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Hope you enjoyed coming along with me to IKEA! I have more homeware videos coming soon! Make sure you're subscribed to my channel if home decor / interiors are your thang! ------------------ WHAT I’M WEARING: Embellished Sweater https://bit.ly/2qTLzSn Mom Jeans http://bit.ly/2KbJtpd Black Coat (Similar) http://bit.ly/2K8ot2m Acne Boots http://bit.ly/2Hp3wCL (Similar) http://bit.ly/2K5VNap Glossier Stretch Concealer http://bit.ly/2KbFCrW Benefit Hoola Lite http://bit.ly/2Kbm6f5 Glossier Haloscope http://bit.ly/2KbEUeg Lancome Grandiose Extreme Mascara http://bit.ly/2FcliD2 It Cosmetics Brow Power ‘Universal Taupe’ http://bit.ly/2K9kgeY ------------------ MY LINKS » WEBSITE → http://www.esteelalonde.com/ TWITTER → http://twitter.com/EsteeLalonde INSTAGRAM → http://www.instagram.com/EsteeLalonde FACEBOOK → https://www.facebook.com/EsteeLalonde PODCAST → http://www.esteelalonde.com/podcast/ --------------------- WATCH MY LATEST VIDEOS: ASOS HAUL: Huge try-on ASOS haul! https://youtu.be/FxyUGvxX-ho Skincare Routine! https://youtu.be/GVWvFlE28P8 --------------------- *This video is not sponsored. Some of the above links may be affiliate links.
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Text Comments (1012)
As a fanatic hobby cook I cannot stand the beginners kitchen ware you bought, lol. You're horrible. How come you don't know cooking?
itsonlyada (6 months ago)
Where the actual fuck have I been. I haven’t been recommended her videos? I thought I was subscribed?? Her life has changed since I last watched daily vlogs
Cristina Elliott Garcia (6 months ago)
Haha out of all the stuff you bought, I have: the duvet cover, the corck water bottle, the corck circular things for glasses (can’t remember the name)-we have similar taste! 😅😅
Gladys Achi (7 months ago)
Love your personality, so natural, you have a good angel on you. :-)
skelletulle (8 months ago)
Estée! I have been a viewer for a couple years, but I didn't really watch you the past yearish. I checked in on you recently, and saw that you and Aslan went your separate ways. I hope this doesn't come across the wrong way, but I feel like in your videos since that you seem much happier and you're just shining.
Emily Willis (8 months ago)
my ten year relationship ended this year. it was hard. it was also the best thing that ever happened to me. you are now in full control of your future. xoxo
withramya (10 months ago)
You don’t cook?
rando (10 months ago)
For future IKEA shoppers, just have everything delivered if you're buying more than a few small items because it makes life much easier! Order everything online because shipping is super affordable!
RedLadyBug U (10 months ago)
Are you no longer with your boyfriend?
Brbljiva (10 months ago)
she was obviously in a bad relationship, since she feels this good after breaking up?
Jennifer Fogarty (10 months ago)
That Lion King reference literally made me spit out my coffee LOLOL. I'm moving THIS week and am having some very similar breakdowns.
Catherine C (10 months ago)
Wow! I’m shocked! They were together for so long. This breakup hurts and I’m just a follower of this channel. 😭😭😭
Noura K. (10 months ago)
what she broke up with aslan??
Joanne Card (10 months ago)
Your car looks so nice! What car do you have? I remember watching your 'Whats in my car?' video from like a billion years ago and loving it! It's so lovely to see that you are still literally glowing with positivity <3
Lagi (10 months ago)
Miss you and Aslan together you both compliment each other and Reggie xxx feeling sad but sometimes in life you things change either for the good or bad it's all part of life that we all deal with. Just remember if will get better.
Sasha (10 months ago)
Wow you didn't get much furniture/items from your place with Aslan hey :/
Emily Wheeldon (10 months ago)
I find this kind of content so refreshing on Youtube. It feels so human and real and relatable. Keep your head up girl!
