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Waterslide Coodercaster Thinline T-Style w/Mojo UK Lap Steel & Gold Foil Pickups

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www.DestroyAllGuitars.com www.WaterslideGuitars.com
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Zinc Chameleon (9 months ago)
David Lindley should be a candidate for sainthood; he made the slide guitar the equal to a cello or viola. Listen to any country station, and you can hear his influence everywhere.
John Greenwood (1 year ago)
Great demo.
Trey Haislip (1 year ago)
Love that opening tone! Is this just straight through an amp?
Jason McConathy (1 year ago)
You just killed it on this one! Congrats!
Peja (1 year ago)
My friend, you can take a broom in your hands and it will still sound great. Beautiful playing... Natural talent...
Jason McConathy (1 year ago)
One of your best. Well done!
JB Hughes (1 year ago)
is this one available?
WaterslideGuitars (1 year ago)
Yes... This one will be available at www.DestroyAllGuitars.com next week
Kyle Quevillon (1 year ago)
Ronald H (1 year ago)
Terrific work (and playing). Will be attempting to modify my own in a few weeks. Wish me luck. If I get anywhere near what you've accomplished with your line, I'll be one happy guy in a month. :)

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