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Top 10 Best Basketball Signature Sneaker Logos of ALL-TIME

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Help me reach 60K Subscribers! ▶︎ http://bit.ly/2a34GP7 ▶︎ The Gear I Used to Film this Video: https://kit.com/JAHRONMON/home-studio... Use JAHRON10 and get 10% off on your custom hoodie order at https://www.hoodbeast.com/. Whats up guys! Today, we're going to be doing a list of the Top 10 BEST Signature Sneaker Logos of ALL-TIME! This list will only include signature logos from basketball players like LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Stephen Curry, and Kyrie Irving. Let me know what you think about my list and be sure to share your top 10 list with me in the comments section below! UA Curry 4 Performance Review: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rEGHtpnrGV8&t=236s Giannis Antetokounmpo Nike Signature Sneaker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5Y3th... Are These The Nike PG 2's?: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=78H10... Twitter: https://twitter.com/JAHRONMON Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/jahronmon/?..
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Text Comments (2986)
Tre Aka9000 (11 months ago)
penny hardway shoes look like the Cleveland Cavaliers logo
Giovani Ramirez (9 days ago)
Rosetta Washington (18 days ago)
Because that is the Cavaliers shoe
Jonzki Macau (1 month ago)
You said it right bro!
Senpai City (2 months ago)
I thought it was Carter's logo
BomB_ PREZZ (2 months ago)
Lol I thought it was 😂😅
Dalton De Leon (17 hours ago)
1. Kobe 2. Kobe 3. Kobe 4. Kobe 5. Kobe 6. Kobe 7. Kobe 8. Kobe 9. Kobe 10. Kobe
Jacob Luto (1 day ago)
D rose for sure
ed stephens (1 day ago)
Said lillard is his fav player, then says hes loyal to oakland😅
Darion Perry (2 days ago)
Kylie’s is the best logo
Juaquin 1824 (2 days ago)
Solis Toys R Toys (2 days ago)
Jump logo must be some where higher
Wingnut & Earl (3 days ago)
Shirt is sick
Xednosyaj Amis (4 days ago)
Kobe's logo is just reversed Jordan logo rofl
Daniel Johnson (5 days ago)
Yo what about Donovan Mitchell’s new logo with adidas representing Spida Mitchell and has a hidden basketball inside?? Love my man D. O. N.!!!!!
Rita Sunar (7 days ago)
Where the hell is the best player logo?...I mean king LeBron James at least deserve the second spot in the list bruh.
avizcarrav (10 days ago)
1. BBB 2. Jordan 3. Kobe 4. All others
Tyson Wright1 (10 days ago)
Wow no Carmelo Anthony. His logo is dope. His shoes aren’t the best but logo in top 10 for sure
xlilace14x (11 days ago)
Why you got LeBron of the Knigge where LeBron James it
xlilace14x (11 days ago)
Watch your hand movements lil nigga stop throwing that shit up
Alayna Lagemann (11 days ago)
My mom got me some joggers one day and she came up to me and said look at this cool basketball player logo on the pants and I busted out laughing and had to explain to her that it was MJ'S logo
Rodney Abney (12 days ago)
short lived but I always loved C Webb's Nike Logo
Kevinalanes Vash (13 days ago)
Idiot!!! Jordan logo is great!!!! .
xlnt2new (13 days ago)
DRose, T-Mac and Jumpman at the top
Warren Luke Naidu (13 days ago)
Get the fuck outta here bro 😂🤣the jump man is the best logo of all time....you said it wouldn't look good on the side of a sneaker but neither will k.b's logo
Ali A (14 days ago)
1 Kyrie 2 d rose 3 one cent penny 4 kobe 5 lebron 6 jordan 7 damian lillard 8 paul george
Saint Rick (14 days ago)
jumpman is the BEST
CHRIS PROUT (15 days ago)
Dame's logo also has his initials
Deiago Shaw (15 days ago)
I'm I the only one Who gets the feeling that the NBA is on a trend to eclipse the NFL as the number Sport in the US.#NBA#baller
Alex Orji (16 days ago)
wheres lebron???
abakar nziengui (16 days ago)
1.Jumpman 2.Derrick Rose 3.Tmac 4.Dame 5.Kobe
Akhilesh Ganapathyraju (17 days ago)
Lebron’s logo?
Deontaye Bryan (17 days ago)
5:03 OAKLAND???
Kelli Kels (17 days ago)
That Melo logo 🔥🔥🔥
sunday sabado (17 days ago)
Thats y u put kobe on top ur a fan of kobe
Marc Cabo (17 days ago)
Putang ina mo ka nice
Ńöäh Š (17 days ago)
Probably PG
ijayjayi 13 (18 days ago)
Rosetta Washington (18 days ago)
1. Irving 2. Jordan 3. James 4. George 5. Kobe
Mario Badua (18 days ago)
Still jordan
Damoni Sims (19 days ago)
So Allen Iverson don't make this list smh
angel max (20 days ago)
Jump man not number 1 I'm out.
