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Blind Bag Madness - Ep. 204 - Japanese Lovery & Cute Accessories * Jewelry * Chocolate * Blind Boxes

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I opened 4 kawaii Lovery & Cute Accessories blind boxes. Each box comes with a piece of jewelry and a piece of Chocolate. Thank you for watching! Please comment, like, share and subscribe. Please check out my playlists! Blind Bag Madness Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzxxrGsDOkT-35HjP8udHj3jMmmSpFuR My Little Pony Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzxxrGsDOkR1waeLI-rci4_mh54U8Zcp Mashems & Fashems Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzxxrGsDOkTwFt3Whpliw25X2YS6J0YN Subscription Box Reviews: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzxxrGsDOkQlbHsE9rBCd0AVDXaupvlD Minecraft Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLVzxxrGsDOkQIiU4S1WQXUA0L0yS0Xk-i
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Text Comments (30)
rava aisyah (3 years ago)
my favourite is the twinkle unicorn
rava aisyah (3 years ago)
LOVE IT !!!!!!!!!!!
Rizzi Gorton (4 years ago)
you know what princess maglunob is my cousin and we have a channel check it out Rizzi and Princess
Rizzi Gorton (4 years ago)
omg omg
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Rizzi Gorton I know :) I will check out your channel this weekend. Thanks for watching!
mosocel 21 (4 years ago)
So cute!!!!!!!😀😀😀
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Kitty Bufnita Thanks for watching!
Lady Red Gallery (4 years ago)
Lol! I was thinking through the whole thing that I really loved the princess necklace and really wanted to see it. This is a very cool blind box
Lilly (4 years ago)
Please open more
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+fun toy reviews I will. Thanks for watching!
Fleurbelle (4 years ago)
I love Japanese style jewellery!
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Rio Bray Thanks for watching!
Alexis Swindell (4 years ago)
Aww Super cute opening I love these 😋💕💚💜💙💛💕
Alexis Swindell (4 years ago)
Your welcome 😋
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Alexis Swindell Thanks for watching!
Holly Loughner (4 years ago)
Where did you get these
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+holly loughner I bought these at an asian supermarket.
KLKidz TV (4 years ago)
These are all so super cute, great video :)
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Surprise Toys Inside Thanks for watching!
I love YouTube lol (4 years ago)
Cool!! Amazing video!!!
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Mrsteddy Cam Thanks for watching!
Nese Time (4 years ago)
so cute :D I love them ^^ the ring with the wing reminds me of rainbowDash ^^ if there was a lightblue gem that would be perfect ^^ ps great video as always ^^
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Nese Time Yes, it does :) Thanks for watching!
thy nguyen (4 years ago)
I have these in a local grocery story and the grocery store is called california mart
Charlotte Davis (4 years ago)
Wow those are really awesome!!!
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Maam2Go Thanks for watching!
FunFamilyToys (4 years ago)
Those are super pretty. Wow.
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+FunFamilyToys Thanks for watching1
리안Leanne (4 years ago)
Can you open more of these?
Vita Rainbow (4 years ago)
+Slend R Man yes, I will. Thanks for watching!

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