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Craig Ferguson 5/9/12E Late Late Show Danny Huston XD

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Craig chats with Danny Huston from "Magic City"... https://twitter.com/#!/malinky2stoatir
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Teri Lefevers (7 months ago)
Amazing interview. I miss Graig Ferguson.
vg4life (4 years ago)
I though this guy British. I didn't know he was american.
sploosh09 (5 years ago)
Such a sweet ,yummy ,funny man
Nick Quut (5 years ago)
he should be well-known actor,but most of people do not know him
Nick Quut (5 years ago)
30 days of night
Non Serviam (6 years ago)
Danny is such a class act.
oldmoviemusic (6 years ago)
I don't know how I didn't know he was John Huston's son! How neat! I would've liked to hear more about his relationship with his dad - John Huston was one of the best directors ever.

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