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BMW 330i 325i E46 Tie Rod Replacement

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How to change the complete tie rod assembly on an E46 BMW 3 series. This procedure would basically be the same for almost any vehicle.
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Carlos Orellana (1 month ago)
Hey can bad inner tire rod trigger the DSC light to stay on?? I check all wheeel sensor.. they are good no abs light on just the dsc. my car steering shakes when driving on highway..
Bryant Deane (1 month ago)
Usually if your alignment is off, or if your tires aren't balanced, is when I noticed my lights on
Boujemaa Gourzane (1 month ago)
شكرا لكم على هذه المعلومات والشروحات التي تقدمونها لنا فلكم الشكر الجزيل
Where u get that little piece for the boot
Sawier (1 month ago)
hi my steering feels loose so I wanted replace my tie rods but I noticed many sellers sell them together with control arms and wishbones, I know my control arms are fine but how to check if the wishbones are bad?
Gonzalo M. Hernández Z. (2 months ago)
Dear Master how did you know if your power steering have problems?
Mark Guthrie (2 months ago)
I can definitely tell you live in California, here in Pennsylvania that tie rod would have never dropped out that easy
Giannis Fliatouras (3 months ago)
Hello from Athens,good job,but you don't put grass no were
J Craig Stamps (6 months ago)
Thanks 50skid. Question. Have you ever done this on an x5 e53 (2001) in my case? Thanks again for all the great vids.
g (8 months ago)
good illustration and look forward to other repair videos.
Ricardo Niemeyer (9 months ago)
Haven’t you forgotten to add the lube on the ball joint on the outer tie rod?
Marc Wikina (9 months ago)
But man, I was about to pay $600 to have a local BMW indy shop do this, but you made it super clear and easy that I'm just gonna do it my self and pay for the alignment
Marc Wikina (9 months ago)
BEST E46 DIY VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE! my only recommendation, you should put the part numbers/ links in the description.
David Hernandez (10 months ago)
No mention of locking washer when removing or replacing the tie rod??
David Kotzebue (10 months ago)
I think the locking washer is on older models.
David Kotzebue (10 months ago)
I know this is an old video but I did this today, and my only comment is that pounding and trying to shock the tie rod loose didn't work for me. I ended up keeping the old nut a few threads on and pounding on the nut from above.
Alec (10 months ago)
@3:58 I'm replacing my tie rods at the moment, one sides done but the right side I can't get it off. Any suggestions? Seem locked in place doesn't want to move at all.
Alec (10 months ago)
Thanks for replying 50sKid! I don't have one unfortunately, I've booked it in to an alignment place tomorrow for them to do it. Managed to change my control arms and 1 of my tie rods thanks to you! Plus some other things like CCV and VANOS etc, best DIY videos I've ever seen can't thank you enough.
50sKid (10 months ago)
heat it up with a propane torch, preferably map gas
Blong Thao (11 months ago)
What brand tie rods did you use?
Stanton Tan (11 months ago)
when driving my steering tends to wiggle. could it be the lower arm or the tie rod? cuz i’ve already change the steering rack and also the lower arm bushing.
James Kurz (11 months ago)
Hit the knuckle with a large two-handed sledge for hours. Couldn't get that tie rod to come out :/
Nate Hurtin (11 months ago)
does this apply to xi cars as well?
50sKid (11 months ago)
ixyzyxi (1 year ago)
The rubber boots are only like 20 euro..? I'd rather spend the extra few bucks not to have them tear on me
artofbeatspro (1 year ago)
Same procedure for an xi?
Marvyck Crizaldo (1 year ago)
This is really helpful! Thank you
Jay Bomb (1 year ago)
Never seen someone intentionally cause trauma to the steering arm on the knuckle.
Danny Rodriguez (1 year ago)
Thanks for showin us the best easy way to do👍this is my next the same project on my 03 330i...
Dopamine P (1 year ago)
The clunk that you are talking about, do they occur when you press on the brake and feel them in pedal, especially at lower speeds?
MrFatcat17 (1 year ago)
As the boots were torn did you relube the rack? If so with what and how?
Brooke McQuale (1 year ago)
Zip-ties may not rust but they do wear out (become brittle and break and fall off and you wont know when they do) best to use s.s. clamps.
dabeda dadada (1 year ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vnh-Tg3UnWA hi this is my problem e39 M52tu what is rattle on 0;13?
lonnie hill (1 year ago)
my nuts wont tighten on my new rods they just keep turning
1rewd1 (1 year ago)
I like how easily you say "go get an alignment". Where I live none of the shops will touch my 325xi, saying I have to take it to a dealer ... 2 1/2 hours away and $250.
