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DIY : #5 Cute Paper Bags For Gift ♥

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How To Make Cute Paper Bags For Gift - Tutorial :) ❤ What Will You Need ❤ - Wrapping Paper - Glue - Pencil - Cutter - Eraser - Ribbon & Scissors Music by : http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/ Thanks For Watching ^^ Check out my channel for more videos: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UC1Mgvc83WpC-Eb2M_HtkNFQ/videos Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/syafasaurus Hi guys, are you interested with online shopping and make an extra income at the same time? Please click the link below to register as a free member : http://www.banggood.com/?p=4D13055393840201607P
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Text Comments (208)
Syafa Saurus (1 month ago)
Thank you guys for the 1M views! ♡♡♡♡
bernardita maza (7 days ago)
Beautiful job.
v - (4 months ago)
I love the bag, but what are the measurements when u draw the lines
Om Ahmed Samy (5 months ago)
Consuelo Forero (5 months ago)
Gracias desde Colombia. Quedo perfecto.
Eliana Riquelme (5 months ago)
Me encantó, gracias
ClosetQueen Gift (5 months ago)
Where can I get these papers. I want to paper bags 🛍
Harbhjan Kaur (6 months ago)
very nice
Parveen Kumar (7 months ago)
Very nice I luv it😊
Girish Sharma (9 months ago)
So sweet
Abrar Ahmad (9 months ago)
Amazingly yllll what an idea
سالنامه پارت (9 months ago)
🛍 مجموعه پارت بزرگترین تولید کننده انواع ساک کاغذی با پایین ترین قیمت سفارش ساک دستی ویژه همکاران 🛍آدرس سایت: http://part-bag.com
i f (9 months ago)
Wht is the paper??? Pliss give me the answer ;v
Jv Omanga (10 months ago)
What kind of paper do you used?
Syed Ghouse (1 year ago)
what kind of paper is this ??
fass adine (1 year ago)
Yeyensitinurjanah 147 (1 year ago)
cara bungkus kadox bisa model baru lg..ga itu2 trus
Maira Khan (1 year ago)
Main bhi bana rahi hun
Super! 👍😀❤️
Dracko Diary (1 year ago)
S.A.M By M (1 year ago)
Très sympa la vidéo☺.....cliquez ici pour d autres idées svp....merci😜
Priyanka Nitin Gupta (1 year ago)
Nice bag
Anushree Zala (1 year ago)
it's very beautiful
Elvi AlaniaR. (1 year ago)
Está bonito
Shivam Tyagi (1 year ago)
fromwhere r u safya
도태리 (2 years ago)
잘 참고하고 가겠습니다.👍
محمد شاه (2 years ago)
من اين الورقه
Anwar Csr (2 years ago)
fantastic and beautiful
que lindo🎁🎁🎁🎁
que lindo🎁🎁🎁
Julieta Ponce (2 years ago)
if84 (2 years ago)
I like that 💙💙
RQooSH ak (2 years ago)
شو اسمو هذا الورق ممكن
Najam Naeem (2 years ago)
akuadalah ichsan (2 years ago)
thanks for tutorial.
SK. Tanha (2 years ago)
Wow! It so cool and awesome. I like it very much.😊😊😊
nur afini ab samad (2 years ago)
thanks for sharing..
Mariana Jimenez (3 years ago)
cuales son las medidas?
Mutubile Ndaya (3 years ago)
Must you use wrapping paper ?
Mutubile Ndaya (3 years ago)
How long and how wide this wrapping paper is a gift bag ?
Oussama Baghdad (3 years ago)
I made it. It was so nice.Thanks alot
Ng NG SOO HOONG (2 years ago)
b T
Fariha Tajin (3 years ago)
where will I get dis paper
Ng NG SOO HOONG (2 years ago)
Fariha Tajin ,1qqq11111
Anjana Bhatia (3 years ago)
not so good
Anjana Bhatia (3 years ago)
not so good
Parth bairathi (3 years ago)
very lovely gift idea
Parth bairathi (3 years ago)
what is length and breath of your paper
Aisha Safina (3 years ago)
I don't like it.boring
SK. Tanha (2 years ago)
If is this boring, why you have saw this?😠😠😠
Jenina Nakamura (3 years ago)
My sister shock because I did that Because it's her birthday then I did it to him thank you
Fatima Namoune (3 years ago)
quelle est la forma de papier , combien de CM ?
Muskan Lamba (3 years ago)
awesome video helps me alot for my exam of art nd craft
elideth mendoza (3 years ago)
hola..de que medida hiciste las lineas para meter el listón? gracias
Lisa MacDonald (3 years ago)
Beautiful job!!! I thought is was super cute.. then you added the ribbon.. and I loved it even more! Thank you for sharing!
Noor Anwar (3 years ago)
Matt Valentine (3 years ago)
Ng NG SOO HOONG (2 years ago)
Matt Valentine
Shirin Champ (3 years ago)
really so cute gifts bag..n easy too..
