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4 SECRET ROOMS You Haven't Found Yet In Fortnite (SEASON 5)

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Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheDragod/ Instagram: https://instagram.com/thedragod/ Snapchat: TheDragod This fortnite video is centered around fortnite season 5 and mores specifically some of the fortnite secrets season 5 has brought to the game. SO if you are looking for fortnite season 5 tips or fortnite season 5 info, then this video on the fortnite season 5 new locations on the new fortnite season 5 new map then this fortnite new locations and fortnite best loot video should be suited for you as it shows you the fortnite best loot spots season 5 has to offer as well as some general fortnite secrets 2018. If you want to see a fortnite secrets room all four of these fortnite secret room numbers that I show have some fortnite secret chests and the fortnite secret chest season 5 search can end because I am showing you the fortnite best loot places season 5 has to offer.
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Tk-345 Tk-221 (7 hours ago)
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Habib Bongo (16 hours ago)
Clickbaitboi is back
Bryson Alderson (17 hours ago)
Head ass
Mosasaurus Fan (1 day ago)
Eva Mal (22 days ago)
Booooo you suck
DjGamerFX (22 days ago)
Yea he clickbaited
Dave Shaw (22 days ago)
Eva Mal Jugubyuubggbygbyghghhhbhubghhhhhhhhbghghhhgghhghghghgghghghhghgghhghhgghggggggggggggji,OK,
itzJustMMK (22 days ago)
Why did he return as a Fortnite youtuber?
sillonny suenia (22 days ago)
Why do you keep booing him it's mean
Defaulty Boi (2 days ago)
sillonny suenia you making a positive comment is mean
Meghezi Rami (22 days ago)
DatGuyNick (22 days ago)
you mom gae
coolcookiez sparlez (23 days ago)
Adzo Gaming (22 days ago)
coolcookiez sparlez j
Rogelio Cuevas (23 days ago)
Royalgames4567 (24 days ago)
That’s a nice tac smg in season 5
Royalgames4567 (24 days ago)
Kys am I right
DAMANDEM (25 days ago)
U r inventory is killing me
teagan streams (23 days ago)
Robert Ran (25 days ago)
Nathaniel Santa (25 days ago)
How does he get a tactical SMG if It's not in the game anymore
Huda AlKhayat (25 days ago)
اىانتقتنتيتبننبتبمتيقتافتفت. نلناردختين فعلنعهقعذنبتلت ببالغلتفتفعف
SHADOW PLAYS (26 days ago)
lol its imposible only if you know because how is it created without epic knowing ?????
Polarr & Melonn (26 days ago)
How do u not have more subs! You deserve more
sarah fraser (27 days ago)
him - I’m am the only person is the world who knows about theses locations me - i knew 3/4 of these
Piper Temple (27 days ago)
I know the first one
King Cuevas (28 days ago)
Already no the 4th one
Marinoo ! (28 days ago)
Velociraptorguy YT (28 days ago)
ycs studios (28 days ago)
4 secret rooms that got photo shop shot I dunno
Simenlol321 (28 days ago)
This is the most clickbaiting channel on youtube :/
Maria Byrne (28 days ago)
I agree
Demon (28 days ago)
Evan Beach (29 days ago)
Rick and the other one will go back and tell him to tell me what I want and what he wants
GBV GBV (29 days ago)
The guy that made the game nows ware it is
Lekeok Arazii (29 days ago)
Bro that lag made me cringe😨😖
Kendra Lashway (29 days ago)
There is a chest in the hotel in paradise palms
Velociraptorguy YT (28 days ago)
Bruh yeah
Elias Sawyer (29 days ago)
I love your blog
michael morris (29 days ago)
Camron Graham (1 month ago)
I new about all of these before watching these
Casen K (29 days ago)
Eemil Tuomainen (1 month ago)
This guy fakes his videos cause season 5 secret places and he uses tac smg
Eemil Tuomainen (29 days ago)
*_Markus_* (1 month ago)
(Literally in lazy links playing)
Ya.Boi.Fredo (1 month ago)
It was removed halfway through season 5 dipshit 😑😑😑
Lainex (1 month ago)
WHERE the secret room
Brady Reedy (1 month ago)
Is to we’ll
X Miki's Animations X (1 month ago)
U could just play in playground and check it out
Star Streakz (1 month ago)
i know the first one
Hamburger Cow (1 month ago)
Hamburger Cow (1 month ago)
Zoria Zeytoun (1 month ago)
There is a brand new YouTube video from FortNite someone posted anonymously that still hasn't been discovered by a lot of FortNite players! It's the COOLEST "EASTER EGG" YOU WILL EVER FIND IN THE GAME (with an explanation how to find it)! I'll post you guys a link: https://youtu.be/zDlcN3Hrr8Q
Joseph Loux (29 days ago)
