animals and enjoy practicing compassion to those people who are in need. That's how we practice healthy and true love. That's just simple as it is.
Sarah Ismail (2 months ago)
Hahaha yeah, right. Who the fuck cares!!
Mel (3 months ago)
Yes I like when you've said who the fuck cares. Lol My thoughts exactly. Invest time if you're not investing bounce✌
KatA Potato (3 months ago)
My crush is super shy around me, but is not when around anyone else :/
Mya Estelle (3 months ago)
I can swear that this guy is flirting with me,but then I find out that he is having someone else(they are still not official but there is definitely something between them).I feel like I’m just a replacement for that girl for awhile.At first,I thought I would found a boyfriend after long ass years being single,turn outs it was just me being dumb for thinking that we would have something and he is an asshole.
Himmat Badal (3 months ago)
If you a girl too much then she will get uninterested ....
Wannabeツ (3 months ago)
Im only here to see if im doing anything wrong...
Crazy Eh (3 months ago)
..heh wow
1 23 (3 months ago)
What if the guy is living in another counties that has 12 hrs time different between us, and I have my bf back in my hometown. While the guy doesn't care letting me know he is hitting up with other women in the social media and the guy said : I love you but I don't think we have a chance to be gf and bf. Does it mean he is lying and doesn't like me ?😂
zazo zeez (3 months ago)
Let me tell you something ... This video is the best so far
Dana Hail (3 months ago)
who the f cares?😂😂
Emily Lalala (3 months ago)
Heaaayyy JENNNAAYY whaaatter ya deewinn Righh nnnow😂😂😂
me chloe (3 months ago)
Poor Jenny.....
Vanessa Ideliz (2 months ago)
KAIJU MECHA (3 months ago)
Never meant to be! Nothing is never meant to be!
Angie Rae76 (3 months ago)
OR.....if you send him a TEXT asking him "HOW HE'S DOING" or "WHAT HAVE U BEEN UP TO LATELY?" and he FINALLY ANSWERS YOU 8 WHOLE DAYS LATER.....then THAT'S a PRETTY GOOD INDICATOR that he OBVIOUSLY has SOMEONE ELSE OCCUPYING the majority of HIS TIME &/or HIS LIFE, or he's a TOTAL FLAKE, He RARELY ever has HIS CELL PHONE BY HIS SIDE.....and LAST but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST......he invites you over to SMASH and then while your cuddling together on the couch afterwards.....he asks to see your cell phone for a minute because UNBEKNOWNST TO YOU he's sending a TEXT MESSAGE to YOUR PHONE from a NEW PHONE that HE just got that ALSO has a NEW NUMBER which he obviously DOSEN'T PLAN ON GIVING TO YOU or you or you PROBABLY would have been the FIRST PERSON to RECEIVE IT which you OBVIOUSLY WEREN'T even the 10th person and THE WAY in which you even FOUND OUT that HE HAD A NEW NUMBER was because you decided to TROLL on his Facebook page (Because you're GOOD ENOUGH TO SCREW....but somehow you're NOT WORTHY of being one of his FB FRIENDS.....SMH. WHY are SO MANY MEN just COMPLETE and UTTER MORONS when it comes to picking a GOOD WOMAN????
Shook Shistar (3 months ago)
There was a guy I really like him...I texted him a lot and would compliment him alot😂 any who I realised he rarely replies to me and the only time he texts me is really late at night🙄 so we were texting and it was like like 30 minutes and when he texted me “cool” I replied “k bye”. I don’t know what happened but after that he was wondering why I ended it like that. He started to become obsessed with me😂 oh well I got him hooked but I don’t want to reel him in.