Kadeedrah Jones (3 years ago)
this is so hard im sorry
Girish Sharma (9 months ago)
You don't know that she is very much better than u
Bhavik Shah (3 years ago)
very good
Katrina Zen (3 years ago)
better if you're sound will be more lively! anyway, Good job miss. love it! ☺
Katrina Zen (3 years ago)
better if you're sound will be more lively! anyway, Good job miss. love it! ☺
Katrina Zen (3 years ago)
better if you're sound will be more lively! anyway, Good job miss. love it! ☺
Sam Darren (3 years ago)
you use really cute wrapping paper:)
وأيد حلوه ماشاءالله
Κεράσια 25 (3 years ago)
BJ yav (3 years ago)
since I was 15, I already knew how to make basic paper bags. just need designs,thank you thank you...so clever!
MANOJ VAJE (9 months ago)
+Syafa Saurus so preety bag
BJ yav (3 years ago)
+Syafa Saurus ;-)
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+BJ yav Your most welcome :)
minz456 (3 years ago)
This is a very clear demonstration, and it makes me believe that I can do it too! Thank you. :)
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+minz456 Your welcome :)
Tishya Dua (3 years ago)
Awsm creativity
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Tishya Dua Thanks, your awesome :))
June Mordecai (3 years ago)
Love the video so clever ,just need someone to teach the art. Thanks
Music world (1 year ago)
لينامؤيد ياسمين زيرجاوي 456456 what did you write
+Syafa Saurus ياسمين
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+June Mordecai Thank you :D
cedrich Jasmine (3 years ago)
i dont like it its small i want it big
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
your paper bag size depends on the size of paper you are using.
Denice Cavazos-Olson (3 years ago)
beautiful, nice job
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Denice Cavazos-Olson Thanks <3
Norsiha Siha (3 years ago)
where you from I am from Malaysia.
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Norsiha Siha Same with me :D
Norsiha Siha (3 years ago)
still love your video.. so amazing.
Music world (1 year ago)
Syafa Saurus it is too simple
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Norsiha Siha Thank you :D
cecilia martinez (3 years ago)
what size is the paper or does it matter?
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+cecilia martinez As long as it is rectangle like A4 size paper like the one I'm using :)
very easy handicraft and lovely for gift ideas
Shrie Robinson (3 years ago)
Great project.
Pragyakar Joshi (3 years ago)
i made it and used it for a gift for my friend and she loved it .. thank you :)
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Pragyakar Joshi Your welcome! :D
nUrUL fAUzAnA (3 years ago)
awesome n very helpful .. i can do that kind of paper bag step by step.... you rock.. keep uploading videos bout craft .. 💞💞💞
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+nUrUL fAUzAnA Thank you :D
jaminessa chiam (3 years ago)
So awesome
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+jaminessa chiam Thank you :D
Roxana Raluca Pasc (3 years ago)
Just wonderful :) sweeeeet
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Roxana Raluca Pasc Thanks <3
DIY with GREME (3 years ago)
Wao, it's so cute
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Greme - Card & Scrapbook Thank you :D
axelle mgnn (3 years ago)
Sangsangee Cck (3 years ago)
you rock
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Sangsangee Cck Thank you :D
Shano Mano (3 years ago)
I like that u did, but I would like you to tell me the written steps plzz
Carmen Arevalo (3 years ago)
muy bonita gracias por la idea
Hatice GÜLEŞ (3 years ago)
Hanan Lia (3 years ago)
Beth Wawira (3 years ago)
saved the day ....thanx
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Beth Wawira Your welcome :))
sheila carmen1 (3 years ago)
nice n beautiful
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+sheila carmen1 Thanks :)
Krista Gunnell (3 years ago)
You do not need to use one of the nife things do you can you just use sicciors
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Krista Gunnell You can use scissors :)
NEHA MAHAJAN (3 years ago)
you  r just amazing
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
Blanca Garcia (3 years ago)
Por favor los comentarios que se traduscan al español gracias .
Ms.Swieke Kodok (3 years ago)
Thx for ur video <3 I'm looking for any paper bag for my coffee :D this one looks cute
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+MsWieke Thank you :)
J Coleman (3 years ago)
You are so awesome!!!!!!
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Jynesha Coleman Thank you :D
Bang Doel (3 years ago)
keren, nanti dicoba ya by: www.aveekleelshop.com
Erika Bezerra (3 years ago)
Muito muito lindo
Maria Delgado (3 years ago)
best and cutest love it
Syafa Saurus (3 years ago)
+Maria Delgado Thank you :)
Aida Cano (4 years ago)
Hola estan hermosas y practicas saludos
Sujana Ahmed (4 years ago)
Mari e i suoi video (4 years ago)
Maria Gentile (4 years ago)
Ma che genialità! .. e gioia per gli occhi!

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