Graeme Cooper (1 year ago)
Fill the boot with beer and get two of their guys in the front seat, and you will get your alignment done for free :)
50sKid (1 year ago)
My comment: eye roll.
1rewd1 (1 year ago)
Update: Local shop just got $50k worth of align equipment and the software includes BMWs ... and mine! However, they don't have the weights that need to be placed in the car ... 150lbs each front seat, 150lbs center rear seat and 60lbs in the trunk ... to do the job. Those I have to supply. Argh.
1rewd1 (1 year ago)
I'm told 'special tools', 'bags', and an 'exotic car', lol. I'm running into this problem, again, because I'm about to replace the tie rod boots.
50sKid (1 year ago)
Holly crap that is the dumbest thing I've ever heard [from a shop]! Just tell them it's the same as any other car--it literally is. All cars have tie rods and control arms and macpherson struts.
Karim Sadouni (1 year ago)
Good job
Marius Bancila (1 year ago)
Hi. Can you make a video removing/replacing the steering rack?
Tony Ruiz (1 year ago)
I have a 2008 x3 Si and I hit the curb the other day cause a car pulled out in front of me and I had to move out of the way. Both tires on the right side hit but the back tire hit so hard that it bent the control arm. I had the control arm replaced, normally I do this myself but had no time so had to take it to the shop. When they went to do the alignment they're telling me that the tie rod on the passengers side won't go in all the way and that the steering is off by about 4 mm. Is this related to me hitting the curb or just typical problem on older x 3's? If not what could cause this and how do I fix it? Do I need to replace the entire rack and pinion? They told me the tie rod was not cross threaded nor stripped out but something is keeping it from going all the way. Any advice? Thank you
kiollosis (1 year ago)
Best video I seen on this great work
Thanks for the informative vid. But why didn't you clean shaft on the rack before putting the new boot in?
Pablo R (2 years ago)
where did you purchase your tie rods from?
Nate Hurtin (11 months ago)
Yung EZ (2 years ago)
What size tool do I use to put a ball joint from the tie rode back into the rack and pinion
Yung EZ (2 years ago)
for a 2001 bmw 330ci coupe
kam760 (2 years ago)
Love your videos, have you done one on the control arms yet?
gbalstad (2 years ago)
Awesome, thanks very much!
wilson perez (2 years ago)
Nice work kid!!
Chanyang Park (2 years ago)
If my car makes knocking noise when I turn my steering wheel low speed, is that from tie rod??
50sKid (2 years ago)
Check your CV axle boots to see if one is torn. When they get torn, the grease comes out, dirt gets in, play increases, and they start clicking/knocking.
nour M (2 years ago)
thank you very much .
iBust (2 years ago)
best channel ever ty so much 50s kid!!!!!!
Pawel M (2 years ago)
Great stuff
John Wellings (2 years ago)
I very much , enjoy you videos; you made this one look nice and easy.
ERIC SWANN (2 years ago)
if there is a pretty bad leak right there at that shaft the tie rod threads into..  is there a seal for that or is the whole rack n pinion bad?
50sKid (2 years ago)
I'm sure there is a seal that can be replaced, but I'm not sure how easy it is to get out with the rack still in the car (and the shaft still in the rack & pinion). If it were me, I'd pull out the rack and break it down. There are rebuild kits out there with all the seals.
DrAcid12 (2 years ago)
thank you
David Perez (2 years ago)
thanks man
Adonis (2 years ago)
Great and helpful vid man
leonardo sanchez (2 years ago)
great videos!I'm glad I was able to find these videos on bmws. other people show videos on junks that they are not even in the road any more.
Luis Lainfiesta (3 years ago)
Good job. How I can to measure exactly the new tie rod if the old is broken?
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Dabuten Zhp You can't. Just do your best to adjust it and make your tires visually straight and parallel to each other then immediately drive to your alignment shop.
The O B A (3 years ago)
Hey Kid. Just wondering if you have ever changed a power steering cooling line on your e46? I looked at mine while I was under the car , it needs a new one lol. . ( That tie rod job went well till I figured out that they sold me the wrong boot for the rack and pinion )
50sKid (3 years ago)
Aha, yeah in that situation I understand.  It shouldn't be hard to get off.  A little silicone spray does wonders for getting rubber lines off.
