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Survival Paracord Bracelet - Solomans Thin Line - How to - BoredParacord

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Herodotus3 (5 months ago)
I blacken the tips 99% of the time on my bracelets, and most of the time that is hidden on the backside. Not that bad... at least for fundraisers.
Mintoki M (2 years ago)
hello can i ask the exact colour of the paracords you used in this video ? is it acid purple or just purple ?
Mintoki M (2 years ago)
also is the cord a 550 one? :) thankyou!
yoshihide nakajima (3 years ago)
bullriderinwrangler1 (4 years ago)
Seriously? Out of all the great paracord videos you make and upload and you fail to mention how long the cord is on this one? Nice job.
Aron Lepp (4 years ago)
+Jayson Geveshausen thank you for reminding me of that 1 foot of para-cord per 1 inch of bracelet
Jayson Geveshausen (4 years ago)
Okay....so maybe you have been hit in the head a few to many times by rodeo clowns.  But think about it.  The blue is the exact length of the bracelet you need.  And then if you are still confused Check out one of the other 350ish videos this guy has done. AND LISTEN.  1 FT for Every INCH!... Ugh.  Hey BoardParacord your videos are all very helpful. 
P-A Espana (4 years ago)
Hello, I plan on trying this style for a hand strap for my new camera but I wonder, how strong is the solder? It is slicker to singe the two threads together but i guess it'd be safer to use a knot instead...
BoredParacord (4 years ago)
Knots would be stronger, yes.    But not as streamlined.

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