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BMW E46 Cyclone Crankcase Ventilation System Explained

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To get an oil/fluid check valve: http://goo.gl/t2QapU To get a set of the cold climate CCV components: http://goo.gl/RDA6wX Which consists of: 11617533400 - oil separator 11617533398 - valve cover to separator tube 11617533399 - intake manifold to separator tube 11157532629 - oil dipstick drain tube 11617504536 - intake manifold return tube To get a set of the standard CCV components: http://goo.gl/91Qxz2 Which consists of: 11617501566 - oil separator 11611432559 - valve cover to separator tube 11617504535 - intake manifold to separator tube 11157532649 - oil dipstick drain tube 11617504536 - intake manifold return tube This video is for entertainment purposes only. 50sKid assumes no liability for any repairs or modifications performed by the viewer as a result of the information contained in this video.
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frederic (4 days ago)
My mbw makes a horrible sound and it comes from the tube ccv to the engine
1sobeit1 (1 month ago)
I have a question. (I have almost none engine knowledge by the way.) For around a year our 3.20d BMW E46 (2005) (automatic gear-320.000 km 195.000 miles) is creating black smoke. When I mentioned it to our mechanic/garage guy -- usual stuff --- he said it's normal for old diesel engines. Recently it creates a lot of black smoke whenever car's pushed (acceleration, uphill) and feeling like it's going to be stalled when idle. Could CCV be the reason for huge black smoke/erratic idle/hard start? Thank in advace for any opinion on the matter.
Forty Four (1 month ago)
Would you PLEASE buy an old 07 n-52 e83 and make these videos again? Your videos are the best. I am a weekend warrior mechanic and not very good. you explain things at a level real people can understand without getting to elementary. I just watched the whole dang video even though my CCV is built into the VC. I would be done chasing my leaks and problems by now had you just bought the same vehicle as mine lol! Great vids, thank you!
Peter Williams (1 month ago)
I need help please, my car ( e46 318ci) when I start it misfires for like 2 seconds then stops once I rev it (Most times) but a few times recently it stays misfiring till its warmed up then I turn it back off then back on again and goes away soooo I ran a scan on it and got the codes p0304, p0302,p0300,p0140 and 0139... misfire on cylinder 2 and 4 and that my o2 senser isn't working yet I changed the o2 senser just over a week ago, as it stands I've changed the cam shaft sensers and that's made no difference and I'm thinking maybe the ignition fingers but only changed them 8 months ago if anybody can help it be much appreciated thanks
Media Easier (1 month ago)
If you do a vaccum oil cap test, should the cap be hard or easy to remove if the ccv is faulty?
z/28 z/28 69 (1 month ago)
I did my CCV on my 2004 330ci. And there are wires wrapped around the hoses and a weird thing behind the intake manifold with a bunch of wires connected to all the hoses. Is this something that warms up the CCV system? Can I just cut the wires off?
Ruben Gomez (2 months ago)
Great video. Thanks. 😀
Altaf Ishaq (2 months ago)
Another great useful video, thanks
Richard Small (2 months ago)
I like this guys tutorials......
Ismael Zifiglr (3 months ago)
Great videos ☝🏽
Julian McAlister (3 months ago)
Hey 50s Kid, I have a question for you. I just replaced my CCV yesterday and come to find out, my CCV I was replacing is in pretty good shape, but who ever replaced it before me didn’t clean the dipstick tube. It was somewhat clogged and I had cracked hose from my CCV to my dipstick. My question is, could that have been my cause of loss of power that comes and goes? Also I have a rough idle with surging. Note: I have replaced everything else that would cause those issues and I haven’t driven it yet to test it. Kinda nervous to with a aftermarket CCV and not having a check valve yet, haha.
Shutto (4 months ago)
This video is well done. 10/10.
Merkourios Koul (5 months ago)
After that video i feel much better...i was thinking the worst.. I have 160.000 miles and today starts smokes white grey colors out of my exhaust tailpipe
50sKid (5 months ago)
Yeah most likely your diaphragm inside the oil separator is gone.
Gilbert Diaz (6 months ago)
Hey so you know that hose from the dipstick the one you said was the main one that rips. Well I had found that mine was torn like you said so I did the whole ccv system change and white smoke would still come out I drove it for a while and it stopped coming out. Was the the problem that was causing white smoke??
