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Guile's Theme meets SHINee's Magic Dance

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Some of you may have heard of Guile's Theme, a song from Street Fighter that goes with anything. (http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/guiles-theme-goes-with-everything) Some of you may have heard of SHINee's Magic Dance, the choreography for their song "Replay" (among others) that goes with anything. A song that goes with anything and a dance that goes with anything. But do they go with...EACH OTHER‽ Turns out they do. Rather well, actually. This is me not bothering to line things up at all, though I stuck the slow version of Guile's Theme on the end instead of repeating the fast one again. If you were hoping for a real mashup from me, there should be one coming in late December / early January.
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ATopHatt (7 years ago)
oh my god

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