Maika Enage (10 months ago)
Good luck, Estée! 😘
Elena Rombova (11 months ago)
I'm sorry to ask - but whats happened with Aslan? I missed something
Elena Rombova (10 months ago)
did she said something in any video? i didnt see
Candy D (11 months ago)
Elena Rombova they broke up
Cat Cizmas (11 months ago)
What eyeshadow and blush are you wearing?? I didn’t see them listed in the description!
mollysutherland (11 months ago)
you’re so strong estée 💔 hear’s to new beginnings! Xx
Bobbysox (11 months ago)
Haven’t been here for a while, she’s changed so much, who is this person??
Lucy J (11 months ago)
I re-subscribed after a while, if I'm honest, but this seemed so honest & chill. I'm watching again. ❤️
karla angelica Valdez (11 months ago)
disadvantage of living together with no plans of getting married...it’s harder to move on and who takes what stuff???
Bindi Rock (11 months ago)
Pleaseee show us the new flat
babe babe (11 months ago)
why she didn't even took her chest of drawers with her to the new apartment?!
Joe Wtmn (11 months ago)
I just want to give you a big, long hug. All our love for you, Estee.
Gem Uh (11 months ago)
This made me sad :(
HollieXo (11 months ago)
No Aslan?
Jessica Holden-Cook (11 months ago)
I would need a King size bed if I had a Reggie too!!
Timothy Kelly (11 months ago)
you're amazing! don't forget it! <3
hellomynameisclara (11 months ago)
Next time just hire a decorator! There's websites that do it
HeavenlyZanny (11 months ago)
The world are open for you :) Its so hard to part after going together for a long time:( But you look fabulous and your future will be bright :)
Mojin Zhang (11 months ago)
A new apartment tour plz!! Love you Estee~
aurélie (11 months ago)
LOVE an ikea day out xx
Nova Mane (11 months ago)
Omg what?!? I’m just seeing this now. My heart is broken. Wishing them the best bout it’s so sad
gasdorfic muncher (11 months ago)
really weird avoiding the subject of the break up ?
Candy D (11 months ago)
gasdorfic muncher that’s what I’m saying! It’s normal for break ups to happen and it’s like she couldn’t even utter the word “break up” lol
Elnara Nazarova (11 months ago)
Oh my godddd! Have you been broked up with your boyfriend? Oh my gooood! Nooo!
Amanda (11 months ago)
I’m confused....did you not own any of the furniture? Did you rent a fully furnished home?
Nicole Kaiserberger (11 months ago)
What a kickass lady love you so much !!
Luz Lizcano (11 months ago)
What happened?
Waterlilly 1 (11 months ago)
Wait, what? Haven't watched for a minute and is this what I think it is?? Did they break up? 😦
sharrlizz (11 months ago)
Can't wait to see your new place! Btw your nails look amazing here.
JJ Babbles (11 months ago)
Really enjoyed this one because you hit 'mental stimulus overload' at the same point in IKEA that I do! 😂 EVERY. TIME.! Market hall = meltdown! (even though it's where the fun stuff is lol) They should seriously put a 2nd Café before the market hall so you call calm down from 'That IKEA feeling'. I was squeaking at you in the TKmaxx part - "noooo! Just get Tefal pans on Amazon!"😂 You look like you've got this girl - hope the move went/goes smoothly 💕
Emilie Melissa (11 months ago)
Could you do a follow up video talking about how you are still living in the UK?? I'm currently on the Youth Mobility Visa, like you initially were. But I'm curious to know what direction you went in and how you went about extending your stay. I think it would be really interesting! :)
Candy D (11 months ago)
Art By Emilie I think Asian owned everything lol
Siera Manro (11 months ago)
I don’t understand where is all of her stuff?!
Christmas LuggageUSA (11 months ago)
Not sad or shocked, not even one bit.  Girl gets her permanent visa and wants to come out.  Poor Aslan had to deal with neurotic Grandma long enough.  Shock, another YouTuber to come out (à la Ingrid).  She wouldn't have the same career in Canada so she might as well keep pretending she's something she's not in the UK.  Gurl got nothin' in the divorce!  Shocker.
