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Lauren Davidson - Pouring Rain At Magic City Live (Original)

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We had the amazing chance to catch Lauren Davidson as she passed by Miami on her tour! Pouring Rain, a timeless country ballad, was written by Lauren and her father, country songwriter Danny Davidson. Shes a Urban Country singer on her way to the top and we couldn't be happier to have her join us on Magic City Live. Subscribe to Pagoda Media! Check out Lauren Davidson here! IG: @laurendavidsonmusic FB: facebook.com/laurendavidsonmusic ** About Pagoda Media ** Pagoda Media is a discovery platform for musicians to get in touch with the fans and artist who want to grow. If you are interested in working with us let us know! Credits: Director of photography : Andres Delgado Recording engineer : Freddy Sang Mixing Engineer : Adriano Sang Video Post Production : Andres Delgado Created & Produced by Pagoda Media Music by : Lauren Davidson
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Text Comments (7)
Jenny D (7 days ago)
Awesome song and Beautiful voice! 🌹
Pagoda Media (7 days ago)
Jenny D thanks!!
Robin Angel (1 month ago)
Sounding great, love the song.
Pagoda Media (1 month ago)
Thanks Robin!
Pagoda Media (1 month ago)
Robin Angel thank you!!
Cristian Castro (1 month ago)
Amazing!! Thank you guys! 🤘🤘
Pagoda Media (1 month ago)
Thanks Cristian!!

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