Trex 98 (3 months ago)
He really isn't into me isn't he? That's why i'm watching this hahah
Amel Poulin (3 months ago)
Man! You're funny
Cecilia Hinojosa (4 months ago)
I noticed those signs in 3 weeks. He said he was looking for a relationship, he would text me in the morning but through the day I would initiate conversations. We we talked about sex he I asked him when was the last time he had sex he told me 3 months, then a week later when in a conversation he mentioned he had sex a few weeks ago. Wait? What? Lol I dropped him. He obviously isn't looking for a relationship, at least not with me. Boy bye
Sexy Confidence (3 months ago)
Charles Kennedy (4 months ago)
Sounds like women when they are not into you
Sam Khan (4 months ago)
Well fuck!!! 😒
Jazzmen Rain (4 months ago)
Thanks. I really appreciate this video. Unfortunately I should of viewed this 14 years ago...LMAO. I would of spared my self a lot of pain and heart ache and meds. LMAO!
C AR (4 months ago)
A guy I’ve been dating for about two months now he always .calls me by my first name all the time And says “thanks for stopping by” every time I come over... I find it weird being that he’s my boyfriend. Please any advice is appreciated.
Chad Dasovich (4 months ago)
beautiful chicken nugget (4 months ago)
We used to see each other a lot but now he doesn’t text me saying he wants to see me..I don’t know if I’m just too awkward for him or if he’s just shy😭
Gemma Rose Guttierrez (4 months ago)
hahaha your funny adam!!!
YeahMe Paclipan (4 months ago)
One of the best vids of you I've ever watched! Thanks, Adam!
Jay is Random (4 months ago)
Why am I even here I was watching Markiplier
Lhong Raymundo (4 months ago)
Hmmmm.ok I'll do that next day thank u
Catherine Mccann (5 months ago)
Like your honesty
Judgment Proof (5 months ago)
You can actually end up wasting your life on the wrong one if you're not careful
Princesse Roro (5 months ago)
Eye opening!
Da Bla (5 months ago)
Looool at 1:01
Silvia Njau (5 months ago)
Watching this has helped me thanks 😊
Aarushi Mathur (5 months ago)
Jeanice Graves (5 months ago)
I've already got a boyfriend who regularly does the impossible just to give me my hearts desire. Neither rock, paper, scissors lizards or Spock can beat this gentle breeze.
Jeanice Graves (5 months ago)
Okay. This is fine. I've been at wtf cares from the onset. The problem is the guy thinks that speaking to him means I'm crushing on him. Really what's going on is the dynamics of the situation are basically fascinating and hilarious. I'm a writer. How can I get this person, we'll call him jamie, how can I get jamie to stop being a spaz long enough to collaborate on this with me. I need like 45 seconds of information, and will change all names to protect the innocent the guilty and the treasonous. This could be a best seller you guys. I just need his head out of his ass for a minute.
Visha Agrawal (5 months ago)
I'll just go ahead delete his number
Sally Bacchus (6 months ago)
Hey so I took your advice I stop pursing him and it actually worked now he’s pursing me even saying “oh your mean you don’t come by and say hi or have lunch with me anymore”. He says it like a joke but I feel he actually misses me. So what’s the next step now do I ask him out for lunch ? What should I do?
Happy Smiley (6 months ago)
Dude, I just LOVE that "Next!" Made my day!
Neha E2 channel (6 months ago)
We talk on phone all day but when we meet up me end up with fighting....he is my bestie
Khadijah Nasrin (6 months ago)
man this hurts
Shusha (6 months ago)
Demi Nella (6 months ago)
I can really tell my boyfriend isnt really into me. Sigh thank you for this. I guess i have decided now
Jill Dezsenyi (6 months ago)
Oh boy lol sounds like. Doomed roffl
Kim J (6 months ago)
Shanae Wells (6 months ago)
Thanks Adam. I needed to hear that. I appreciate it a lot. Ima go to your website 👍🏽
Andy Smith (6 months ago)
Girls are boring
carisman ortiz (6 months ago)
I’m single again 😂 Thanks for this video 🙏
Karen Z (6 months ago)
Right now when I watch this back, those things are really TOO obvious to tell if someone likes you or not. It's time to point out some subtle signs " He is just not that into you."
