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How to Wash a Down Jacket

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Learn how to maintain maximum loft and increase the lifespan of your down jacket in This Guide. Check out our Down Care Kit Here: https://bit.ly/2R6qPWK
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Text Comments (25)
Darth Vader (3 months ago)
What do u mean cleaner and not detergent?
marian b. (4 months ago)
Is a Napapirji(?)rainforest jacket a down jacket?
George (1 month ago)
Puffer jacket is
Bilal Allawi (4 months ago)
no it's not.
Bill Dickson (8 months ago)
Can a down jacket be dry-cleaned?
Bill Dickson (8 months ago)
placid renegade (8 months ago)
Bill Dickson nope
David (10 months ago)
Down = torture of ducks and geese.
ΝΟΜΛ (4 months ago)
it's a by-product, they're not raised and farmed for their feathers. SJW dipshit
Ousmane Goudiaby (1 year ago)
Thanks i learn something today
x isaka (1 year ago)
Any manual method ??? (Lmao
haris468 (1 year ago)
How do I iron my jacket if I begin to notice wrinkle on it.
Bronx New York (1 year ago)
haris468 use your forehead
José Carlos Leos (2 years ago)
What's the name of the guy?
thank you for sharing it is very helpful for me.
Finn Blu (2 years ago)
did not see this ... first washed patagonia down jacket clumping occured ....held up to light ...disturbing sight since tennis balls were not used during drying can i simply re wet and redeye with balls to salvage or is all lost :0
Julian potatoe (5 months ago)
+carolyn small you can operate the clumps by hand
Nathgta09 (1 year ago)
Your going to have to re wash the jacket and then re dry. If the jacket is still clumped after this then your going to have to take it to a specialist
carolyn small (2 years ago)
Finn Blu Yes this also happened to me, so upset. Not sure what to do
Juan Manuel Rodriguez (2 years ago)
It works really well!
Ryan Mehler (3 years ago)
I let my down jacket air dry and their are clumps of feathers at the bottom. Can I fix this? please let me know
Julian potatoe (5 months ago)
I thought I had destroyed my goose Down jacket but good old mum showed me how to separate the clips by hand. 10 minuets later it was done.
Nathgta09 (1 year ago)
If the jacket is 100% dry and it's clumped then there really isn't much else you can do other than re wash the jacket and repeat the steps that was given. I had the same problem even after fully drying in the dryer with tennis balls it's a real pain of a process
hayah (3 years ago)
Thank you! it helped a lot.
Timothy Ciarlette (4 years ago)
Good info, thanks.

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