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Pack with Me - My Sumikko Gurashi Travel Bags! ♡ JAPAN VLOG 1

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Text Comments (14)
Punky Bunny Japan (3 months ago)
I love the travel series sumikko <3
I almost didn't buy them but I'm glad I did!
Vanessaness A (3 months ago)
Like your Japan vlogs...do you think you can do a video about tips / hacks you always use when you go to Japan? Sorry if you have already posted a video like this. I only ask because I will be going to Japan with my Husband in the next 2 years for the first time and I'm a little bit nervous how to get around. You are a pro already! lol thank you :)
Yeah! Actually I've been meaning to do some Japan trip planning videos!
loopyfrog (3 months ago)
I always love your little comedy moments, hehe
Sharon Fernandez (3 months ago)
The “friendly” bus sign made me laugh. As opposed to the hostile bus no?
Ha! Not sure I would board that one!
candiikuma (3 months ago)
hiiii retsuko ;) omg waffles looks good! (in the lounge not on the plane XD)
candiikuma (3 months ago)
+Mary Bear - Kawaii Lifestyle like..... a combo of french toast and waffles i guess? haha maybe the airplane chef didnt know what he wanted to make and decided to make both
Haha! Ya ..the plane I swear they said french toast waffles and I was baffled how that was going to come out
Amy Yoshikawa (3 months ago)
Hi Mary 🐻 Bear, hope you have a wonderful and safe trip to Japan. Awesome vlog👍🏻🧚🏻‍♀️😺
Ne Kawaii ne everything is so lovely, Mary-onee-chan could you please do a kawaii bunny make-up tutorial that is both for girls and boys? please
Salma Vasquez (3 months ago)
Hello :D

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