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Top 10 FUNNIEST Auditions Britain's Got Talent 2016 (Try NOT TO LAUGH!)

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Text Comments (10593)
Jiusonium (6 hours ago)
So many wet seats in the house, when that hunk started doing his act
Nitzniet (8 hours ago)
Its just me or he looks like cassie from skins
Trag Lùn (13 hours ago)
vietsub, please......................
Vera Al Aawar (23 hours ago)
David: he stands up starts clapping then he says its a yes from me!! Me: hahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahahahqhahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahaha NO WAY LOOOOoOOOOOOOOL!!!!!!
Lanie Soriano (23 hours ago)
David you're so funny.. lots of laugh🤣🤣🤣🤣
Raza Noman (1 day ago)
MOBILE LEGEND 90 (1 day ago)
That thumbnail though
You know its crap if david buzzers
Xperia Aqua (1 day ago)
I like David 😍😍
Jasna Jardas (1 day ago)
I enjoy looking at public and judge's too and 😂🤣😂🤣
bLaCk KIB (2 days ago)
Did anyone notice Simon lip sync 6:49?
felipeTM origens (2 days ago)
Tente n rir n entendi nd N tem legenda
Miryam Barz (2 days ago)
Ich find den Supermann einfach Toll :)
Joyce Heloisa Reis (2 days ago)
Algum brasileiro??? Aqui???!!!!
Imyushaihai Yus (2 days ago)
Not to lough see to David.hahaha
Leon Lykos (3 days ago)
the sixth and seventh acts were just cringe
David Ciulla (3 days ago)
The belly dancers were just gross...
TheCentaury (3 days ago)
19:07 he farted :D
Snow Fang (3 days ago)
Yes the not saying you’re name guy again yes
Snow Fang (3 days ago)
Lol a yes with out doing anything wow good start
Snow Fang (3 days ago)
I like it when he gets his shoe off to do it and it works lol
Snow Fang (3 days ago)
Wow i laughed I failed hahahahaah I’m laughing so hard help heheh
Earth in a box (3 days ago)
Was I the only one who thought that Simon looked jealous when David was hitting on Saulo? (aka hot guy with a jacket and no shirt) Made me laugh so hard!! 😂
Elli loves pizza (3 days ago)
what about daliso chaponda?
xxsnowyxx (3 days ago)
Simon looks jealous at Saulo 😂😂
Risma Silaban (3 days ago)
Projapoti Mikoto (3 days ago)
simon looked jealous when david was paying more attention to saulo
Smash Bash (3 days ago)
I was good until “WHATS YOUR NAME??!!?” Omg 😂😂😂😂
Daniella Bondo (4 days ago)
3:05 that face tho
berisa ibrahim (4 days ago)
berisa ibrahim (4 days ago)
Soriyah Stroman (4 days ago)
Who else loves the backstage guys
müşü teda (4 days ago)
türkçe çeviriyi kim yaptı
Kayle Brodie Wilson (4 days ago)
This is really funny😋
#melody plays (4 days ago)
Okay so simon was angry bec. He did not say his name. Simon:😡 Alesha:im gonna change my mind please remove my X. Simon:😲 David and amanda were enjoying and also alesha. Soooo this is simon at the end.... 😡😲😒😤
Kate Meadows (5 days ago)
just for Laughter (6 days ago)
The guy who wearing yellow was rude . N not funny
Tayla Parker (6 days ago)
Did that granny give David the idea for his book lol
Elwina Riklon (6 days ago)
Even old people love this song
Mickey Rorschach (6 days ago)
Saulo... I need water! 🙈
Raf Tea (6 days ago)
Simon startd looking like a fu..ng grandpa
Raman Deep (6 days ago)
Whats your name?
yusuf tuna yalçın (6 days ago)
Türkçe altyazı gerçekten kötü kendimi komik sanıyor ama değil ...
HUGE WRONG (6 days ago)
who's watching this in 2034
Alan Crack (6 days ago)
No entendi ni vergas no se ingles
chompi pro (7 days ago)
I'm from canary islands too
Akash Sarkar (7 days ago)
19:58 who was he ?
Milorad Delevic (7 days ago)
1:55 Amanda's laugh is so weird.:-)
Harold G. (7 days ago)
these are not funny but just terrible ...
DayandrAlejandra (7 days ago)
Laura Tironi (7 days ago)
Solo io penso che le traduzioni facciano schifo?
