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Zwei Freundinnen im Matsch

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Elena and her friend Margaret had a rest near the lake. Girls took a boom box, turned on music and decided to dance. During the dance, girlfriends did not notice how they found themselves in a big mud puddle, first feet and jeans bottom got wet. Sneakers were filled with dirty water, at a moment feet in socks soaked, socks changed its color from white to brown. Without thinking girl sat straight in a puddle, had some heating drink and continued to fool around, smearing each others with stick dirt and splashing dirty water, and of course continued their dirty dancing sitting in a puddle. Then the girlfriends took off their shoes, staying in dirty white socks, poured mud from shoes to each others, stood up and gave us one more dance on wet marshy ground and in the puddle. Having danced enough and getting a little tired, Elena and Margaret left the puddle and went to the lake shore to swim and to wash. Girls climbed into the lake on all fours, making clean clear water muddy by the way. Then they played around and washed themselves from the mud. Wonderful dirty asses in wet jeans gradually changed its color from brown to blue, but white wet T-shirts kept dirty tracks and clinged nicely to young sexy bodies of our girls http://www.waminstyle.com/store/storesets/?page=3
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Leonard Demchak (7 months ago)
Absolutely Excellent...Im a male that likes to crossdress in Girls outfits Saturdays at Century III Mall near Pittsburgh...I would love to have you girls tie me up in my outfit and get me all muddy in the woods next to the mall...I would just love it...or even any other girls that look as good as you and would like to get me all muddy

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