Shape of Music (6 months ago)
What is the name/code of the tube that is covered with foam? I really need to buy this tomorrow. Thank you!
Donnie (6 months ago)
whats the culprit for p0170 p0173 p1188
verjaka (6 months ago)
Code 1351? bmw 2001 325 ci
Ivaylo Hristov (6 months ago)
Hello, I need your help really. I own e46 330i 2003 automatic with 1 error at diagnostic. I've searched all the information on the internet, including the E46 forum and found your videos where you're talking about vacuum leaks. So I'm using bmw 1.4 scanner and have codes CB[203] and CA[202], E3[227] and E4[228] from the 2 oxygen pre-cat sensors(they're new)control limit, mixture limit rich or deviation too great, deviation rich, low fuel level signal and get randomly misfires, decrease in power, rough idle and high gasoline consumption. When I unplug air flow sensor everything is just perfect, so I think the problem is vacuum leak and due to this the system is adding too much fuel and get this codes and problems. Can you help me with an advice, is this a vacuum leak and where should I search or the problem may be the air flow sensor itself or i don't know.. The air flow sensor is showing 13kg/h at idle 700rpm which i think is normal. My oil consumption is 1ltr per 7000km which is pretty high i think.
hua Hua (7 months ago)
Thank you!
Mario Herrera (7 months ago)
Another awesome video! Thank you professor! I'm your fan!
FishOn Nelson (7 months ago)
I performed a ccv delete on my E53!(M54) and added a pcv in line to the intake spare cacuum port .. now i have high vacuum at the oil cap . Is this normal?
michael w (8 months ago)
that was another beautiful execution . thanks
Brian Robertson (8 months ago)
Hi mate my car is burning oil exaust Smokey when accelerating and stopping at lights now noticed oil in exaust could this failing be the culprit of valve seal
pearl7p (8 months ago)
thanks for the info! I have a 98 E36 with the M52 engine and was wondering if you have ever seen a P1188 set due to leaking valve cover gasket and throttle body O-ring? I smoke tested it and the valve cover is leaking badly and so is the throttle body seal? The O2 and CCV and related hoses have been replaced.Thanks for any insight!
Dez Smith (8 months ago)
hi there 50skid just look at video about ccv do you know if this is same on e46 compact 316ti se n42 engine
CAPTA7N SHADOW (8 months ago)
Hey brother just wanted to say thank you for uploading this video,I have a 2004 VW golf GTI and I've been searching for something to replace the stock ones with.. I replaced old my hoses on everything and the crank case has several of this one-way valves .. your video helped me out and besides that it has great information many people don't know how to or what to say to answer ,.. keep it up big bro
Jose Peixoto (9 months ago)
A simple PCV valve would let some oil vapor through, to help lubricate the upper portion of the cylinder; Over-engineered (german) cars can be a royal POS sometimes(a lot of times,and on different systems); how much did that shit load of plastic(1 dollar's worth of plastic?) cost you ? i stay away,i don't get married to these german,expensive, primadonnas; don't like the idea of helping the rich get richer,anyway; nice video.
alpinehs (9 months ago)
wow. the explanation of ccv
TR4G (9 months ago)
Nice video. Do you know if the cold weather version of the CCV has that extra port that leads to the fuel pressure regulator? THe reason I ask is because the entire unit is encased in an insulating material and when I replaced that part I didn't notice any extra connectors to cap off. I wonder if they only offered the cold weather version for M54B25/30s and therefore the mold itself doesn't have that port as it (the Cold weather version) was never in use on 323/328s...
TR4G (9 months ago)
why would they do that.....
50sKid (9 months ago)
the port is hidden by the extra insulation on the cold weather oil separator. You'd have to drill a little access hole
stonesthrow420 (9 months ago)
I installed an oil catch can that is just chillin by my air filter. When I empty it, I just use a suction pump and a small tube. Takes about 2 minutes. Doesn't need to be emptied very much
Haitian Sensation (10 months ago)
finally someone on YouTube explained how this ccv bullshit works...
7808y (10 months ago)
Thanks. Pretty sure mines busted in my x3
T K (10 months ago)
50s kid = bmw god.
