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To Sail a Darkling Sea Sky Black Tide Rising 2 by John Ringo Part 1

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Crazed Chloe (5 months ago)
As a women, I have a womens perspective and most people are more practical than this. Dresses no way. Has this author ever met a women. Women are people just like men, but without the dangling parts. Some stupid, some not. So insulting!
Crazed Chloe (3 months ago)
+jarheadzader I think metaphor is the wrong word. I think he should have had them save something with meaning, like a famous work of literature or art. Not pretty dresses which perpetuates The Stereotype that women only care about their appearance and women empty handedness. And that's just one the examples of how this man feels about women. Not to mention how he thinks it's a life-threatening condition when men are unable to perform coitus. Don't get me wrong there are decent Parts in the books, yes I listen to a few of them. The daughters are pretty amazing as is the father. Just Ruffles my feathers about how he talks about women sometimes.
jarheadzader (3 months ago)
The dress story is a metaphor. It's there to make a point about preserving humanity. Ringo isn't trying to insult women. The fact of two of the main characters are female kinda shows that.
Jared Shaw (3 months ago)
He's not the best author in the world, but Faith and Sophia are good role models for young girls. Strong and Smart and Sensitive. Edit: Although they should be told that this book isn't realistic. A 13 year old girl beating up multiple grown men, zombie or not. They shouldn't go around thinking they are invincible, no one should.
John Frickstad (6 months ago)
Enjoying the End of the World. Also, Faith might agree: Overkill is underrated!
Carl Franz (4 months ago)
"A good plan violently executed now is better than a perfect plan executed next week." - George S. Patton
Erasmus the blasphemous (7 months ago)
Wow a goodin
Hengebobs (9 months ago)
Mostly the guy doing the reading is excellent, but he tends to spell out the acronyms instead of reading them as words as military people generally would. The only grating mispronunciation I noticed was "literal clearance system" is in the text "littoral clearance systems".
Secret Personality (11 months ago)
You know, if you can't bite through it, a Zombie can't bite through it and neither can the living/walking dead. Any injury that renders a person unable to walk, like cutting the back of the ankles will work the same on them.

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