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The Ball Family Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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LaVar, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo Ball go Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles, and talk about their $500 sneakers and Big Baller Brand. Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: https://goo.gl/43ac5w Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex http://instagram.com/complex https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (24096)
Cary (1 hour ago)
I couldn't afford nothing but my Mom and Dad worked the Magic moral of the story kids if you want 500$ sneakers ask Mom and Dad to "work some magic"
Ashley Domingo (7 hours ago)
How fukin insensitive bruh
Elizabeth Chu (8 hours ago)
Shoe shopping starts at 11:00
Christopher Rhinehart (11 hours ago)
And midway through the season bbb is dead
ShadowKillerXX5 xd (1 day ago)
Lavar is that one dude that hypes everyones
Luke Stasko (1 day ago)
Lavar says "you won't see me in Jordans"..... then walks out in Jordans
Mike Hunt (1 day ago)
This interview made me gain a lot of respect the interviewer
Sm00th Pursuit (1 day ago)
Can’t knock the hustle but I won’t be buying bbb or Jordan’s might come out with my own line too.
Sm00th Pursuit (1 day ago)
Shaq Attaq pumps
Sm00th Pursuit (1 day ago)
Reebok Frank Thomas tech 90
Sm00th Pursuit (1 day ago)
Ken Griffey Jr 96 freshwaters!
Sm00th Pursuit (1 day ago)
Talks shit about Jordon then looks at nothing but Jordan’s
Sm00th Pursuit (1 day ago)
Man idk what to think about this shit, mfs want to shit gold lol good luck with that seems way over hype imo
Thorston Booy (1 day ago)
Lavar tryin to compare himself to kanye😂😂😂
JJ Purifory (1 day ago)
At 11:00 anyone know the music? Trying to find it
Tanvi Gokhale (2 days ago)
Man I love The Jordan's but some of the Jordan signature shoes are a little ugly I ain't disrespecting him he is the Goat They are great but their look is ugly
Lizeika Lindo (2 days ago)
Lavar relly think8ng he can beat mj but he cant im not say9ng i can cause i cant im just saying
shayan jaweed (2 days ago)
Wezzy Pezzy2112 (2 days ago)
Is Joe la puma the owner of puma
Sea Cheese (3 days ago)
I found my shoes some nice LeBron 11 “what the LeBron”
Rohan George (3 days ago)
some call the asylum lavar ball need some
bikelife (3 days ago)
Liam Fredericksen (3 days ago)
Lamelo is so gay
WALKERROO (4 days ago)
Literally tries to shit talk Kanye west 🤦🏼‍♂️
Daren Rodgers (4 days ago)
Why would he still anyting
MaxV 856 (4 days ago)
More like the “fell off” family. Foh ball family bum ass niggas
Oscar Gonzalez (4 days ago)
The dad is a joke lmao
Yucky Shirt (4 days ago)
Lavar “these are no slip grip” They slide off😂
Peter Rim (5 days ago)
3:08 ok so he saying his shoes are Rolls Royce of shoes? hmm ok 5:00 A kid created it with no team a 19-year-old with whatever he likes, it's just stitchin and glue. Took just a few hours to design too like a kid just shrugs em off like ain't no thing. right sounds like the Rolls Royce of shoes. Yup. 7:43 did he just he can ball in those flip flops? Yeah... (Heavy foot but light on my feet? lol things idiots say) 8:39 success is whatever he feels like it's a success. So even if it's a major flop, he'll still feel like it was a success? lol 9:46 true true. but you're simply NOT THE RIGHT GUY LOL 10:00 woah "Simply 350" clearly it just shows how CLUELESS he is.... and that shoe RETAILS for $220 BUT RESALES FOR $1000-15000. YOUR SHOES RETAILS FOR $500 AND RESALES AT $1 THAT'S THE WHOLE POINT YOUR MISSING MR. CEO WANNABE IT'S NOT HOW MUCH VALUE YOU PUT ON YOUR SHOES TO JUSTIFY THE PRICE IS THE HOW THE MARKET JUSTIFIES THE PRICE YOU DUMBWIT! IT'S NOT THAT PEOPLE CAN'T AFFORD YOUR SHOES, THEY SIMPLE THINK IT'S WORTH $120 AT BEST YOU'RE ASKING $500 LOLOLOLOOOOOL PS u dropped 2gs? between 4 of ya'll that's what people normally spend by themselves on sneaker shopping with complex. Shop till you drop did you say? LOL please
TDS Tommy (5 days ago)
Boonk Gang
Kevin H (5 days ago)
Glad these kids made it but you gotta feel bad at the same time
Grayson-Reigns Daddy (5 days ago)
Why lavar legs look like a cowboy or someshii bleeh
Evan Miles (7 days ago)
Lamelo is objectively the strangest looking person on the planet
Stephen R (7 days ago)
Nic Crawford (7 days ago)
You can tell Joe doesn’t like Lavar he never snaps back at peoples answers like he does with him.