773steve (6 months ago)
Ronald Vargas (10 months ago)
When you’re replacing the CCV and hoses, do you have drain the oil first?
jamecorts (11 months ago)
I have an 03 x5 how do i know if i have the cold weather ccv or the regulat ccv
Kenny Springer (11 months ago)
Hey how are you love your videos please respond to this I recently did a smoke test on my E46 found the front tube manifolds it CCV was the only League I saw I just replace this whole system last year with a climate control CCV I live in Philadelphia this winter has been a little brutal however I didn't think it would fail this fast especially being jacketed, anyhow I put the 2 back on with a good connection and I'm still getting permissible Bank 1 Bank 2 on my scanner should I dig deeper into that CCV maybe the oil dipstick o-ring or tube it itself? Also sent a video on how to test it without taking it off did all those seem to be functioning well however this about says it's not functioning it on my scanner even though I just rebuilt it, if you have time please give me your advice and thank you
Armindo Gomes (11 months ago)
Add a catch can. 1000 to replace that peice of shit every 2 years. And had the cold weather one too. Symptoms.....it shoots oil oit of the fill cap on cold start ups
Joey Baaklini (1 year ago)
How can i diagnose if its working properly or need replacement ? Thanks for all your great videos
I Got A Bimmer! (1 year ago)
Hey man. Just wondering you said this thing can malfunction. I got a knock off and non cold weather one (I live in New Jersey) and I recently was checking things on my car and it was running and I wanted to check to see what the oil was looking like. So I pulled the dipstick and at least 3 liters shot out like crazy everywhere. Only good thing about it was I did need to change my oil lol. Never had that happen before and checked it many time with the car running and never had this happen
50sKid (1 year ago)
Wow, certainly sounds like it's clogged all to hell.
Moses Neri (1 year ago)
I replace the pcv and cvv and now my car wont fully start it cranks but does not turn on fully. The car was running fine. I did had some connectors in the wrong place at first when I started the car. the car turn on but the gas pedal did not have any pressure it was loose when I press on the gas. So I check the engine again and reconnect the connectors and the car started to cranked. So I jump the car battery to see if it would help and it didn't the EML yellow light came on and now this is where I'm stuck. What is the next step I need to take before I take it to a mechanic. Is there a video where you go over the connector on M54 engine e85 and explain their purpose. I have a 2005 e85 m54 z4 3.0i z4 bmw. It has the same pcv and cvv in this video tho.
Kenny Springer (1 year ago)
I believe he did another video on a Cyclone CCV where you ran a small hose from the CCV to the back and of the intake where the three ports are capped am I correct about this is this a good idea or should I just stick to what you were showing here in this video
50sKid (1 year ago)
The small hose thing you are talking about is designed to reduce the oil consumption
Taylor West (1 year ago)
I'm trying to trace an oil leak high up on the driver's side of the engine. It's enough to coat the engine, but not show signs on the dip stick. Could the CCV piping be the culprit?
VOGELTRON (9 months ago)
Valve cover gasket or the Vanos line. Both should be replaced at the same time. I really like 50's kid and am a major fan but another YouTuber a younger Indian Kid with the youtube name Shoplife has the best video for most of that job on an e46.
Carl Kolthoff (10 months ago)
I had that. It was the gasket where the oil filter housing connects to the engine block.
50sKid (1 year ago)
+Taylor West no more likely valve cover gasket
Cosmin Rotaru (1 year ago)
Great explanation on how the CCV system works. But if I understand your explanation up to the check valve idea it seems to me that the check valve might be bad in a particular situation: if the diaphragm fails allowing full vacuum to be applied to the oil return line (as you explained earlier) the valve would shut close not allowing the oil to be sucked up, indeed, but also not allowing the condensed oil from the CCV to drain. That would then be sucked in the engine. Did I got that right?
50sKid (1 year ago)
Yes but that would not be as bad as the oil from the oil separator AND the oil from the oil pan getting sucked into the intake. :-) It may or may not even cause much smoke. The hope is that it will make a little bit of smoke, enough to alert you that there is a problem that you need to take care of, but not strand you on the side of the road!
aftli (1 year ago)
You really seem to know your stuff. Thank you very much for your videos. They were very helpful this weekend for the VANOS seals and the lock cylinder rebuild! Especially the lock cylinder stuff - without your video I would have never known it was that easy to fix. Car is running *great* now, it now feels like it did 12 years ago when I bought it, and for the first time in probably 4 years I can finally lock it! I'm pretty sure I will have to do the CCV valve, so I'll watch this then!
