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Snake strike

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I do a daily snake patrol in March/April in order to snake-proof the doggies. As you can see, they are no longer interested in the goddam rattles.
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Juno Wilson (9 months ago)
"Jesus Christ there's venom on the lens" haha
Carrie O (9 months ago)
Thank you for showing this video. I would love to know how to snake proof my dogs. I've had some luck but not completely successful with other dogs in the past.
Chuck Messenger (9 months ago)
Knee high doggie leather boots and chainmail should work.
HondaRidgeline Enduser (9 months ago)
Byran the Los Angeles jack bauer
Taylor West (9 months ago)
That... is proper use of a selfie stick.
Jolene K (9 months ago)
😮 wow 😲 thanks Lt
Dale Admire (9 months ago)
one of the few times I approve of a selfie stick, for whatcha watchin wed. check out prisoners of war and fauda both from ISRAEL AND THEY ROCK.
Kenneth G Maiden (9 months ago)
Outstanding. Thanks.
Rita Loy (9 months ago)
Bryan thank you for your public service on showing this snake.
the dude 907 (9 months ago)
food and if you milk them you would make more that what KFI is paying you lol
the dude 907 (9 months ago)
Bryan Suits (9 months ago)
Make me an offer. I used CroFab only once at the University of Washington ER. I'm assuming it's kind of a big deal here in Cali.
1994CPK (9 months ago)
could've made nice boots out of it
Frank Petrie (9 months ago)
Hi Bryan, GOD I HATE SNAKES they could really RUIN your day @least rattlers have an alarm system 99% of snakes don't. The 1 that I fear the most is the SPITTING COBRA or KING COBRA. KILLEM ALL ! GBY L8R
Jenny Betts (9 months ago)
I used to work with Rattlesnakes when I worked at a zoo. One of my favorite animals to work with. That was a really cool video of a strike. ❤️

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