The O B A (3 years ago)
+50sKid . when I was under the car I had a look around that cooling line for the power steering was pealing rust chunks off of it . I am going to take another look at it when i purchase the proper boot for the rack . and install them. they sent me moog boots without the small end gromets . this really sucks because I have to deal with the outdoor elements. windy . a bit of snow and cold when i did the tie rod ends on the car. sometimes it sucks to be a backyard dyi person. lol
50sKid (3 years ago)
+André Roy You talking about the hard line? Why do you need a new one?
The O B A (3 years ago)
Hey . Doing my tie rod assembly with boot this weekend. Thanks for the great info . My comprehension sucks when reading how to do something . Watching a good video like your videos I get it and I got it . I am getting a alignment . I have done control arms inner balljoints and bushings . . Just a question on alignments . C T stores around here , big box auto stores with repair bays can't do alignments on my e46 touring . What is the counter weight proses needed to do a alignment properly ?
The O B A (3 years ago)
Thanks for the info . Yah . Canadian tire here in Canada won't do alingment on BMW'S at least here around my place . I wanted to take advantage of 50 % off of a alignment when purchasing new tires. . Going to halfto go to toronto to get the best deal on tires . Thanks again for the info .
50sKid (3 years ago)
+André Roy Alignments are all done with computerized tools and the E46 is no different than any other modern car, so I can't understand why they would be unable to do it. I've never heard of counter weights being used for alignments, though. Here's a good example of how an alignment is done: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3a08DyXcpic Pretty basic, they hang the laser pointer things off the wheels and the computer reads the angles of the wheels, then they just adjust 'em. Around here there are places that will charge $40 and places that will charge $80 for the same exact service.
JAY201065 (3 years ago)
will do that asap really appreciate it
JAY201065 (3 years ago)
is the rack and pinion replacement a whole different job from this
50sKid (3 years ago)
+JAY201065 Yes, you need to suspend the engine from above and lower the subframe to be able to get the rack out. Check out my oil pan gasket video to see how to do that.
will cornelius (3 years ago)
will this same work on a e36 325i 92 model
50sKid (3 years ago)
+will cornelius Yeah this applies to almost any car.
Jarrett Culmer (3 years ago)
great video
50sKid (3 years ago)
+Jarrett Culmer Thanks
jorge vega (3 years ago)
I would appreciate if you let me know where did you purchase the replacement parts you used in this video.  Great video by the way.  I am a diy guy and Iove working on my car.  I also wonder why you chose 50skid as you name; is there a meaning to it?.  Keep those great videos coming. Thank you.
Salvaytion (1 year ago)
How's the ebay rods treating you?
50sKid (3 years ago)
+jorge vega Thanks. I believe I bought the tie rods off eBay so they were a no-name brand. I chose 50sKid because i've always felt like I shoulda been born in the 50s because back then every kid knew how to fix a car and build a radio, whereas today not so much.
TheSeff100 (3 years ago)
Vacum leak e46 325ci Conments have been disabled for that video so asking thru this vid. Ive spent hundres at different garages/mechanics. Vacum test done, new maf blah blah. Its fine when cold but after few mins you try hold revs at say 2k and it just drops to idle but my foot/accelerator hasnt moved. Put foot down more, car revs up then drops again. Its until around 3500revs that it stays where you ask it to. 4years and still its driving me insane. Its like it gasps for air as i rev the car up too. A dip before it revs! Last thing to try is live by wire pedal replacement.my logic is its like scaelectrix metal on metal and its just worn due to constant 2k motorway cruising? Please help.
50sKid (3 years ago)
+TheSeff100 OK my vacuum leak video is really the only help I can be, especially if you're not doing the work yourself. You can say you've had this done and that done, but you don't know how knowledgeable your mechanic was so you don't know what he overlooked. Can't diagnose over the internet, I'm afraid.
TheSeff100 (3 years ago)
Yes idle valve cleaned, had smoke test done. Im no mechanic just know basics. Maybe a fuel test next on my list then. I can hear a big air suck before it revs up. A couple of times its had the riding up and down problem on the idle but thats over 4 years. Had the vanos was checked and he said its out slightly one side he said its not too bad. Just tired throwing money at the problem. I love the car, really dont want to change it up. Cheers for your help bro
50sKid (3 years ago)
Have you cleaned the idle air control valve? Done a fuel pressure test to confirm that is within spec?
Joel Garcia (3 years ago)
Awesome as always
CJ Solomon (3 years ago)
Appreciated the video! Just an observation, the sway bar links are worn down also! Time to change that as well. Thanks again
50sKid (3 years ago)
+CJ Solomon Good eye!
John Antonio (3 years ago)
+50sKid Great videos! What brand did you use for the tie rods?

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