Username369 (11 months ago)
Christmas LuggageUSA LOL what?!?!
jg heart (11 months ago)
I absolutely love watching videos of you being you. I know these are tough times moving on but you are really doing it with such class, so thank you so much for bringing us along...we are family after all :-)
francescaemc2 (11 months ago)
why doesn't Aslan move?
A S (11 months ago)
So happy for you! You deserve the best, Estee.
rainytae (11 months ago)
i lov homeware shopping vlogs and i lov this even more bc you’re in croydon!!! i always go to that ikea and tk maxx lmao
Vimdur (11 months ago)
Hi Estée thought I’d chime in too- I’m a fellow Canadian and moved to Toronto from Vancouver when I was 21 to be with my boyfriend there. Over 3 years we grew apart and broke up. We were so young in hindsight. There was so much I wanted to do on my own- so I did. I traveled by myself all over the world A LOT. I learned how to become really independent. I grew as a person on my own. I was with this bf for over 5 years and he was my first serious relationship so it was a tough break up but it paved the way for me to grow. I am now 44, married with 2 kids, am a physician and have a ton of solo travel under my belt. I am happy with the path I’ve taken. I have sadly not spoken to my ex bf in years but I have fond memories of him and he will always have a special place in my ♥️. Life is like that. I wish you the best🙂
n p (11 months ago)
Waaaat you and Aslan broke up? Shit!!! Oh man!
Makayla Cork (11 months ago)
Omg 😫😭
Lyyssa96 (11 months ago)
Will you do a q and a about what Happens now? It is so sad I loooove your old Space :( what about Reggie?
Lawren Haggerty (11 months ago)
I don't use twitter. 😭😭😭
Claudia Tardío (11 months ago)
I wish you the best! Love from Spain
Anne fraser (11 months ago)
Fehla yi (11 months ago)
So much strength and love to you girl !!!!!
Mantaj Dhaliwal (11 months ago)
I'm confused about why you have to shop for EVERYTHING BRAND NEW when you bought so much stuff together for your home that you shared. Like I remember all the fun tupper ware and mugs etc. I remember the new make up table and all your ikea storage for your make up so truly I wonder, is any of that coming with you?
tchen1290 (11 months ago)
I’ve been following you umm (forever!) and seeing you transition into a new chapter of your life, makes me want to virtually hug you, and cheer you on! You got this! ❤️
Josefin Johansson (11 months ago)
I think you're really strong showtime this vulneral part of yourself! It's enormously brave! You're such a good role model! Thank you, and lots of Love! ❤️
Penelope's Picks (11 months ago)
You got this, girl. YOU. GOT. THIS. 👍😘
Katharina (11 months ago)
i feel like you can rock this new chapter and you deserve the best, you go girl!!😉💖
HenarVP (11 months ago)
Hi Estee, I am living the same situation also with a really long relationship. And I have been watching your videos and somehow feeling I was getting a vibe from you that resonated in me. I want to send you a big hug and all my best wishes because going on and getting up every day is a brutal and brave and difficult and new. A big kiss and I know you won’t probably read this, but if you do you are invited to a girl sleepover with ice cream and facials included in Barcelona!
Victoria H (11 months ago)
You’ve made me want to visit Ikea, Croydon is my nearest store :) I personally love the bed you purchased!!! Can’t believe I’m only just subscribing 😳 where have I been???
Josefin Johansson (11 months ago)
I have totally missed what has happened here
Next time you can use renditurg.com there you find different furniture rent comoanies
SandraOlufsen (11 months ago)
Although this made me kinda sad I am also excited to see your future,and your new place all in order. New beginning as you said. Totally understandable with meltdown at Ikea. So overwhelming. Too many stuff,and with the whole moving situation and all of course. Lot of love from Norway! Loved the vlog 🙈❤️
S Larcher (11 months ago)
I bought/built that same bed a few weeks ago and am in LOVE. There are so many possibilities when it comes to decorating the head/end of the bed. I also have the hanging end as the head!
