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Link to Reebok Sole Fury's seen in video: https://www.champssports.com/solefury?SID=5983&cm_mmc=social-_-mixed-_-reebok-_-solefuryrichiele This video/post was sponsored by Reebok. Shop Hypetalk merchandise! https://hypetalk.shop/ Link to my new show on Complex: https://youtu.be/4n39Gmw2Phw Follow me on Instagram! http://www.Instagram.com/RichieLe23 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/RichieLe23 Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/RichieLe23 Address to our mailbox to send fan mail/artwork/etc: Richie Le Channel 10216 SE 256th St Ste 103 Kent, WA 98030 Tan Tang http://www.Instagram.com/TANTVNG Johnny Chim https://www.Instagram.com/bigboyj0hnny/ #athleisure #stylingtips
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Text Comments (452)
Sergeant Buick (25 days ago)
Where 2 cop for the basketball shorts?
T O E K N E E (1 month ago)
I thought you didn't like gum bottoms
Conrad (1 month ago)
Where are those athleisure shorts from? the white blue and red ones?
Harosson (2 months ago)
Where is tans t shirt from tho it's fire
Jordan Matos (2 months ago)
Yo Richie where does your friend get his beanies ?? He always has them on and I'm super curious ! Thanks bruh
Phuc Nguyen (2 months ago)
tips for rocking that last fit as a big boy? ): i feel like my legs looking too stubby trying that fit
LRD TAYGø (2 months ago)
them reeboks shitty
LRD TAYGø (2 months ago)
i watched a lil further & seen the first outfit ... & wow them shoes & yaw outfits shitty
Michael Nguyen (3 months ago)
The shoes tho. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Cyle Anderson (3 months ago)
Sweat shorts tho 🔥🔥🔥
Nathaniel Vargas (3 months ago)
Those rebooks look like pg 1
McKaRm3L (3 months ago)
Those shoes are ugly af they throw the whole outfit off
Nicky Elsewaerd (3 months ago)
shoe us 10 clothing Large
JdSoul7 (3 months ago)
No big boi! No likes no views 👎🏾
Mr Mug (3 months ago)
Dem creps😵
Jack Lin (3 months ago)
WW W (3 months ago)
Sole furys trash but Big W for Richie getting to the sack
soobased (3 months ago)
Damn American streetwear is the worst of all. ALl these fits are straight DOODOO.
black Naruto (3 months ago)
What is the background song
Ralph Daniel Castor (3 months ago)
Looks like pg’s
Noah Witt (3 months ago)
why yall wearing black sneakers with white socks that shit looks dorky😂
Savii Entertainment (3 months ago)
God damn them shoes ugly af. Lol. This is why I stopped watching your videos for actual tips. Now I just watch for your personality. Still love your videos bro. But this video and many other of your videos. Show off that for the right price. You’ll promote anything/ say anything.
Bruh its almost winter, why are most of the outfits shorts
GulamanGod (3 months ago)
no one started wearing sweats tucked into socks because of kanye lmao, it was uncle drew
MboySwag04 (3 months ago)
Why they tryna flex those reboks... lol😂
Anonno Islam (3 months ago)
Sometimes you just gotta say NO to the paycheck for the sake of CONTENT!! I’d rather wear Under Armor shoes bruh
4th fit was horrible
Carlos Mendoza (3 months ago)
They look like curry 2’s
OttoMaTiC^ (3 months ago)
Richie the type of guy who will wear his shirt inside out for that athleisure look
Matt Howe (3 months ago)
frankieh23 (3 months ago)
Y3 bootlegs aha
Isaiah P (3 months ago)
What shoes should i buy? My budget is 400 dollars
Kyle Summers (3 months ago)
Tans Reebok’s looking like some bowling skors
Alex Mathew Mendoza (3 months ago)
Welcome to the Reebok Sole Fury athleisure lookback brought to you by McDonald's.
Ashton Tangjerd (3 months ago)
Was this a Reebok commercial?
Tali Yan Lan (3 months ago)
Lookin like they just came out the dorm like fuck it I’m finna be late to class bruh
TeslaGod (3 months ago)
this Reebok bag must’ve been huge
Cashing_Checks (3 months ago)
This shoes ain’t it chief. 🚮
DaDdY ShOTz (3 months ago)
The Reebok’s are ugly if this video wasn’t sponsored they would of trashed those 😂😂
TB KICKZ (3 months ago)
if you wear shorts with a denim jacket you automatically don’t know how to dress.
kxingelite (3 months ago)
love the vids
Derrick Vineyard (3 months ago)
Jorts are jorts doesn’t matter if you wear them nut hugger style.
Derrick Vineyard (3 months ago)
*you dress like pollocks*
Derrick Vineyard (3 months ago)
Only guy I’ve seen dye his hair grey. = L Other guy wearing his hat cause black people wearing them like that (ridiculous either way) = L
Sebastien Delhomme (3 months ago)
Where y’all located at? Ain’t nobody gonna be wearing shorts up here at this time of the year😂
Danish Hakeem (3 months ago)
when will this dude rocks adidas x alexander wang's?
