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All About 18v Cordless Impact Drivers and Wrenches

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james mack (2 years ago)
awesome videos! Question for you: When you are using these impact tools for assembly, is there any way to know how much tightening torque you are applying? Or should you just run the bolt in with this and then tighten it with a hand tool?
50sKid (2 years ago)
That's something you sort of learn as you go, something you get a feel for. I always tighten with my impact. I rarely switch to a hand tool. If I do, it's a torque wrench whenever I want to make sure I've got a specific torque. With the impact it's a question of not over tightening something to the point of snapping the bolt head off, and you learn what size bolts you should never tighten with an impact because that's likely to happen. You also learn how far to tighten something by watching the bolt.
The mech a nic (2 years ago)
I have the 1/2 inch version of your 3/8 Milwaukee. rated at 210ft lbs .love that thing . I wouldnt recommend using 3/8 for lug nuts but whatever gets the job done lol
50sKid (2 years ago)
You don't recommend it for lug nuts because it's too slow (I agree) or because you're afraid the anvil will crack?
NutNbutSpeed (2 years ago)
Question, I looked up the 2654-20 online and it says 24500 in-lbs torque but you state 200, can you explain? Cause I'm confused.
50sKid (2 years ago)
12 inch pounds are equal to 1 foot pound. 2450 in-lbs is equal to 204.16 ft-lbs.
12vgs8606 (2 years ago)
any extension/reducer/enlarger etc will sap out the impact quite a lot. To get the most torque from your tool, hook up the socket directly to it i.e. straight socket on the impact wrench or a straight nut driver on your impact driver. You can get up to 12mm (or 14) nut driver set. This gives you more torque than using adapter and socket.
Could you elaborate on the fact, that you don't engage the handbrake when you park your car? I have heard from a couple of people with automotive backgrounds, that they purposely don't, but didn't/couldn't explain as to why. Cheers.
50sKid (2 years ago)
The parking pawl inside of the auto transmission is enough to hold your car in place on a level surface. You really only need your emergency brake when you're on a hill, just in case.
Bill Rimmer (2 years ago)
Excellent and helpful comparison. The Makita loses its power thru the little 1/4 inch fitting.

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