DVWSON WVSS3R (7 days ago)
23:20 whats the name of the song that starts playing. Ive heard it before dont remember where. Very catchy
Zønə 038 (7 days ago)
Lmao i die
Johannah Stahl (7 days ago)
6:45 hey hey he's my so stop biting ur lips
Johannah Stahl (7 days ago)
4:35 it's a yes for me also love David lol
Johannah Stahl (7 days ago)
4:05 lmao I never laughed so hard
That One Shipper (7 days ago)
6:10 up high pole dancing
رورو ماجيك (8 days ago)
Simon lol😂😂😂😂😂😂
luis valle (8 days ago)
I may get shitted on but..... doesn’t Richard Bayton remind anyone of Big Gay Al from South Park or is it just me
郑准 (8 days ago)
Richard: Oh don't you dare look back, just keep your eyes on me Me: Yea, Simon!
yyou nooooooooooooooot funnnyyhhy 😠
Rny Sdy (8 days ago)
Idiota escreve em português mas o vídeo está sem legenda
Alexander Kroes (8 days ago)
Alesha is...so a hot sweet thing 😍😋
bébert land (8 days ago)
Try NOT TO LAUGH! nnoo!!! 😂
Kelsey Johnson (8 days ago)
13:05 ; 12:41 stop showing his face ( Simon ) OMG
NyanNyan 88 (8 days ago)
“Thank you for making me sound so sexy” LMAO I DIED
David is gay?
no he has wife
Abhin das.s (8 days ago)
6:45 girl's lip bite 😂
Piggie_ Gaming (8 days ago)
David:Whats your name? Whats your name? Whats your name! WHATS YOHR NAME!
Evita Puja (8 days ago)
Indonesia subtitle not working
Jeanique Isabella (9 days ago)
4:41 he gets a yes for nothing
Mina Yamni (9 days ago)
Soooo funny 😂👍... peace from Belgium 🇧🇪 we have the Same show and its not funny like that!
Sibo M (9 days ago)
He is very hot ended
Mahesh Walatara (9 days ago)
Video not loading after the middle.
Rhythmic Heights (2 days ago)
That girl's lips reaction In 6:45....... she's into him
Alan Daniels (9 days ago)
Was easy NOT to laugh because NOT one of them were remotely funny.
sweet november85 (9 days ago)
Who loves David... I do
sweet november85 (9 days ago)
Vitaly is so funny
Drea Molina (9 days ago)
Saulo is gorgeous omg come here lol
Faith Ramirez (9 days ago)
I’m feeling good ;)
Bruno Fonseca (10 days ago)
Whats is song in the 21:28?
Ju lia (10 days ago)
Simon got gay in this hahaha
shanae alexandra (10 days ago)
They just be letting anyone join X factor
Party Poison (10 days ago)
24:53 Gordon Ramsay, easy.
Mr. G 717 (10 days ago)
19:25 the impersonations sold me
Nooria Ahmadi (10 days ago)
That was fun not funny
e thind (10 days ago)
Simon small “really?” During vitallys performance has me dead
Thiên TW (11 days ago)
Nhạt vc. Ship hộ bịch muối. Tưới nước mắm cho ông đầu tiên giùm cái
frehiwot bayou (11 days ago)
I don't know why, but I love it when Simon get mad 😅😅😅😅😅
evedallas87 (11 days ago)
hmm. ja się nie śmieję...
gamerbeastplayz (11 days ago)
is it me or is it weird that in 7:51 there is a groups of people all wearing glasses?
Baby Ice Bear (11 days ago)
4:27 Me : he’s a male stripper *watches his pole dancing performance* Me : yep, definitely a male stripper
Lela Strika (11 days ago)
Wow Thanks for this mix of amazing fun 💓💓💓🙏🏻🙏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻I’m not alone tonight with this video
Rebecca Odell (11 days ago)
That Craig dude, the impressions guy: SO CUTE!!!
Vania Lee (11 days ago)
I could't help my self I had to laugh. I failed the challenge. :( :( :( :( :( :(
Paula Judd (11 days ago)
Simon has no soul but why?
ace barrett (11 days ago)
Simon's face while watching Richard was my French teacher's face during the final when i started panicking and speaking in russian (I live in the New England Region of the USA so that's not exactly the most common thing)
Kyle Reitz (11 days ago)
ima play more of my music
Edlomaja (11 days ago)
6:45 and a little forward she's into it
Jennifer Moore (12 days ago)
I didn't think Gatis was funny
kcbsny (12 days ago)
Shirtless guy I think is a contourtunist.
molly-may bowlzer (11 days ago)
You mean contortionist

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