Jeremy Muir (3 months ago)
After watching this I'm pretty sure I'd get better fashion advice from a Shia Labeouf fanboy. None of these looks should be copied.
Havok (3 months ago)
def not flexing these styles at all
Hai Nguyen (3 months ago)
Damn richie got the brand new AMF bowling collabs on!
Gucci Tikka (3 months ago)
where does tan get his beanies?
grizzol (3 months ago)
Johnny didn’t want nuttin to do wit diss lmao
Solo Martinet (3 months ago)
Nice video but it's getting kinda too cold where I'm from for most of the fits
Knight Time (3 months ago)
I respect securing the bag but you know damn well we ain’t buying them Reeboks 😂😂. All seriousness tho a great causal Reebok is the Club C 87 great shoe
Dino Sawr (3 months ago)
If your fave part of a shoe is the laces...you probably don't like the shoe hahaha
Nathan Stewart (3 months ago)
Sell out. We all know those shoes are trash. Neither of you would wear those shoes...
John Yang (3 months ago)
is it just me or are all these outfits booty af
JosephTheFirst1 (3 months ago)
Lizo Joseph (3 months ago)
Man these sneakers looks like adidas PODs
Luqui Fernandez (3 months ago)
Them shits so ugly bruh lmao
the stew (3 months ago)
I wonder if this video was sponsored 🤔
Lim Kok Beng (3 months ago)
Richie take off yo cap and show us your new dye
Supreme Grizzly (3 months ago)
where's tan's beanie from?
Steven Phomphakdy (3 months ago)
Doing it only for a reebok check. You fell off bro
J Mercurio (3 months ago)
dem reeboks traaaashhhhhh. y'all trynna get kids bullied at school? lmao
Lavars Balls 69 (3 months ago)
9 minuet add
Imran Aiman (3 months ago)
Can you guys like ummm,show how to rock the kyries ??
Phantom Bastard (3 months ago)
The cropped chinos would look good with a baseball tee
Nate Light Show (3 months ago)
You dont have ads bruh
fuhjrvr (3 months ago)
Reebok promoting the hell out of those sneakers
Wavy Goods (3 months ago)
Don't let the tutorial distract you from the Reebok Sole Fury's hahaha
lil isaiah (3 months ago)
These shoes look like those adidas w/ boost. Imma pick em over these. Btw fits 1-3 are clean
Jayden Walker (3 months ago)
All of these look stupid except 4 if you were jeans
Jragon Tay (3 months ago)
When Nike boy get sponsored by reebok 😂😂
jesus alberto (3 months ago)
How tall is tan
Victor Murillo (3 months ago)
Never been a fan of denim shorts lol
Don Alberto (3 months ago)
In the basketball 🏀 shorts From Zara
wentr80 (3 months ago)
No mames, Richie ,tan bien culeros los sneakers
RawrSpec (3 months ago)
Now make a real athleisure video
Don Alberto (3 months ago)
Nice look But no Iverson Or basketball shoe⛹🏽‍♂️
shawn don (3 months ago)
Them sneakers are 🗑
Sean Anderson (3 months ago)
sneakers aside, these fits are not it either
Fried Rice (3 months ago)
bruh richie now a sellout. i know in my head he even think they ugly.
jayven matuguinas (3 months ago)
What brand is that trackpants?
angrytacos (3 months ago)
jhorts are a nogo chief
Mason Halpin (3 months ago)
The shoes ruined literally every outfit haha. Reebok, sit down.
Samuel David (3 months ago)
What t shirt that you use rich
DVD 0410 (3 months ago)
Everyone hating but they getting they bag from Reebok and making them look somewhat good👀
Cooper Gardenhire (3 months ago)
Where Can I get a hat like Tan’s?
Irvin Quijada (3 months ago)
Tan: "Mmhm"
Jake Logan (3 months ago)
When Reebok things the can make a comeback...
Wasabi Dude (3 months ago)
Y’all can’t fucking dress 😂😂💀💀
DaBig_Fella (3 months ago)
Nelson Wu (3 months ago)
Tan : "I love the rope laces those are the best premium touch" bruuuuhhhh... the rope laces damn near the worst part of the shoe besides the reebok logo lmaooo the rope laces look so fat and out of place.
Griffin Mason (3 months ago)
7:10 Tan rocking the default outfit from NBA 2K 😂
VictheBrick Gaming (3 months ago)
If you wear jean shorts no matter how slim they is you still wearing jorts lol
Dr.Herington (3 months ago)
these outfits are horrific
Lucas Hurley (3 months ago)
Those shoes made you guys look like you’re good at math
TheKmoney265 (3 months ago)
I notice something most sneakerhead don't know how to dress
Isaiah V (3 months ago)
TheKmoney265 these outfits were terrible
Billy Mays (3 months ago)
Nah fam tucking in your sweatpants in your socks is a wrestling thing
JUGG JUAN (3 months ago)
Damnnnnn I like those underrated brands like reebok🔥

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