50sKid (1 year ago)
tempest411 (1 year ago)
Great video, and that's an excellent idea using a check valve in the drain line. The system overall looks pretty cheap though. What about a catch can, and running the drain from the catch can to the oil sump return line. You could plumb in the check valve you mentioned, or perhaps use a solenoid valve which defaults to open whenever de-energized, as when the engine is off.
Larry Smith (1 year ago)
This check-valve mod really works! Thanks 50sKid!! Ordered the valve, received it 4 days later and our bad oil consumption problem was eliminated on our 2001 e46 330I. Quick note - you can do this mod in about 25 minutes if you do it this way: Remove cold air intake tube, filter box and top intake rubber hose. Then look down the dipstick tube (to very near the pan) and locate the oil return tube coming down from the crank case ventilation separator octopus. With a sharp 4" knife, reach way down and cut this hose about 1" above the top end of the barb from the dipstick (assure room as you need to press the check-valve barb into the hose without interference from the dipstick barb). There isn't much room but if you gently move the knife back and forth 8-10 strokes, you can cut it. Then install the check-valve. With this method, very little disassembly is necessary. Also, it may look like you should have access to this area by jacking up the car and removing the left front wheel, but there is not enough opening there, without completely removing the whole engine under-tray. The above described method was fast and worked great. Hope that this helps!
Deez Nutz (1 year ago)
How is the valve working so far?? Check valve right ? So you did it jus like he said?? Any info would help thanks
Ethelvino Zanchet (1 year ago)
Great video! As always. Keep it up mate!
jsgold2000 (1 year ago)
Has anyone ever tried remote mounting the CCV using high temp hose rather than using a catch can etc? Looks like you could just move the CCV from underneath the engine to just out side it. Maybe use turbo hose, oil rated hose etc.
773steve (6 months ago)
what did u end up doing?
jsgold2000 (1 year ago)
OK, thanks! My son has a 325i that is driving us crazy....I have fixed everything else on it but the CCV is shot and won't idle very well and using oil badly. Just trying to figure out whether to try and replace the CCV or use a catch can.
50sKid (1 year ago)
That is exactly what you're doing when you're running a catch can. Just add a drain from the catch can to the dipstick tube and you have moved the ccv outside of the engine. Which is exactly what I did in my catch can video
Boros Laslo (1 year ago)
Hello 50skid ... is that possible whan the CCV dies that he drops oil trought exaust not just smoke ?
Boros Laslo (1 year ago)
Itt gives me quite a headacke becouse i cant find why i have rough idle on cold start and sometimes oil in exhaust
50sKid (1 year ago)
no i don't think so
Anirban Niyogi (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for the video! Very informative!
William Johnson (1 year ago)
Could the crankcase breather hose cause car to run rough ?
incog ninja (1 year ago)
Would that cause a whistle noise i have a whistle noise when i rev my engine
Josh Johnson (1 year ago)
Well done 👍
Ridwaan Tape (1 year ago)
Cosmin Rotaru (1 year ago)
I guess pressure builds up inside the crankcase. That would happen if the CCV system fails indeed. You can test by removing the oil cap with the engine at idle. You should feel just a bit of vacuum if you place the hand over the hole. In your case I suspect you will actually see pressure instead of vacuum.
rivertdude (1 year ago)
Ridwaan Tape your ccv has gone bad
jordan F (1 year ago)
I have p0101 174 codes. Should I replaced that tube or the whole ccv? Thanks for the great vid.
jordan F (1 year ago)
Ok Thanks a lot for the help and advice I appreciate it!
50sKid (1 year ago)
Yeah you need that nipple on there otherwise it's a vacuum leak. You can use long needle nose pliers to put it on. Just gotta take off the intake boot probably
jordan F (1 year ago)
Thanks for the reply! I somewhat sucsessfully re installed the cold climate CCV in my 04 X3. I say somewhat because I forgot to swap the rubber plug from the old one to the new one. Is that a major mis-hap and do I have to take it all apart and attach it from the old one?
50sKid (1 year ago)
You should replace the whole CCV IF that is where your vacuum leak is. It could be other things as well. Watch my common vacuum leaks video.
