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Kovacs & Metropole Orkest - Night of the Nights (conducted by Jules Buckley)

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Taken from the very first Metropole Session in Muziekcentrum van de Omroep, Hilversum! With mediapartner Radio 2 we presented an intimate concert with the wonderful Kovacs. The audience sat amongst the orchestra for a special experience. Composition by Sharon Kovacs, arranged by Rob Taggart Guitar solo: Peter Tiehuis
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Maxime HEITZMANN (1 month ago)
Sylvie B. mille mercis de m' avoir fait découvrir Kovacs & Metropole Orkest. J' adore, c' est magnifique, superbe. Prends soin de toi !!!
shaz J (1 month ago)
varol turan (2 months ago)
Jaime Saucedo Marquez (2 months ago)
Wooow!! impresionante concierto, Talento puro!!!
Cidney Bos (3 months ago)
Kovacs is the real thing! And I adore the metropole orchestra!
Zae Bruni (7 months ago)
musica de verdad, musica fantastica !!!!........... para poder respirar mejor.
0rfe (7 months ago)
0utstanding composition! <3 And it seems noone can wrote down the correct lyrics on the internet so, let me try to fix this;
0rfe (7 months ago)
(Darbukatör Baryam)
0rfe (7 months ago)
I am more than an addiction Won't risk my heart to a bad goal Strong like a cobweb in the wind I'm hanging downward, the most... Somehow believed in A mental maze A milllion dollar, Cool parties Whiskey on ice You have cheated me (Album version: You've been cheating me) Right? Night of the night(s) Some-thing Fill me with light(s) Dark-ness No i need Love (darling), Love (darling) Silence (silence), silence (silence) And hell From the night itself But you did that (death) yourself And held fast (tight) in strong winds You sing silently of hard times Great hearts and charity crimes I want none of your deceptions Except the remain hanging downward, the most... But none of your directions pulls me close Night of the nights Some (u_u u_u)-thing (e_e ehe) Fill me with lights Dark (a_a haha)- ness (e_e ehe) No i need love (darling), love (darling) Silence (silence), silence (silence) and hell From the night itself Night of the nights Some-thing Fill me with lights Dark-ness I need love, love Silence (silence), silence (silence) I know From the night itself
0rfe (7 months ago)
First of all, intro sample (satire) comes from an interview with Marylin Monroe* -sample- "Ahm Do i feel happy life?" "Ahm let's see... Let's say i hope i'm finding happiness..." "Right?" "Well for me.." "Ahm, i guess i'm generally miserable." (laughs) -sample- *Marilyn Monroe Interview 1960 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=heQaJPFP5gU
ridgegebaeck (7 months ago)
Heel Mooi . What a fantastic singer with a marvellous, powerful voice! So fascinating
Rosa Verdino (8 months ago)
Laura Sher (9 months ago)
Arina Savva (9 months ago)
she is mesmerizing me!
great peniword (9 months ago)
great peniword (9 months ago)
дуже добре, недоцінив , клас . ульот,Brilliant,AMAZING)))
Musik (10 months ago)
She os really AMAZING.
JotaeLe A (1 year ago)
Absoluto fan tuyo Kovacs. Eres una grande!
nomebear (1 year ago)
All the chemistry for a country western hit: Cheating, whiskey, cobweb in the wind, moss, hanging, deception, and hard times. When Sharon sings I hear so many great female singers all rolled up into this one most talented woman. The Metropole Okest is phenomenal as is conductor Jules Buckley.
nomebear (1 year ago)
She's growing on me. I'm really dig'n her sound.
Sergy Volodimirov (1 year ago)
Power Vocal &Best sounding!Beauty Sharon!Super Orchestra!Super aranged song!Bravo!
Tireli Medya (1 year ago)
Hey Sharon! We are waiting for you in Turkey.
Joost Eggelaar (1 year ago)
Stunning, gorgeous. Sharon, please release the full live performance with the Metropole Orchestra on CD. I'd buy it in a heartbeat.
varol turan (1 year ago)
Phil Vdberghe (1 year ago)
Sharon Kovacs, prachtig, ik had je graag even in concert willen horen en zien, waar en wanneer is dit mogelijk aub, ik vindt jouw stem prachtig, ik bewonder jouw stem !!! Mooi !!! Doe voort!
D (11 months ago)
Kijk op haar Facebook of website voor aankondiging van concerten. :)
Naja Nathalie Jacquot (1 year ago)
Mikayami (1 year ago)
I was searching for Touhou music but this is nice too haha
Mikayami (1 year ago)
I can see why to be fair! lol
John Taxpayer (1 year ago)
i thought this was a meme
Marcelo Chepelski (1 year ago)
Linda e maravilhosa .
Mike Smolyansky (1 year ago)
True talent - I am glad that we still have people that produce real music and sing well. Thanks god for the European culture .
nostressannie (1 year ago)
Just perfect
Aryan Raj (1 year ago)
Awousome,mesmerising song its rocking.
paola gandin (1 year ago)
Superlative! <3
car kale (1 year ago)
Oso,oso zona.
Ha van hang, amit egész életemben kerestem.. hát megtaláltam!!!
Cláudio Cellos (1 year ago)
The perfection exists. My Good.
Sharon Kovacs!! Sírva nevetek!!!! Mintha Peter Gabriel női változatát hallanám.. Kész vagyok..
Ez a dal a CSODÁK CSODÁJA!!!!!!!
Valerie Beaufils (1 year ago)
so good and perfect
yuloyulito (1 year ago)
sudonym2010 (1 year ago)
Brilliant, bold and simply breathtaking. A lovely voice, great compositions and a fab orchestra. Thanks Kovacs.
Tatjana Matijević (1 year ago)
Just perfect.
Hilde Johnson (1 year ago)
When will she come to the US? Fabulous music!
space bound (1 year ago)
satana gamze (1 year ago)
Ruckler Taran (1 year ago)
Everything is perfect
gabrielleconti (1 year ago)
I love her voice. She reminds me of Judy Garland in some way
nomebear (1 year ago)
Yes, Judy Garland for sure. But there's a bit of K.D. Lang, Tina Turner, and Shirley Bassey.
Denis Belyavsky (1 year ago)
Мне нравиться
Bela Balint (1 year ago)
Diese Stimme und Komposition braucht mit Sicherheit nicht eine Metropole Orchestra.
файно виклалась)))
jukka pasanen (2 years ago)
Henk Van de Goor (2 years ago)

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