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The Ball Family Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

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LaVar, Lonzo, LiAngelo, and LaMelo Ball go Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Flight Club in Los Angeles, and talk about their $500 sneakers and Big Baller Brand. Subscribe to Complex on YouTube: https://goo.gl/43ac5w Check out more of Complex here: http://www.complex.com https://twitter.com/Complex https://www.facebook.com/complex http://instagram.com/complex https://plus.google.com/+complex/ COMPLEX is a community of creators and curators, armed with the Internet, committed to surfacing and sharing the voices and conversations that define our new America. Our videos exemplify convergence culture, exploring topics that include music, sneakers, style, sports and pop culture through original shows and Complex News segments. Featuring your favorite celebrities, authoritative commentary, and a unique voice, our videos make culture pop.
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Text Comments (23152)
Zak New (2 hours ago)
But he is selling them for 220, and then other people buy them for 1500, you selling yours for 550 and why
Zak New (2 hours ago)
Tbh I forgot gelo existed
Davielle Blakeney (8 hours ago)
Davielle Blakeney (8 hours ago)
gelo, and melo only said one thing
CntryWtbk14 (11 hours ago)
The kids seem coo but pops seems like the asshole that think he never wrong
worriedfour 7879 (16 hours ago)
I which I was rich
Davielle Blakeney (8 hours ago)
u are in ur heart and may god bless u and everybody in this world and i hope u reach ur dream
Myles Fournier (1 day ago)
Lavar make me cringe so hard 😂🤑😂
Philip Okala (1 day ago)
Them shits look like timber foams
Ricardo Hernandez (1 day ago)
Where’s the mom????
Ricardo Hernandez (2 hours ago)
Davielle Blakeney No, i wish. I only have shooters
Davielle Blakeney (2 hours ago)
+Ricardo Hernandez im a boy on my sister account you got 2k19
Ricardo Hernandez (3 hours ago)
Davielle Blakeney Yea i have a PS4. Mine is a Vader one
Davielle Blakeney (3 hours ago)
+Ricardo Hernandez you got a PS4??
Davielle Blakeney (3 hours ago)
+Ricardo Hernandez u straight bro
Mark Njombo (1 day ago)
Joe obviously doesn’t like Lavar😂
Davielle Blakeney (8 hours ago)
fo real u lit god bless u
Ksd Chatty (1 day ago)
lil mosey sneacker shopping
Drew Bright (1 day ago)
10:45 this nigga bopped
AbbeyDoesGaming (2 days ago)
Joe getting pissed off at Lavar 😂😂
Vishaal Venugopal (2 days ago)
leyangelo prolly wants to go back in time now huh
Davielle Blakeney (7 hours ago)
+Vishaal Venugopal who is shannon sharpe
Vishaal Venugopal (7 hours ago)
Davielle Blakeney omg I’m mocking Shannon sharpe
Davielle Blakeney (8 hours ago)
u spelled his name so wrong its liangelo
Cielo McClain (2 days ago)
Those yeas are fake
Davielle Blakeney (8 hours ago)
no thy not jhit
Mr. W (2 days ago)
Who wears there sneakers but them...?
Linford Gaw (2 days ago)
I only clicked on this video just to hear his irritating voice.
Joseph Monge (2 days ago)
The letters
Aljohara Alsaud (3 days ago)
Why not the smith fam
Sympathisch TV (3 days ago)
Lavar is the cringe in person
xxxtentacion #1fan (3 days ago)
LavarBall is fucking crazy, he's just like kanye
Tanishq Mahajan (3 days ago)
Lavar goes shopping with Dj Khaled, that would be epic!
Spector (4 days ago)
Joe is the true OG he even called out lavar
Plrk just (4 days ago)
Lonzo is ass
Lurk God (5 days ago)
This nigga Gelo got some teams this nigga gelo is ASS
Simion Nicolae Truta (5 days ago)
The guy in white jumper saying during the game in the court you can't get a new pair...ofcourse you can the club has in stock at least one size for each player...
Synth DK (5 days ago)
I like how melo just stands there in the background playing with his ball not saying shit
Juicy Pair (5 days ago)
I can tell that the host doesn’t like lavar😂
Redd Gaming (5 days ago)
Lavar - the black dad that around too much.
Shane Vlogs (6 days ago)
Slides are so over priced
Rio Archer (6 days ago)
Mans sliders are more than Gucci slides🤯💀
Hi Chew (6 days ago)
Look at the money you pay 💰in flight club that’s what you get for scamming us with your 500$ shoe 👞 old man 👴 get dunk ☄️
Mt laee (6 days ago)
It was happen when you buy a shoes with ur dad
patheorics (6 days ago)
what a weird dad, no offense
isaac simon (6 days ago)
Lavar is loud as monkey at party
Crazy Kidd05 (6 days ago)
"i can't wait to hit the club in these" 3 seconds later "sams club" i freaking lost it😂😂😂😂😂
Michael McAuley (7 days ago)
They’re so ugly ahahaha
Pocket Monkey (7 days ago)
1:41 *kids walk normally Lavar- does some sort of demented chicken waddle
N20Stagg12 (7 days ago)
how can you possibly like Lavar Ball
B R (5 days ago)
N20Stagg12 How can you not?
