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Steve meets Tommy at Incredibles dance party in Tomorrowland

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Steve is a wonderful, friendly and kind Cast Member who was working at the Incredibles Dance Party in Tomorrowland one night when Tommy headed to the dance floor. Steve recognized Tommy and we think you will enjoy seeing them meet! Steve, thanks so much for a fun time! Thanks also to the Incredibles for the fun dance party! Frozone, Mr. Incredible, and Mrs. Incredible- you are awesome. To see the magical thing that Steve arranged for Tommy with the Incredibles smile emoticon It was such a surprise! Thanks, Steve!!! http://youtu.be/ZtGEg7tsME4 Tommy is an Athlete with Autism who loves Disney! SUBSCRIBE: ‪http://www.youtube.com/user/lookyus WEBSITE: ‪https://www.autismmeansfriendship.com FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/tommydesbrisay.autismmeansfriendship TWITTER: ‪https://twitter.com/TommyDesBrisay TUMBLR: ‪http://tommydesbrisay.tumblr.com INSTAGRAM: http://instagram.com/tommydesbrisay Tommy's mantra is "I'm going to be the First Fastest Runner in the World!" Thank you for sharing his inspiring, joyous message ☺
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Text Comments (25)
rob ! (2 months ago)
haveing babys
DeadRaymanWalking (6 months ago)
This video is awesome! I love The Incredibles (and so does my mom). For Mother's Day in 2005 I gave my mom a travel mug with Elastigirl on it with her photo put on it. Me and my parents saw The Incredibles II last Sunday at a drive-in. Have you taken Tommy to see Incredibles II yet?
CALJ154 (1 year ago)
James Burridge (3 months ago)
Don't worry you'll get the chance
Gourmet22 (1 year ago)
this was adorable.tommy is truly admired as much as if not more by the cast members than the characters.
Sporty Kid (1 year ago)
is he wearing a karate outfit ?
Sporty Kid (1 year ago)
tommy has a great karate outfit
StephyNicole (1 year ago)
Aww so fun☺☺
Discliper (1 year ago)
Why were he jump all the time around ?
red ranger 1994 (6 months ago)
Discliper because he was excited
Simon Sykes (2 years ago)
Mr Incredible has some competition! :)
CanadianBehelit (2 years ago)
I know i'm very, super extra late haha But this video made me smile through it all and ends my night on a wonderful note after a very frustrating day in college. Happy holidays to Tommy and his family!!
dalek bieber (2 years ago)
Nick McPherson (2 years ago)
1:08 UGHHHHH those Effects, awefull dj
Matthew Slee (2 years ago)
WHAT?!?! He has AUTISM!?!? I have autism too!! What a coincidence! ^_^
QueenShireen (3 years ago)
''YAY I MET TOMMY!!'' I laughed so hard because of that .. xD and the jumping after that
James Burridge (3 months ago)
Beautifulbat (3 years ago)
Awww, Elastigirl kissed Tommy at 4:37, he kissed Elastigirl at 4:43, Elastigirl's heart was touched at 4:44, She's in love with Tommy at 4:47
Beautifulbat (19 days ago)
+Discliper well, you could go back to Magic Kingdom and meet Elastigirl in the future
Discliper (1 year ago)
Beautifulbat I wish I could be him at this Situation 😢 I wont even get the Chance to be even close at the Magie kingdom and Kiss mrs Incredible 😭
katybug (3 years ago)
Glad you love Michael Jackson :) he's my favorite, of course second to Tommy ;D
Michael Stapf (3 years ago)
you can't help but enjoy watching tommy dance at the dance party, even i would  enjoy dancing there too, glad he had a great time with the Incredibles :D
Rico Torrez (3 years ago)
You tube is not working
Clary Gray (3 years ago)
Hi I'm Maria (everyone calls me Belle because I remind them of Belle), Tommy makes me so happy whenever I'm so sad, I hav depression and he literally makes me feel better anytime. So does disney, disney truly holds the best magic of all. Tommy brightens my day up, all the time he's such a sweetheart. I would love to meet him, and give him a hug and his mom one too!
Sir_Plopleus (3 years ago)
Tommy you have talent when it comes to dancing

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