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Style Of Eye & Magnus The Magnus - Antidote (Official Video)

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Buy it exclusively on beatport here: http://beatport.com/s/t64wmf Dir: Magnus Härdner http://kamisol.se/ D.o.p: Simon Rudholm Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/styleofeye Web: http://styleofeye.se Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Style-of-Eye#!/pages/Style-of-Eye/42956569859 HOREHAUS RECORDS. UPCOMING US TOUR Friday 3rd Dec / Smart Bar, Chicago Saturday 4th Dec / Voyeur, San Diego Sunday 5th Dec / Phoenix, (TBC) Tuesday 7th Dec / Dimmak at Cinespace, Hollywood Friday 10th Dec / Pasaje America, Mexico City Saturday 11th Dec / El Paso
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Text Comments (86)
YbZ_ 78 (1 year ago)
4 years i had This song on My dance lessons wft?
Mata Usi (1 year ago)
yooo, I really like this !
Jaden Green (1 year ago)
you mega brain
rawnbaze (2 years ago)
Damn. Its sooooooooooooooooooooooo underrated.
Little big planet psvita :D
Willy Nolberto (2 days ago)
+Salty Salmon that boss fight
Salty Salmon (3 years ago)
You're goddamn right
Timez (3 years ago)
Awesome ;D
gay4grandad (4 years ago)
ewww the dogs are naked thats just sick kids are going to be watching this dont you know
timotje25 (4 years ago)
wowwwwwwwwwwwww. this vibe. jeeezus fucking a christ. Nice
Брахан Прэз (4 years ago)
You're so fuckin' amazing man ;D
Arkouda (5 years ago)
It seems really weird to think that this song's video has naked people in it and the song is on a kids' game O_o
happy days (4 months ago)
LBP Vita really isn’t a kids game tbh
-RockBandRocker- (7 months ago)
Psythik littlebigplanet psvita
Psythik (1 year ago)
What game?
Phorza (1 year ago)
AirickMcCool Illuminati
Darus Danhoo (2 years ago)
there's no problem Ridge every things allright
Dominus_ (5 years ago)
PS Vita Little Big Planet :)
Fluffy BunnBunz (5 years ago)
I came here from PS Vita LittleBigPlanet
turgsh01 (5 years ago)
I thought the same thing about the bush area :P
Michael Popovich (5 years ago)
I actually watch the full commercial. SHIT!
MoreDrugsMoreAlcohol (5 years ago)
Alexander Freyr (5 years ago)
Adrian Daret (5 years ago)
Huhuuuuu damn this stuff kills!
saikinuh1 (5 years ago)
I like how people are asking if this is a Skyrim reference when this song came out 2 years before Skyrim
Richie Cruz (5 years ago)
Little Big Planet for PS VITA!!!!! :D
BowskiGraphics (5 years ago)
Ah ok lol, I was looking up a Skyrim tutorial about the Eye of Magnus when I came across this band is why I asked. Awesome song, love it!
Tova Nyberg (5 years ago)
Magnus a pretty common name in Sweden so no, lol
BowskiGraphics (5 years ago)
Skyrim reference? Eye of Magnus?
Daniel Eraso (5 years ago)
NiQnX3z (6 years ago)
It's alot of sounds, I like it ! :D
The LoopDigger (6 years ago)
Pure genius.
bruh (6 years ago)
LMWYBC1996 (6 years ago)
Why am I here? LittleBigPlanet Vita :)
ultimatevita31 (6 years ago)
me, this song is so freaking addictive
Pfarurz Wurz (6 years ago)
Who is here because of Little Big Planet Vita?
Tracey OBrien (6 years ago)
Then he made LBP Vita and put this music in it
Stellardust (6 years ago)
Adam and Leaf.
faderklas (6 years ago)
My lord!
Eric Owens (6 years ago)
you're both retarded
MrMickenval (6 years ago)
Jag vill nominera den här till 00 talest video... har haft den flera år som ett bokmärke - blaNd tusen andra... men den här bara ska vidare..
mickenoss (6 years ago)
Damn, my speakers won't go any louder =D
soulmaster90 (7 years ago)
@fadyadelnageeb PURE GENIUS !!
MrMickenval (7 years ago)
Kyle McHugh (7 years ago)
Style of eye is sick!
Fady Adel (7 years ago)
I'd say his most underrated track !! ... PURE GENIUS !!
TraXXXtar (7 years ago)
@awakkary boo hoo
Andre Wakkary (7 years ago)
@TraXXXtar Someone's going far in life.
TraXXXtar (7 years ago)
@awakkary boo hoo
Andre Wakkary (7 years ago)
@TraXXXtar Coming from the retard who has worse english than the "taco burrito mexicunt."
Benjamin Franklin (7 years ago)
@nomiss1990 nowhere near slagsmålsklubben at all. But okay retard you go keep chasing that raft. OT this song i AMAZING.
doggy5001 (7 years ago)
I <3 Style Of Eye!
Stewart Steel (7 years ago)
This song is Ridiculously Goooooooooooooooooooood
Arturo Mendieta (7 years ago)
@TraXXXtar yeah whatever, we are all equal, i write in English because it is the universal language.
MrInfinity93 (7 years ago)
Trippin' balls
Arturo Mendieta (7 years ago)
Responder a este vídeo you are shit
Arturo Mendieta (7 years ago)
@TraXXXtar ......................
TraXXXtar (7 years ago)
@zama280594 fuck you
Arturo Mendieta (7 years ago)
@TraXXXtar ignore you
Arturo Mendieta (7 years ago)
9 people likes justine bieber
XxHalliwellxX (7 years ago)
I'm not quite sure what I just watched... But I'm quite positive it was epic.
Marcos Gigena (7 years ago)
Markus Bruun Rasmussen (7 years ago)
This here... This is a genius work! holy moly i'm blown away by the sheer awesomeness!
Lola Hardman (7 years ago)
this song is sick! i'm totally addicted and the video is one of the best in electronic music
Arturo Mendieta (7 years ago)
bullenz (7 years ago)
Pleasurekrafts new remix on this song is so awesome! You should check it out!
monlanc (7 years ago)
The expression on their face after THE bite, lol!
Herman Göransson (7 years ago)
@habladibobo nej svenskt
MsMudkips (7 years ago)
@Sen1Sky You sir, are a mastertroll. I tip my bonnet to you!
Filip Haglund (7 years ago)
@helloimgreen lol spotify
habladibobo (7 years ago)
Er det danskt?
MrMaxymilian (7 years ago)
UFF jakie szczęście że tu trafiłem!!!
Chrille (7 years ago)
helloimgreen (7 years ago)
this song should be on spotify!
Aryahell (7 years ago)
OMFG awesome track awesome clip !
Pontus Qwarfordt (7 years ago)
Tung :D
O123L456I789V (7 years ago)
Listen to it after you had seen Enter the Void, a great sensation
BahamaMama (7 years ago)
den där adam behöver en ny friss
Julia skäryd (7 years ago)
when is this track available on spotify?
yahrasta (7 years ago)
wackiiraqi984 (8 years ago)
I think this video is bullshit, i just think they should have credited wilford brimley for his role as the dog, just because he has diabetuss
Michael Djerisilo (8 years ago)
Siiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiick!! :)
l0r3nz (8 years ago)
I LOVE the track and i love the video! Thanks for this!

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