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sedoo explorer on porters lake

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seadoo explorer having trouble getting up to speed or up to revs
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Bass Pro (1 year ago)
Are used to have one of those it's either the wearing or eight stick in your impeller
Ty Pettitt (6 years ago)
picked it up for bout 450 bucks not to shabby
Ty Pettitt (6 years ago)
my tubes were shot around mine so i cut the off and got two aluminum pontoons instead lol... i gotta 85 horse in mine from a gti i think..
Ty Pettitt (6 years ago)
haha fixing to have to replace mine as well... how many horses you got and you like it
richardtheone (9 years ago)
yup you were right as i got this fixed about a month ago the wear ring was shot ..thanks for the response
Johnny Puti (9 years ago)
its either cavitation from the seal carrier or your carbs needs cleaning its hard to listen to the audio, sounds to me like you are hitting the rev limiter, if so you got a cavitation problem

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