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More Love, More Power - House of Prayer church

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Beautiful song “More Love, More Power” by House of Prayer church. Solo: Alesya Shvets Piano: Vitalina Fedenko Keyboard: Zhanna Arbatskiy Drums: Harut Stepanyan Guitar: Yuriy Shvets Sound: Ruslan Yavny Video: Vyacheslav Chernyavskiy November 5, 2017 House of Prayer Church Jacksonville, FL ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Lyrics: More love, more power More of You in my life More love, more power More of You in my life And I will worship You, with all of my heart I will worship You, with all of my mind I will worship You, with all of my strength For You are my Lord Всем сердцем, умом, Всей душою своей Возлюблю Тебя всем сердцем моим. Возлюблю Тебя душою моей. Возлюблю Тебя умом моим. Ты - мой Господь (мой Бог), Славлю я Тебя! Всем сердцем, умом Я стремлюсь к Тебе, Господь Tags: Слушать Новые Христианские Песни, Христианская Музыка, Christian Music, Christliche Musik, Христианські Пісні, hristianskie pesni, Новые Христианские песни, Христианская Песнь, Slavic Christian music, Worship, Church, Russian Christian Music, Vocal, Russian Christian Video, Jacksonville Florida, Церковь, Христианские песни, Прославление, Христианские, ноты, КЛИПЫ, Christian Life, Jesus
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Text Comments (11)
peacock (1 month ago)
Beautiful language what tongue are they singing?
AK Singh (1 month ago)
Heart touching Christ Song. May God bless you abundantly. https://www.quick-jobs.in
1deecee12 (1 month ago)
VARUN ## (3 months ago)
Very nice sister
Matt P (3 months ago)
good stuff!!
deenu shree (4 months ago)
CV gcg
Kamlesh Kumar Rana (4 months ago)
Heart touching😍😚
Liya Kh (6 months ago)
Gorgeous worship!
MaryEllen Rodgers (6 months ago)
Lifting beautiful voices to heaven. 🙏💙
Esther Park (7 months ago)
The lead singer sings heartily and touch my heart .. 💖🙇‍♀️
Bob-AS (11 months ago)
Pięknie :)

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