Lewis Core (8 days ago)
I have never wanted to fuck someone up more in my live
Lewis Core (8 days ago)
Your a CEO you have a shit business where you Rip loads of kids off
Grey_ Cloudzz (8 days ago)
ive watched this video many times but Joe seems annoyed af lowkey
Racks † (8 days ago)
No ones not gonna pay $495 for some ugly ass shoes
Mikledeepikle - (9 days ago)
He’s the kind of dad that would get pissed off at the reff, his kids would hate him but everyone else in the team would love him
Nick Whittington (9 days ago)
Bruh sal and joe from impractical jokers spent $3500... Big baller my ass😂😂😂
Hally Smith (10 days ago)
Low key this video was shady a little 😂😂
Docter Egg (10 days ago)
5:22 the future
Crystal Williams (10 days ago)
I really think Lonzo and Drake could be first cousins🤔💯 lol
SaucyOGray (10 days ago)
Did lavar really say he’s ready to hit the club???😂😂
Dave j (11 days ago)
Not even to me mean but them shoes are ugly
Adidas 123 (11 days ago)
The host don’t like lavar 😂😡
lil sponge (11 days ago)
Is lab at actually mental?no joke is he the dude is fairly dumb tbh
HaydenHafley75 (11 days ago)
zo's the only one smilin abt lavar goofin
xxx Dinomiteydl xxx (11 days ago)
Lamelo looks like a blood ion know why
CJ Vlogs (12 days ago)
Football messed this guys brain up the kids are doing there stuff he doing some next zombie walk and he doing some next dead donkey bird sound
Mxchaelfxscher (13 days ago)
I feel like they’re pressured when the talk because how little their dad lets them speak
Josue Arriaga (13 days ago)
Yo the dad Mad Annoying !! His kids way more Mature !! SMH
Alskshenwi (13 days ago)
Yeh this was painful
Jordan (14 days ago)
Lavar is pure cringe xD
Jordan (14 days ago)
BBB shoes are so ugly and overprized...
Martin Hernandez (14 days ago)
“Personally I’ll wear my own shoe.” -Lonzo Ball hahaha not anymore
Odhrán O'Donnell VEVO (14 days ago)
William de Murney (15 days ago)
BBB full of 🐍s.
Dearcey Brown (15 days ago)
They all have long heads
Caelyn Allman (15 days ago)
The BBB shoes are really bad imo 🤣
WALTER THORPE (15 days ago)
aaaaannddddddddddddddddddd lonzo signs with nike
Nikola Jančić (16 days ago)
Yo where is LiDicky Ball
Rey Vazquez (16 days ago)
Joe look pissed😂😂😂
I got a heavy foot but I'm light on my feet HEADASS🤣
Justin beall (16 days ago)
SyIR iiX (16 days ago)
Melo a fool
thatboy 17 (17 days ago)
Why isn’t lidicky there
Oskar Kantanen (17 days ago)
The only black dad thats always around
Keyshawn Robb (17 days ago)
I feel bad for his other kids he keeps saying lonzo and the boys
JUNEBUG Jr (18 days ago)
lonzo shoe is ugly asl
Santiago Gzz (18 days ago)
Lavar wants to fight with joe
Adarsh J George (18 days ago)
The dad is such a dickstain
Landon 99 (18 days ago)
Joe and Sal bought more shoes than them.
Kyle Rada (18 days ago)
Berr berrr
Jcanuck 76 (19 days ago)
Go sneaker shopping with Zion Williamson
Albert Hjdksk (19 days ago)
I scrolled down knowing they were gonna be talking bout lavar he is kinda of like annoying in a way old man kind of obsessed with the wealth he acts like he’s the shit I don’t really like this man 🤣
Eric Farmer (20 days ago)
Those foams that lemelo had were ugly
Andrew DeCarles (20 days ago)
Bet you’ll see him in Jordan’s now with bbb going down after losing all that money
Truman Raher (20 days ago)
Anyone realize it was sunny out when they came and when they were shopping it was night lol
SafeNugget lol (20 days ago)
Lamely said 1 sentence the whole time
Griffin Wright (21 days ago)
This dad just to much ...
Sorry No More Bananas (21 days ago)
Who’s here after BBB died?
Valery Cruz (21 days ago)
“A shoe is a shoe it ain’t a big deal.” Then why the fuck is it 500 dollars if it’s not a big deal and just “stitch and glue”
Julez Verne (21 days ago)
It's sad to see how BBB turned out. Lonzo did the right thing. There is no deeper feeling of betrayal than when it comes from those close to you.
Matthew Keller (22 days ago)
Where’s lil dicky
Dark Matter (22 days ago)
This video is almost 13 minutes long because pops talk too much. #stfu
Ashish K7 (22 days ago)
This episode is 4-20 .. makes sense now ?
Dane Hartmann (22 days ago)
You can play ball in them. But only 2.2 points
Lunar Eclipse (22 days ago)
Where lildicky at?
Clash Bros (23 days ago)
People say lavar is this and that and all talk but at the end of the day you have to realize his sons were one of the most dominant high school teams of they’re time, Lonzo is in the nba, BBB products were bought, he organized his own league for melo and gelo, melo is in spire and back in school doing work if I had to say he came out with the W
T2 Marshall (23 days ago)
Retarded ass bird walk
AJ (23 days ago)
What an animal Lavar is. Absolute chimp.
Kyle Aquino (24 days ago)
Lavar only argues for a living
MagicMan - (24 days ago)
LiAngelo doin some window shopping : damn! That shoe is nice! Im gonna steal that .
Big Dicholas (24 days ago)
Work on some better, more relevant jokes next time.
The real Coup (24 days ago)
I could just punch lavar in the face
jeff data (24 days ago)
there is just something i hate about the ball family
Nebiyou Daniel (24 days ago)
Anybody here after Lonzo and The Big Baller Brand Breakup
Lyle Hollohan (1 day ago)
There was no brand from the beginning just lonzos money sitting in a bank account lmao and Lavar probably fucked up London from getting a 50mill endorsement deal
Jermaine R (2 days ago)
Volardragon 77 (22 days ago)
Me yo
Earthguy88 (24 days ago)
What does it take to make melo smile 😂
Brúnó Tálos (25 days ago)
LaVar has no respect towards other people and It’s really anoying
Adrian Canez (25 days ago)
Where in the he thought you could ball in slodes🤣🤣🤣🤣
Andrew Carfora (25 days ago)
Where is lil dicky
Brandon Louis Mateo (25 days ago)
10:44. When you try to imitate good rappers and realize you can't

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