Adventurer20 (20 days ago)
8:11 seath? *sheath, pronounce the h, and also a sheath is a sword holder
static1217 (21 days ago)
Sorry but couldn't take this bs list serious with Klay [email protected] 10 smh
Lucas Rogers (21 days ago)
Why isn't Russ on there it may have his name but there still better then t-macs whack shoes
Alan Esclamado (21 days ago)
I thihk "Jordan" Silhouette...is #1
Julian Delgadillo (22 days ago)
Curry 4 sure sc and 30 at the same time
Chio Anisco (22 days ago)
1.)Lebron 2.)james 3.)#23 4.)#6 5.)The King
jasontodd2024 (23 days ago)
Brian Vargas (23 days ago)
William Nilges (23 days ago)
H Λ Я Я I S (23 days ago)
Giannis needs one
Vince Vicente (13 days ago)
He already has one. Google 'Greek Freak 1 Leaks' its gonna be released his year.
Blackheart_Games (23 days ago)
Kobe's looks like something out of the Destiny game
Z Ray (23 days ago)
Damian lillards logo is a copy of dalas fule from the overwhatch legue
Z Ray (23 days ago)
Andraeck Dalogdog (23 days ago)
Carlos Canelos (24 days ago)
Where is lebrons logo
Josh Muhlestein (24 days ago)
I think either Kyrie or Jordan has the best logo
Mehfooz Azam (24 days ago)
张骏 (24 days ago)
Gerardo Telomico (25 days ago)
No Lebron???
CutiePrincess 666 (25 days ago)
Kyrie’s logo should’ve been in-front of the Jordan logo
Ahmed Abdelhady (25 days ago)
You are an idiot
Mobbe Official (25 days ago)
Kobe logo isn’t that good, don’t @ me
Cesar Antonio (26 days ago)
Nice vid. But you don’t like logos incorporating player initials yet more than half of the logos featured (Klay Thomson, Derrick Rose, Damian Lillard, TMac, Kyrie Irving, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George) do just that. 🤷🏽‍♂️
Eddy Alfa (26 days ago)
This guy sucks cuz he isnt knowledgable about designs and logos, he is just going off of feelings
Eddy Alfa (26 days ago)
If u take away the player, the logos are not good like Tray M and Klay
Eddy Alfa (26 days ago)
Klay logo looks hella ugly and forced
Shadowz Gamez (26 days ago)
Wht about harden
awesomegaming 9423 (26 days ago)
He's wairing a nba shirt
Bryan Heredia (27 days ago)
Did he not notice that the damian lillard logo does have his initials
roblox gamer (27 days ago)
Hyper dunk
Romaida Mirano (28 days ago)
1kyrie 2 kobe 3 paul george
Emily Herrera (28 days ago)
Jordan’s number 1 period
Genesis Revelation (28 days ago)
Shaq 😂
ZrYdEr gO (28 days ago)
He said oakland it's Portland
charisse moline (30 days ago)
oh i like kobe bryant
Fhs.student (30 days ago)
Take klay off and put Lebron or harden on their
Talha Munir (30 days ago)
Kawhi Leonard's logo is the best
Mohammed Almoti (30 days ago)
1. Air Jordan 2.Kobe 3.Melo
Luka Dončić (30 days ago)
Where is james harden
Victor Sampson (1 month ago)
The pg's
•xXLuksoneyeXx • (1 month ago)
Hes a fan of kobe thats why no1 is kobes
Rickey Young (1 month ago)
Lebron has the best logo to me. Btw I’m a Kobe fan. Not riding nobody
Leonardo813111 (1 month ago)
Hateful you idol
Leonardo813111 (1 month ago)
It’s not jump man.It is air jordan
Zachary Vandal (1 month ago)
I like curry's logo because the 30 and the S.C are so well blended together
Tausif Hossain (1 month ago)
wtf...Where is james's and curry's logos discussion? 😂
audination (1 month ago)
Lawaski Chisolm (1 month ago)
Love the Black Mamba Tshirt
Joel Osic (1 month ago)
kyrie irving
Go Bucs (1 month ago)
1. Jumpman 2. TMac 3. Penny
GMS Hobbies (1 month ago)
Stephen Curry is the best logo in the league
WWFAttitudeEraFreak (1 month ago)
Jordan hands down
deshaun reeves (1 month ago)
So we just gon forget about A.I. Sneaker logo
Lyle Castillo (1 month ago)
1.)Kyrie 2.)D Rose 3.)Lebron 4.)Curry 5.)Kobe 6.)Jordan
Qb (7 days ago)
Curry logo over kobe?damn..
Russel NGO (12 days ago)
Lyle Castillo u
Lyle Castillo (30 days ago)
Fhs.student no Im not a freakin warriors fan bruh Ive been siding with whatever team they are playing...I dont hate them but Im also not a fan...sight the difference bruh
Fhs.student (30 days ago)
Lyle Castillo ur a warriors fan huh 😂 it’s funny cause u put curry at #4 and he don’t have a logo it’s literally his initials sc
Zic Manalo (1 month ago)
D-rose is the best. The letter D means his Firstname and the image of rose represent his last name. 👌👍
marcus (1 month ago)
either kobe or kawhi leonard
Julz Valenzuela (1 month ago)
King James is the best! 💪👑
AL DR EY (1 month ago)
So illuminati confirmed *Haha
RiDgy Gaming (1 month ago)
5:13 you say Oakland? Or Portland?
TSM_SAVAGE_2 sh (1 month ago)
Instead of mj it should be Curry's 30 or sc
sabor sabian (1 month ago)
nice kobe shirt my boi
savage goon (1 month ago)
This moron needs some milk

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