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Labyrinth Meets Metal (Part 1)

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Hi guys! So before the wave of Magic Dance comments come haha I really wanted to include that but that one ABSOLUTELY NEEDS vocals in it. So I figured I'd a medley of the Opening Credits, Underground, and Into the Labyrinth until we get some vocals in here. In my opinion this movie, it's score, and it's soundtrack are genius thanks to you know who :P Thank you all so much for everything! It means the world. BIG ups for always rockin my casbah. Best to ya E Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/331erock Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Eric-Calderone/149426498434986 Twitter: https://twitter.com/331EROCK Instagram: 331erock MP3, Tab Books, and Album: www.metalyze.com Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/7e2Y9hVc8xYb6sDCPQszCe
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epicsakura101 (17 days ago)
HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT THIS!?!?!?! Seriously though, I've been watching your videos for ages and Labyrinth is one of my all-time favorite movies. Thank you so much for making my day that much better.
Nat Alia (1 month ago)
Wow !!!
GrandInquisitorOfFeels (1 month ago)
Holy shit this is awesome
Ryan Espinoza (2 months ago)
Still no Dance Magic? I need a cure for depression man
leon belmont (3 months ago)
Hermosa canción hecha metal,qué buena combinación!! 🎶💖
James (3 months ago)
I so miss The Goblin King.
Shannon Kobayashi (5 months ago)
As the world falls down and loved by the sun!
horroraddict (5 months ago)
Andrea P (9 months ago)
Great music, what about trying The Dark Crystal?
Arron (11 months ago)
Sounds very Dream Theater
Jay Lush (1 year ago)
I wanna do vocals :O
Storm Angelus (1 year ago)
Robots rule (1 year ago)
WHERES PART 2!?!?!?!?!?
pencil sharpener (1 year ago)
jonathan escobedo (1 year ago)
Are you the guy who goes to Pawn stars and check there guitars?
The Dude (1 year ago)
Bad. Ass.
Espacio De Diseño (1 year ago)
Genio! Gracias por compartirlo. Saludos desde Argentina, Celeste
Robert Howting (1 year ago)
When r we gonna hear u do dance majic dance? I think u could rock that
RisaaLitchi (1 year ago)
You look so happy playing this, I love your smile ^_^
PointOfViewUk (1 year ago)
Awesome stuff man! You know, when you turn The Labyrinth soundtrack into metal it kinda reminds me of pictures and words album from Dream Theater! Could just be me on that one though!
Hambo Burton (2 years ago)
Thought it was into the labyrinth by kraddy
Olivi- Bop (2 years ago)
Siiri Cressey (2 years ago)
That smile.
Lana Webb (2 years ago)
Amazing would love it if you did as the world falls down with vocals as well 😍
Kai Sea (2 years ago)
As the World Falls Down? This is a great cover. You've got my subscription just for this and Sailor Moon.
Kimberly Detro (2 years ago)
can I buy this track anywhere? Amazon does not currently have this album available. Thanks!
The Ageless Gamer (2 years ago)
331 Erock, you are now officially my favorite guitarist. Thank you so much for this cover! Good work, too!
Billy Lee Goodman (2 years ago)
i love you!
MELINDA (2 years ago)
World of sursphere'a (2 years ago)
YES!!!! YES!!!! YES!!!! Sarah will be impressed :p Really hope there'll be a Dance magic Dance meets metal
Emily Gobeski (2 years ago)
The Spider-Pan (2 years ago)
Where's part 2?
Rip Bowie 1947-2016
Danger Level 10 (2 years ago)
Long live the king! Long live the king! "Ugh, what king!?" "The Goblin King, you fool!"
SMPMS8389 (2 years ago)
Love the outro solo
Dalton Shackelford (2 years ago)
I would LOVE to head Dance Magic... I sing it ALL the time
Ian Stull (2 years ago)
I almost cried.
Rob Rojas (2 years ago)
Niiice bro
Andrea Gennati (2 years ago)
Bravo!! Waiting part 2 with "Hallucination" and "As the world falls down"!!!!
methamphetasaur (2 years ago)
slap that baby, make him free...
Em (3 years ago)
combining two of my fav things ever.. awesome
RiverStone1268 (3 years ago)
This is why I am subscribed!
Abril González Toraf (3 years ago)
Una de mis películas favoritas...
ScarryHalloweenMan (3 years ago)
Hey 331Erock, I was wondering if you had done a metal version of David Bowie's Underground or knew of an artist whom had done a metal version of the song? if you know of anything could you get back to me on that? PS: great music video man
Midnight Owl (3 years ago)
Best movie ever! You rule!
Arch_Enemy FH (3 years ago)
REST IN PEACE DAVID BOWIE (i just found out he died)
Arch_Enemy FH (3 years ago)
REST IN PEACE DAVID BOWIE (i just found out he died)
Robots rule (3 years ago)
Rip David Bowie
James Crane (3 years ago)
can't believe he's gone :,(
Riannon Webb (3 years ago)
R.i.P bowie <3 :(
JohnnyBNerdy (3 years ago)
I'd imagine you've got part 2 coming on account of the tragic loss of Bowie.
Tom Southworth (3 years ago)
In light of the magnificent David Bowie's passing, I think this needs a part two. Plus a dedicated Bowie tribute please :D Rock on!
sypha eightfive (3 years ago)
Hate to bring it down but... revisited today (01/11/2016), as well as many other moments in music history, because of the loss of another iconic legend... David Bowie influenced so much of the music we hear today, from pop, rock, metal, grunge and even techno and funk... He was an incredibly talented man that i'm sure will be missed, he played a huge role in my childhood and appreciation of music... My request is, as a tribute, something like, lets dance or ashes to ashes (two of my favorites). Hopefully more of your fans will respond to the news and encourage a metal homage, I look forward to hearing what you come up with! I know it will be most excellent!!