BJ Sisouvong (1 year ago)
So I was going down a hill decelerating for about 20 seconds no throttle at all and when I got to the bottom of the hill I went to accelerate and a cloud of grey/ white smoke came out for about 1-2 seconds. It doesn't smoke when I'm stopped or accelerating though. Do you think it possibly could be the CCV?
50sKid (1 year ago)
Could be the CCV but it could also be the valve stem seals. Do the CCV first since everyone needs them replaced and see if it fixes your problem.
Salvatore Barrile (1 year ago)
Regarding the vacuum line from the regulator to the ccv at 7:00 in the video ....in a catch-can setup where would you plug the vacuum hose coming from the regulator if the ccv isn't there anymore? thanks
Salvatore Barrile (1 year ago)
50sKid yes is the M52.... thanks for the info.👌😁
50sKid (1 year ago)
I assume you're talking about on an M52TU because that's the only engine that runs the vacuum regulator line directly to the oil separator. You could run that line to a plastic M54 F connector on the intake boot (buy the F connector from eBay part number 13327503677) or you could just delete the line altogether. The fuel pressure regulator doesn't operate on vacuum--it's fixed. The line is just there to recycle fuel vapors into the intake in case of fuel pressure regulator failure.
martinez221704 (1 year ago)
Is it better to delete it? Or replace with a new ccv?
50sKid (1 year ago)
There's no good answer to that. Depends on your personal preference.
Bill Silcott (1 year ago)
Thanks for the tutorial. You just set my mind at ease in a major way. I thought my X5 was going to have to be taken out to the pasture and put out of its misery, but now I am confident that it will be smoke free in a matter of hours.
1sobeit1 (1 month ago)
Any news from your X5? Have you fixed it by changing CCV setting?
Dante Kamenar (1 year ago)
Great video sir
Deadly gordis (1 year ago)
Hi. I've been watching all your videos and I gotta say you make everything so much easier. I just bought my ccv kit and I'm about to install. I got one question. how is your car performing since you replaced the ccv. and also out of topic on the brakes and rotors video. how good of quality are the brakes you purchased on the link you provided. and rotors as well?. btw I have a 2001 bmw 330xi
50sKid (1 year ago)
I'm happy with the brakes. I'm not sure I can speak to how good the OEM stuff is because I have no idea if what I took off was OEM or not, however I see no difference between the two. It's a good choice if you can't afford dealership prices.
Juan Puga (1 year ago)
great video I have a 2005 bmw 325ci with code p0171 and p0174 I was trying to change the ccv valve but this car is without ccv valve under the intake manifold can someone tell me someting about this ?
michael w (8 months ago)
could just be MAF
50sKid (1 year ago)
I'm going to assume that you have the M56 engine. In that case I would suspect that either your valve cover gasket is leaking very badly, or the seal on the oil dipstick tube is leaking, or the line connecting the valve cover to the intake manifold is cracked. It could also be the vacuum hose running from the back of the intake manifold to the secondary air pump valve.
soundseeker63 (1 year ago)
Very informative video! What size is that one way valve? Also do BMW sell the diaphragm + spring separately?
Dwight Mayers (1 year ago)
Very talented I'm going to do that
Slengo Slengaw (1 year ago)
50skid, i have a problem but mechanics dont seem to get to know the problem basically, my bmw smokes blueish white smoke on cold start but only lasts for 1 or 2 mins it also has a shakey start (rpm moves alittle when stationary) even though i changed the glow plugs could it be ccv or what do you think? i hope u can help me
Slengo Slengaw (1 year ago)
50sKid no probs. thanks anyway
50sKid (1 year ago)
Ah, I'm afraid I don't have any experience with diesels.
Slengo Slengaw (1 year ago)
50sKid it happens on flat ground. (there are no hills near where I live) when I first start the car it gives puffy blue smoke then stops when warm. The engine oil level is still on max since I last changed it but the oil loss might not be significant enough to show on the dipstick. what do you think?
50sKid (1 year ago)
It could be valve stem seals. Does it also happen when you are going down a hill without hitting the gas?
Slengo Slengaw (1 year ago)
i forgot to say it is a N47 engine
Harley Norris (1 year ago)
dont suppose you know the id or ed of that ccv connector do ya at 1:25 im thinking of taking mine off and just running a rubber hose to the dipstick as its leaking?