Cheif Exploration (7 days ago)
how much for your shoes
Logan Summers (7 days ago)
12 minutes and 41 seconds of lavar arguing or talking about him self
Sawyer Thordsen (7 days ago)
The brothers just sat there while they fought the entire time
Adam Buschert (7 days ago)
The dad is soooo goofy🤣🤣
Jewell Wright (8 days ago)
LAVAR: "you will never see me in Jordans" 11:20😒😒😒
Zakaria George (8 days ago)
Lavar ain’t got shit on Ye, lavar in general is annoying af
xXkingrussiaXx (8 days ago)
God there so annoying this is why you shouldn’t let money control your life because you turn into an idiot
JOSELITO Delatejera (8 days ago)
Fuking clown 🤡
Maximilan Nagl (8 days ago)
Cakes Fuelds (9 days ago)
buy some little posite
Troll Master (9 days ago)
Where is lildicky
Charles Victoria (9 days ago)
The sons seem well media trained. The dad—— ...the sons seem well media trained
joss b (9 days ago)
intro song name?
Dave East (9 days ago)
Overrated overrated overrated
Dale George (9 days ago)
Kanya is also an investor and owns many companies he ain’t just a singer
zcke 38 g (10 days ago)
now some yeezys are under retail
Xiaodi Chong (10 days ago)
Man put those back, they are trash.
boy awesome (10 days ago)
What’s the name of the song that starts at 3:57
Kartik Krishnan (10 days ago)
What’s that track at the beginning of the video ?
Jacob Frankel (10 days ago)
Biggest fool on this planet after Donald Trump
no one (10 days ago)
Look at LaVar hating on Kanye
Fall (10 days ago)
11:17 lonzo hahaha
Jun Shin (11 days ago)
where is bbb now lol
B R (10 days ago)
Jun Shin Lol.
Fin nn (11 days ago)
Lol legit only thing I've learnt from Lavar ball is that you can't win a argument with him, he always win
tanix (11 days ago)
lavar is fuckin sped thats got no clue on what hes talkin bout
Ultra Instinct Trinton (11 days ago)
Lavar is so annoying😂
Luis Sanchez (12 days ago)
I feel old. This came out when I was a senior and now I'm a sophomore in college.
Steven Vera (12 days ago)
who the fuck are these people lolll
F.U.S.E (12 days ago)
does anyone know where i can get that beat at 10:59 ?? shit has a fire melody in it
Frio (12 days ago)
You ever see atop comment and think I should have said that
Chris Sinner (13 days ago)
7:17 what is the instrumental name ?
Zing Official (13 days ago)
2.2 pg btw
Team Alpha (13 days ago)
Wtf! Lavar is buying Jordans to hit Sam's Club?
B R (13 days ago)
Guess so lol.
Butter x Msp (13 days ago)
when you order so much shit the tax is 200$
Jeremy Sailors (13 days ago)
His dad always puts himself in front of his son, he's really like a hanger on. Needs to let his son do his thing and get out from in front the camera..........
Jeremy Sailors (13 days ago)
Ball Sr is a HUUUUGGGE prick. That kids lucky the president intervened when he got stealing shit in China. Idk what they do with theifs there I'm sure it's worse than here. Dude couldn't even thank his ass........ SMH
diar akram (14 days ago)
Complex ur ass and got no respect
Sean Gamboa (14 days ago)
Their names starts with "L"
ShistuJr (15 days ago)
99 percent of the shoes are literally Jordan’s
Eddie Electrix (15 days ago)
10:28 I can sing and bring out a shoe one major problem tho he can’t sing and lonzo thinks so too lmao Lavar is a big joke
Shadiq Daffa Amjad (15 days ago)
Lavar over act
B R (13 days ago)
Havent heard from Lavar Ball in quite some time now.
Mohammad Faïz (15 days ago)
Epic Dad!! But his son with the noddle hair is weird.
Danish AK (15 days ago)
Shut up lavar. Cocky old man. There's so many things that are so dumb and wrong in this video it's actually insane.
Xpmett (15 days ago)
This dad is ridiculous, let your kids talk fuck.
Adam Darling (15 days ago)
Lavar is the dumbest person ever
B R (13 days ago)
I take it that you don`t follow up on alot of people on social media.
trickzxc ‘ (15 days ago)
0:41 only real hoopers get why it’s funny
Tια (16 days ago)
They all have something in common, there legs all look like twigs 🤢
Tια (12 days ago)
Guessing your a twig leg too 🤢 don't talk to me.
K - Southampton (12 days ago)
U laughed at ur own comment
Tια (16 days ago)
Dillon Shanks (16 days ago)
0:33 who's mans😂😂
Kip Oblion (16 days ago)
There all braindead.
StonnedLuizz (16 days ago)
He an ass hole lmao I unsubscribe
Asap (16 days ago)
That moment my shoe size is the same as lonzo
Cassius Felix (16 days ago)
All the ball boys are good
xHOLLOWx GG (16 days ago)
Instrumental of minute 11:00
christian mccallister (16 days ago)
Lavar you suck dick like your son lonzo
Oliver S (16 days ago)
Lavar got like them Psychopath crazy PCP eyes X crackhead teeth collab face.
shaneth138 (17 days ago)
Lavar: My shoes are like a Rolls Royce Also Lavar: All shoes are is glue and stitches, we didn't put any science into it. Lonzo: It didn't take long to design. Like 3 or 4 hours. Lavar: The Rolls Royce of shoes right there.
JTGaming YT (17 days ago)
Lavar walks like crazy stupid guy
sooper_goof (17 days ago)
Lavar kinda exposed Joe... multiple times
TY LAWRENCE (18 days ago)
why is lavar walking all weird and who takes a basketball sneaker shoppin
Kay B (18 days ago)
LaVar Ball Goes Sneaker Shopping...His Kids Drive Him There

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