Nikki Botts (3 years ago)
David Bowie, RIP. You will be sorely missed. Thank You for all the great songs!!!
Doomcar Driver (3 years ago)
I could really use a labyrinth part 2 right about now. :(
Greg Stevenson (3 years ago)
should do more David Bowie man
CircleTheSkies (3 years ago)
RIP David Bowie.
jareth delaune (3 years ago)
I'm named after the goblin king!
Monique G. (3 years ago)
I love it! can you do As The World Falls Down please! Thanks for being über awesome!!!
Morgan Allred (3 years ago)
😱😍 You. Are. Amazing!
Adrie Music (3 years ago)
THIS IS SO AMAZING HAHA Bowie will be pround
ZizZazZuz (3 years ago)
So wait, what is Labyrinth, exactly? I know Into the Labyrinth from the kickass AMV a while back, but I don't know Labyrinth. And those aren't even the same 'Into the Labyrinth's.
spudd86 (3 years ago)
+ZizZazZuz A Jim Henson movie with David Bowie in it, and a screenplay by Terry Jones of Monty Python. Also starring 14 year old Jennifer Connelly
ReviewyourwalletUSA (3 years ago)
its a movie early 90s or late 80s
Jessie Furin (3 years ago)
love this mix and it just gives me a good reminder as to why I named my son jareth
Summer H (3 years ago)
I know love this so much!!
Kassie Reynard (3 years ago)
Hi Erock...I absolutely love your music, added with a little wink and the smiles! (You remind me of an old BF of mine...now, he was a drummer, not a guitarist, but you give me good memories (we parted amicably))..... And Labyritnh, tho not critically acclaimed, is one of my faves too!
Billy Lee Goodman (3 years ago)
Batman shirt, long hair, AND labyrinth!?!? fuck yes?
LavendarButterfly (3 years ago)
You do all the best songs and music from all the best stuff! <3 your music always!
bshawn41 (3 years ago)
This a-MAZE-s me. Lol
Native Star (3 years ago)
Rhema hill (3 years ago)
omg I love this song and the movie your so freaking awesome
Foxxtronix (3 years ago)
*Hits the like button so hard*
mojo (3 years ago)
dwfmagik (3 years ago)
Part 2...Part 2..... It's only forever.... Not long at all.
Lord of Crumpets (3 years ago)
Franki Jones (3 years ago)
you need to get PelleK to sing with you on the rest of the labyrinth soundtrack!
Waspie x (3 years ago)
Give me the child. Through dangers untold and hardships unnumbered, I have fought my way here to the castle beyond the Goblin City to take back the child that you have stolen. For my will is as strong as yours, and my kingdom is as great...
Hershe May (3 years ago)
Wow! You rock! Keep it coming! 😍😘😘
Knight Wars (3 years ago)
David Coverdale : The last note of freedom
diane Hatton83 (3 years ago)
Oh wow!! My favourite movie too, this is amazing!
EvilinSyde (3 years ago)
very nice!! thanks!!!
KyleTheOtaku (3 years ago)
YES NOW YOU HAVE TO DO MAGIC DANCE! And do the epic solo at the end!
Zachary Clouse (3 years ago)
awesome job man!!!! the crow would be awesome to hear as well
Kynthesfollower (3 years ago)
I had anticipated not liking this much, mostly because i couldn't recall liking music from labyrinth, but i love that movie. In short the closer it got to the end the more tears i began to produce. I believe this sounded quite Beautiful and i will do my best to make it a permanent on my music list. Erock, i love your work.
PortbyhanMan (3 years ago)
Genius! One of my favourite childhood movies, sick job bro.
brandonacskeen (3 years ago)
Get Pellek to do it. Do a labyrinth album
anj bLues (3 years ago)
dude teach me playing guitar like u
esnevip (3 years ago)
Hey man, I don't know if you've played it but, Grandia for the ps1 is my favorite game of all time, think you could cover the theme from it? it's right up your alley.
Stefan Poluga (3 years ago)
You are the definition of the man who loves what he's doing. That intro you have and when you smile while you play just proves it. Really makes me feel better no matter how bad day I had. (no homo) Keep playing man! Regards
Matteo Copelli (3 years ago)
PLEASE...Do YOUR version of "Fairy tail - The ultimate final death battle"
Gray Tiamat187 (3 years ago)
I just found you about ten minutes ago, and you have already brought up my childhood in such a way where I love it. Overall, I give this channel a solid 11/10.
Sgili (3 years ago)
This movie was one of my sons favorites, we must have watched it 200 times. Now he builds custom guitars himself, and plays like amazing!! Thank you so much!! Evan is going to love this!! If he hasn't already!! He's a big fan of your music and that just makes this extra special. Rock On!! \m/
RobGordonHaze (3 years ago)
Childhood movie.... i remember that i watched it at the cinema. What a good memories! God bless the 80´s. Thanks, man!
Scenerdoth - (3 years ago)
You sir, have made my day.
brandonacskeen (3 years ago)
Fuck yeah
Reclypes (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for listening to my request!!!! I can't stress how much I love this movie. You are so awesome, keep being you man.
brandonacskeen (3 years ago)
This here is the shit
Lylith Smileyface (3 years ago)
've waited for this moment since I was like, seven. TYSM Erock!
Emma Byrne (3 years ago)
I find myself wanting to hate it but being un-able to being a fan of the film. It sounds awesome but still really....O_o
Cheshire Kitten (3 years ago)
God I love labyrinth it's my fav movie always cheers me up and this my friend is fricking amazing
Geek Girl (3 years ago)
Pleeeeaaaseee i neeeeeed part 2 nooooowww!!!

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