50sKid (1 year ago)
I think it's 3/8"
blackpassenger (1 year ago)
great video. after watching many fear mongering vids on this subject, I replaced my ccv even though my 320 has only 30k miles. I kinda figured since its 17 years old, even though I had no symptoms, i should replace it anyway. was that a good move, or should I have waited til the car got to around 100k?
50sKid (1 year ago)
Age does these valves in as much as miles, so yes it was a good thing to change it
bimmer audi (1 year ago)
Another great video 50sKid. Thank you.
Tristan Chartell (1 year ago)
thanks dude just the info needed!
Fredrik Rapp (1 year ago)
Interesting info about the vacuum line to the fuel filter! That the pressure regulater dosn't run on vacuum. Is that actually so? So it coult be capped of if one would like to eliminate that line?
First Last (2 months ago)
These BMW are Alot of maintnance . It sucks that all the Hoses are SPECIAL HOSES and cannot be CLAMPED down. Im used to clamping everything ! Lmao . Im new with the E46 BMW CONVERTIBLE 330CI
EL_LEQUE (9 months ago)
Hello guys, if I understood well.....gasoline vapors coming from the fuel pressure regulator ( in case the fuel pressure regulator diaphragm breaks) will be going into that tiny spout or breather into the hose that takes oily vapors from the crankcase to the intake? Quite odd...... On my 2009 328i E90 N52 I replaced a PCV valve which is in horizontal position ( not vertical as this video) and is integrated on the valve cover, So i cut and glued an intrusive valve adaptation found on EBAY, and found that: 1. The positive crankshaft pressure ( caused by the leaks of cylinder explosion gases through the piston rings) is helping the internal valve’s spring to push in the same direction against the diaphragm. Meaning, pushing the valve to the open position, allowing oily vapors to flow. 2. The breather flow is not connected to a hose, nor plugged, nor obstructed, it breathes about one cubic inch of athmosphere air (in and out) on the BACK face of the diaphragm, (the face not in contact with vapors flow and the spring) ....otherwise the diaphragm could not have the room to flex to close and open the valve. 3. When the Diaphragm rips or break, the SUCTION FORCE of the intake pulling the diaphragm against the spring ( pulling it to close, toward NO flow position) will be lost because that breather will be leaking atmosphere’s air into the intake ( unfiltered) when the intake is working. I think this minimizes the excessive suction of oily vapors because the valve will be permanently open. ( if it were permanently closed, Positive crankcase presure would damage the gaskets and seals on the crankcase, cylinder head, valve cover, and increase oil presure...etc) 4. When the engine is off and cooling down, the crankcase will suck cold atmosphere air into the crankcase, through the breather, bringing humidity inside the engine creating oil gunk.
ThaDutchDK1989 (1 year ago)
50skid i have a m52b28tu i had the horrible animal sound when i removed the oil cap know i found out that the line to the fuel regulator was raptured and i replaced it now it doesnt make the animal sound anymore but it has little vacuum but i think thats normal on any engine .but my concern is that even on working temparture of the engine there are a lot off exhaust vapour coming out is this oil vapour? hope you reply thanx
50sKid (1 year ago)
Yes it could be. The fuel pressure regulator is at a fixed pressure.
ZHOUMVB BEATS (1 year ago)
Hi is too much vacuum on the crankcase dangerous?
James East (1 year ago)
too much vacuum applied to the crankcase can suck out gaskets
50sKid (1 year ago)
ghazanfar smith (1 year ago)
very informative thank you very much.
Adam B (1 year ago)
would this apply to a 2005 e90 320i also? I think its a N46 engine, the valve looks very similar. interesting idea with the check valve, would that still cause problems with oily vapour travelling back around into the top hose? do you find any problems with the chinese units on ebay?
Adam B (1 year ago)
50sKid thanks. I have ordered one anyway. Bit annoying, only have 75k on the clock. I only had oil loss after a oil change though. Any idea?
