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HTML and CSS Tutorial 12 : Stylizing Text font face, family, style, and size

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Chana Do (4 years ago)
Chana Do (4 years ago)
good,so berief。
Evgeny (4 years ago)
love the tutorials man! i came up with a problem while putting the custom font i entered this as you did: @font-face{     font-family: typoster;     src: url(/fonts/Typoster.otf); } h1, h2 {     font-family: typoster; } but nothing changes, i have tried with other font with the same result, what can be the problem?
teenferne (4 years ago)
Hey Travis, to add a second custom font would you have to create another "@font-face" ?
SvenVen (4 years ago)
Yes! Yes you do :)
GobblowGalaxyGamer (4 years ago)
Yo Travis, I appreciated it if you check out my comment in Java Game Applet tutorial 2.15.
IshvaraBL (4 years ago)
Its supposed to be called Tutorial 12 not 11. LOL

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