Sehar Sheikh Arshad (6 months ago)
Great video ..honestly.... True😇
Lei Lei (6 months ago)
Thank you, i almost lost myself for a secound.
Yesenia Yanez (6 months ago)
AMAZING!!! Thanks for helping me let go.
Janette Rubio (6 months ago)
I got four out the 6 so I guess I do move on and say next
tagabicolini pinay (6 months ago)
I almost dislocated my ribs laughing because that’s what I told my friend who continues to get that type of guy because she have a very low self esteem
gabrielle :D (7 months ago)
he called me at 2 am and blasted aggresive music
HEY KYU (7 months ago)
I have a senior that I like ,we met through a marine science interest group, but I don’t know if he only sees me as just a junior or what. He remembers my name and recognises me. One time, during break, he came up to me and my friends but only asked me if I was going to sign up for this event thing that we were talking about before. It was pretty random but I didn’t think much about it. Then again, every other time we meet during the interest group meetings, he talks to me and my friends as a senior. We don’t have many chances to actually talk to each other alone because either he is with his friends or I’m with my friends. I can’t tell if he’s being friendly only as a senior or if there’s a chance we can be closer friends. Idk I’m so confused. He’s always taking the initiative to talk to me/me and my friends but then again, he’s a senior so he could just have been trying to be friendly. And we mostly talk about school and marine science. Idk if I should take the step to break the senior-junior boundaries and talk to him more personally.
cocoa lov (7 months ago)
Is clear.
Carol Loraine (7 months ago)
Know your worth, and then compare THAT to HIS worth. No comparison!!! Thank you
Aleena Shaheed (7 months ago)
Yes, this is sound advice and very helpful when trying to find someone in the dating world. Too often many people, especially women, ignore the signs and try to over-analyze the situation of why the person we like doesn't bother to call us or doesn't make time for us. it's plain and simple, as you and Greg Behrendt put it, "He's Just Not That Into You." Rejection hurts, and trust me I know all too well. As a woman, by nature, we wear our heart on our sleeve and we fall more easily then men do and that's how we end up getting used. Just because a man finds us physically attractive and has sex with us does not mean that he is into us and wants something more; we make the trivial mistake of confusing lust with love. It is so sad because I know women and men who have even had children with people who they did not love nor had any intentions of being serious with; they were just looking for a good time and boom, a conception took place; then the poor kids have to suffer because one parent doesn't want to be involved because they don't want to deal with the other. The worst is when people get married due to obligation and circumstance rather than love, "Oh, I married her because she was pregnant." or "I married him for financial security." In situations like that, no one ends up happy. I understand that 2 people in love can also fall out of love, but that's another story.
Christine GERARD (7 months ago)
Thank you very much but please don't speak so so so fast! Think of all the poor strangers who try to benefit of your advices..( I am a french woman). Then please slow down in your next videos...
Johanna Marie Peralta (7 months ago)
Oh shit..straight to the gut..okay..im so denial..watching this im still denial..fckk
Ms Love (7 months ago)
InLoooove that last Q! WTF CARES!!!😍
vanessadudelike (7 months ago)
Thank you!!
Sabrina Johnson (7 months ago)
What if you have been together for 18 years
Kelli Kamson (7 months ago)
I wasted a whole year just to find out hes stalling to find someone else. I put time and effort into him.
wiwid kusuma (7 months ago)
Next !!! ... 😎😎
Jifh Family (7 months ago)
Indeed I like that!
ZUZU 22 (7 months ago)
Then why does he stare at me?
littleAngel 31920 (8 months ago)
Best video to see if you're in a friend zone or nah...like if you agree
T D (8 months ago)
Ladies guys don’t want a girl who can hang with the guys. Otherwise they would be gay. They want to chase you and they play games. If he doesn’t respond back move on but don’t say next. Just think you’re too good and he knows. He doesn’t give his time fuck him his time is worth nothing. Guys play games and girls just need to finish it by ignoring him the end

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