50sKid (1 year ago)
I can't speak to that--I haven't studied the system from that engine, but yeah it's probably very similar. The check valve wouldn't prevent the oily residue
Bulevard Service (1 year ago)
hello..thank you for this video..really useful...but i have a question..a heve removed my vent. valve on my e36 m52b20 engine...i have no problems but before and after the removal of this valve i i got one other problem...when i am driving uphill and i drive reaally fast in high revvs more than 20 min. and after this session :) when i stop and the engine is in idle my OIL lamp start to flashing fast..turns on and off fast...i tryed to change the oil with MOTUL 15w50 in the end of the winter...its better but after some ''racing'' driving the lamp start to turn on and off fast again...what you think it might be the reason???i think maybe the little valve under the oil filter...or the oil pump is goin down???do you think this vent. system can help my engine to make the usual presure in the oil and help it circulate corectly....this vacuum of the engine...is it helping the oil pump or it should be working good without the vacuum of the pistons???please say something...help me
50sKid (1 year ago)
Deleting the vent valve has nothing to do with your oil pressure. Two separate things. I suggest changing the two o-rings on the tip of your oil filter cap.
german flores (1 year ago)
hi the pcv its open at idle???
50sKid (1 year ago)
a small amount
Alexander Salamin (1 year ago)
nice video... now everything about ccv is clear. Thanks alot...
Trevaryn Hudson (1 year ago)
I subbed just because of this vid. Great info thank you very much
grandolddrummer (1 year ago)
That valve at the end there was clever! I think my old e46 is due for one of these repairs (along with a few others). Thanks and subbed!
BirdogEd (1 year ago)
Best presentation ever, thank you!
vincent lim (1 year ago)
Thanks for the great video, I learn a lot with your detail explanation. For now I m trying the check valve , if the oil consumption stops or reduce then it will be great and is a easy job. I just worried the oil stuck in the hose .
Pete DeForge (1 year ago)
where do you recommend getting a new ccv? Ill be trying to find a cold climate valve
50sKid (1 year ago)
Adam Haynes (1 year ago)
Wow, thank you for this video. I have those lean codes and i believe this is the culprit. Never understood exactly what it does, but now I do! Earned my sub.
50sKid (1 year ago)
azthundercloud (1 year ago)
deleted the whole mess. oil catch can and pcv . works great.
ral islegend (2 years ago)
only on petrol E46?
50sKid (2 years ago)
I'm afraid I don't know anything about the diesels
edgar portillo (2 years ago)
edgar portillo (2 years ago)
how safe is used the valve oil return
50sKid (2 years ago)
I think it's safe
edgar portillo (2 years ago)
return check valve
Aubrey England (2 years ago)
Dude. Yes! Thank you so much. This helped me understand the system more.
Roberto Campos (2 years ago)
Nice bro! very good video!!!
jose belliard (2 years ago)
check valve number
jose belliard (2 years ago)
what is the valve number
Grzegorz Durda (2 years ago)
Its not poorly engineered, its a bad choice of materials.
Paul Lahi (11 months ago)
Exactly 100% true. Fiddling for optimum performance is one thing. A lower hose to that system not even rated for oil service blasting out and then if driven burning a valve. Just insanely stupid. It is engineered it seems for the lower hose to blow to save something else..but most of course have no choice but to drive it home. Not have it towed to a BMW dealer to charge what $1400 to do that job
Joel Fries (1 year ago)
Grzegorz Durda no offense dude but when the system regularly clogs, breaks, or fails, sometimes as early as 50K miles on these vehicles, then there is indeed an engineering/design flaw. This is classic BMW over-engineering, where it really wasn't functionally required for its purpose, ending up causing more problems than eeking out any performance advantage they were seeking. The M54, when running perfectly, is a fantastic engine - but wow there are probably a couple dozen items in that engine of questionable design/engineering, above and beyond the horrid choice of plastic/rubber materials throughout. And no, none of these items should be written off as "regular maintenance" - that's rubbish for an "ultimate driving machine". I know the performance isn't fair to compare, but I have daily driver Hondas that are 16 and 20 years old, both pushing toward 200K miles, with logical engineering/design and original plastics/rubber materials throughout still performing like nobody's business. I love my E46 ZHP, and love working on it as a hobby, driving it, and keeping it rolling - but wow I've learned alot about E46s and the M54 engine, and there are some real head-scratchers everywhere!
Grzegorz Durda (2 years ago)
+50sKid I knew youd say that but thats not true in this case. There is no flaw to the Design, youre referring to longevity and NOT design parameters of function. This part lasts about 100K and is part of normal maintenance on BMW just like their cooling system.
50sKid (2 years ago)
The choosing of materials is part of the engineers job, lol! ;-)
FrozenHaxor (2 years ago)
Great explanation of the system, but I think the check valve is a bad idea, this system relies on gravity getting the oil out of the separator and down the dipstick tube into the oil pan. Problem with the in-line check valve is that it often requires a certain amount of pressure in order to actuate the spring inside, effectively clogging up the tube and flooding the oil separator.
