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Black Sea Sailing Ep 1

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Wonderful cruising moments around Constanta
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Umut Samuk (7 months ago)
hi my friend ) nice video. Do you have instagram account as well?
looks nice! Can there be really high waves like on the Oceans? I guess not.... Does that mean it is rather safe to sail on the Black Sea?
Bogdan Grigorescu (2 years ago)
Hi Michiel, usually in the summer the weather is fairly stable across the Black Sea. The wind rarely exceeds 20 knots, which makes it perfect for sailing. However the sea along the coast is fairly shallow, for instance 3 miles away from the coast the sea depth can be 20-30 m. When the wind starts building, especially from NE which is the predominant wind, but also from SE, the sea becomes very choppy. 1 meter waves that are steep can be very unpleasant. And every now and then you can run into a storm that creates waves 3-4 meters high. Over the summer this kind of storms occurs once or twice per month and lasts on average 2-3 days. Safety at sea depends on many issues, on the chosen boat, on the skipper experience, on the weather, and on all of them combined. But I would generally say that sailing on the Black Sea is more benign than crossing an ocean :)

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