Julie Woodfield (11 months ago)
I paid someone to assemble all the my ikea furniture. They arrive with all the right tools, and know exactly how this shit goes together. Save yourself some anxiety, and a "set up" if you fail, by just outsourcing the assembly. You won't be sorry!
Dorothy W (11 months ago)
Autumn Trust (11 months ago)
Oh wow! Huge adjustment, from top of the line to IKEA! Was the last flat furnished? If not, why aren't you two splitting the items? Share custody of Reggie? What a change.
LadyJane (11 months ago)
What happened!!!!
Angelica (11 months ago)
Tommy Jun (11 months ago)
"I need a king sized bed". Don't we all
thisiskaleidoscopic (11 months ago)
Carli and Brett break up... Now Estee and Aslan??? My hope for long term/forever relationships has seriously been shattered..
Ezra Perez (11 months ago)
My question is: why is Aslan keeping the apartment? Is it his apartment before he got together with Estee?
claire collen (11 months ago)
n who gets the 🐕?
Amazing.Amy (11 months ago)
This is a sad video. Go to Wayfair and make your life easier Estee.
Steffi Schwarz (11 months ago)
Hi Estee, Loving the vlog! :-) Ahhh I miss IKEA! We don't have one in Nashville, TN, USA! I am not sure how good Amazon in the UK is, but one can buy AMAZING beds and everything bed-related on Amazon! I bought my bed frame and bedding and sheets and pillows from Amazon (USA) and I LOVE them! Why are you settling for a bed you don't like?
Grace (11 months ago)
Love you, Estée!
holisticmaya (11 months ago)
the pearl turtleneck is so chic and unexpected :)
Nathan Allen (11 months ago)
How come Aslan gets to keep everything? So weired
Amazing.Amy (11 months ago)
He probably bought it all.
Sydney Fancher (11 months ago)
I’m so excited to see all of the amazing things that you are going to get up to! Xo
Caitlin A (11 months ago)
Love your vlogs! I know its a bittersweet and stressful transition, but setting up your new place will also be a lot of fun! I've lived alone for a couple years and there is something really exciting about having your own place and I think you learn a lot about yourself.
Julia K (11 months ago)
I still cant can't believe they've broken up..
Laura Crosby (11 months ago)
Girl this vlog broke my heart a lil bit but you got this. I believe in you, especially with assembling that bed xxx
Marie Bustgaard Granlund (11 months ago)
Looking forward to seeing your new place!
zitronenstern (11 months ago)
I dont understand. What did you eat all your life if you never cook? Did you eat out all the time?
Caitlin Verdi (11 months ago)
You should do an Estee learns to cook series in your new place! Helpful for you and fun for us!
rosehowell422 (11 months ago)
IKEA cork coaster are my fave! I use them for organizing so many things (makeup, earrings, rings, cotton rounds, etc.) They make everything look so organized without being fussy!
Tiffany Ip (11 months ago)
Just want to wish you a wonderful new start to a chapter in your life. Hope the move all went well and you're settling in great :).
Bee Winters (11 months ago)
Ahh, love you, Estee. You're going to have the most beautiful apartment.
Alice Elizabeth (11 months ago)
For the bed you should've gone over the road to dunelm, their beds are so much nicer than the ikea ones and they deliver really quickly as well :)
Dom Baldock (11 months ago)
You did so well! I can't wait to see your new apartment. Sending lots of love and hugs xoxo
M J (11 months ago)
So you single now ? .. My gosh, what happened..
Jen (11 months ago)
Preach girl. This video. I remember going to a furniture shop after my break up late 2017 and almost having a panic attack staring at couches. It ain’t easy, I’m still going, but I wish you the very best in your new chapter.
Grace O'Malley (11 months ago)
Good luck Estee 😘
CeeCee Gwen (11 months ago)
WHOA WHOA WHOA WHAT DID I MISS? I’ve been gone for 2 mos and what?! Pls help.

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