Thanh Nguyen (1 year ago)
what exact check valve did you use? seems like a lot of the check valves out there are spring loaded and I guess the one that you used is gravity actuated. can you point us to a seller or store to get that exact check valve?
Israr Kabir (1 year ago)
FrozenHaxor I was thinking the same exact thing.
FrozenHaxor (2 years ago)
Okay, sounds good then. I guess there are very different check valves around. I had one that required alot of pressure to actuate it, but it might have been purely for heavy hydraulics or something. Cheers! You make exceptional videos.
50sKid (2 years ago)
I tested it before I decided to use it and gravity is more than enough to pass the oil through it. When the "arrow" is pointing down, the check valve is "opened" by gravity all the time... it has to be sucked shut by vacuum or by reverse flow, which it is.
Hugo Garcia (2 years ago)
Thanks for the explanation 50's kid!! awesome video, finally understood how it works!! any part numbers or details about the Check valve?
Hugo Garcia (2 years ago)
50sKid always do! somehow I missed it at the very top thanks a lot Sir!!
50sKid (2 years ago)
Link in the description. Always check the description.
RadioMuse1 (2 years ago)
I've been having trouble with my M52TU equipped e39's CCV lately and have temporarily deleted the system (currently venting to atmosphere), but I've been looking into alternatives. I've already performed this job on my M54 equipped 330 and don't feel like repeating the process. There are actually several options: 1. Replace CCV system (baseline option) 2. Vent to atmosphere 3. Run crankcase vapors (from valve cover) directly back to intake (no oil seperation) 4. Oil Catch Can 5. BMW Motorsport Oil Separator (and check-valve) http://vsetrack.com/track_reports/2010/bmw_motorsport_oil_separator/bmw_motorsport_oil_separator.htm I'm definitely considering option #5 and mounting the oil separator at a more serviceable location.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yeah I want to do #5 as well because I smell oil from time to time now that I'm running the catch can so I'm not 100% in love with it.
Erick Murigande (2 years ago)
you're one the best I've ever seen, I've been following you for some time and I really like the way you explain things and demonstrate them! am already a subscriber and I'll keep following your videos! thumbs up
50sKid (2 years ago)
thanks so much!
Ou ou ou ou... Thank you very much bro,your video is gold wtf. best wishes bro and seriously,wonderful info.
danekeeper1 (2 years ago)
just subed.....Awesome idea with the check valve, I mean great! thanks ! now if I could just figure out the buzz at 2k rpm, it's driving me crazy. just under load (in drive). I think its the Vanos but....
danekeeper1 (2 years ago)
thanks...   i'll have a look
Edward Plunkett (2 years ago)
The buzz you hear could be from a cracked bracket used as stiffener between exhaust pipes at manifold discharge adjacent to transmission. The crack in the bracket causes the noise only at rpms described. I merely bent the stiffener a bit so there was no longer contact at the crack. Noise gone. I had this problem on 9/00 build 330ci vert.
50sKid (2 years ago)
Yeah it opens it at higher RPMs...you can see the little arm move back. One of my viewers sent me a video a week ago that showed its operation as he sat in the car and revved the engine (something I've never seen as the M54 is drive by wire). I can't seem to find it though.
danekeeper1 (2 years ago)
no , I guess I should pull it apart, the buzz is only at 2000 rpm's either on accel or decal so I was wildly guessing it is the vanos, won't do it while in park/not moving so I was guessing the ecu was keeping the solenoid closed...???  
50sKid (2 years ago)
Hmmmm... A buzz could mean so many things... so many kinds of buzzes in the world of cars, lol. Have you inspected your VANOS?
eimantas28 (2 years ago)
Or just delete CCV and be happy :) After deletion smooth engine working, its not adds up quickly. Very slowly. OEM parts are very expensive also.
RadioMuse1 (2 years ago)
If you're in a state like California your car will fail emissions without a crankcase vapor recirculation system, but it doesn't have to be a CCV.
Bmwjesus Fuckjdm (2 years ago)
My upper one went out 😂 fml just learned this . Thanks man.
Ted Schoenling (2 years ago)
I've never ever heard of that tube (or this device) as being an issue.....

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