Zoria Zeytoun you posted it, you dim-wit
Ilay King (1 month ago)
Give me like😛
Natalie Duran (1 month ago)
There was a secret home in Fortnite nearby walling woods and the noms sign is nearby the secret house
Jaylin Ezekiel (1 month ago)
Natalie Duran where please locate I want to know
Jamie Barcroft (1 month ago)
I saw a chest
Norma Fuentes (1 month ago)
I love you
Emarion Wilkerson (1 month ago)
I all ready knew that
Humaid Alzaabi (1 month ago)
All know about pradies
Yung BANS (1 month ago)
the lazy one I know it
Xekiya Gamer (1 month ago)
Katrina Fayson (1 month ago)
Why so mean
Stargaming Xboy (1 month ago)
I know fucking bitch
noob half pro (1 month ago)
That is a rookie
omar shishnagy (1 month ago)
on 1:27 when i went to that house in playground i just literally found a legendary scar GG Fam
Blake Ritchie (1 month ago)
I bet you I play better fortnite than you bet you that's not a secret
Boring Girl ;-; (1 month ago)
nigga, stop being a dick. (I can say that, i’m black myself just very light)
Blake Ritchie (1 month ago)
more like the Dragon "sucks"
Sherie Crum (1 month ago)
oops SO RETARDED 2:52
Sherie Crum (1 month ago)
so retarded 2:03
Amber Combs (1 month ago)
Sherie Crum pp
Sherie Crum (1 month ago)
X Miki's Animations X (1 month ago)
Keion Austin (1 month ago)
U worst than how I play n I use an iPad n I guess u use ps4 or xbox
JULIAN ADAIR (1 month ago)
wow. dragods baxk? nuuuuu. fcxsk you and grt a life
Paul Mikul (1 month ago)
Are u sure this is real?
Lucas Ufnal (1 month ago)
Nichole Arnold (1 month ago)
Fqrbidden (1 month ago)
likes own comment
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
Im 7 dot kus
Boring Girl ;-; (1 month ago)
then *DONT* watch it if he *CUSSES*
Ella Doll (1 month ago)
🖕u for real
You suck? Boris whatever try poris or poopus u suck so much that u try to make other people look bad so u won't be as bad dumbo
Boris Pashayanov (1 month ago)
you suck
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
You and him suck
Hanifa Bouabdesselam (1 month ago)
redheadtv (1 month ago)
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
You suck dot kus im 7
redheadtv (1 month ago)
You’re shot at fortnite
proper Doge (1 month ago)
+Collin Ferguson you are shit at spelling kid
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
Dot kus im 7 and that is not how you spll the s wrd
Hasan Ekici (1 month ago)
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
Ailem suck
Hasan Ekici (1 month ago)
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
You suck
Dab Bro (1 month ago)
I all ready no them
FortniteGamer (1 month ago)
Hahahahah funny video
Oliver Riley (1 month ago)
f you
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
I hat you yjgrfievvgofmwbhd6298777777777jngvwpcnbwo19bdfbvd. ...............
Collin Ferguson (1 month ago)
Dot kus im 7
Hentai Cunt (1 month ago)
He has the tac smg
Nick Dinh (1 month ago)
Yea stretch it to 14 min
Marcus hungidas (1 month ago)
Am I a turd
Rosy Torres (1 month ago)
I did
deadpool best (1 month ago)
Maybe not as good as ninja. But your still good
deadpool best (1 month ago)
You look better then ninja
Breathing Human (1 month ago)
Please drink bleach.
Rae Dabb (1 month ago)
Imbout togetand6pmphotophoto
Blake Ritchie (1 month ago)
there are other videos
William Toland (1 month ago)
Your so fucking bad at looting and building a four-year-old could do better than you do and that red edit you do all through your video just makes it worse
Marcus hungidas (1 month ago)
William Toland (1 month ago)
go watch muselk
William Toland (1 month ago)
+QueenKiyah Is da boss just cuz you have a crush him don't back them up cuz you don't know shit
William Toland (1 month ago)
+QueenKiyah Is da boss no i don't even play I mean he sucks
QueenKiyah Is da boss (1 month ago)
Your mean he’s better than you
Amari Asamoah (1 month ago)
Ur so moist
Minecraft Master (1 month ago)
You trash you I hate your video
deadpool best (1 month ago)
He would be better then you grapes
Jamarion Wongus (1 month ago)
Thereal Link_Edit you suck balls at Fortnite
Forknite Boi (1 month ago)
You are the best youtuber ever don’t listen to all the retarted 12 year olds who are very stupid fat idiots sitting in there room pretending to be cool
Jessica Ahlers (1 month ago)
Ar u sure they 12 🤔these comments sounds like 4 years old did them
deadpool best (1 month ago)
Wow thank god your one of the nice ones
Terr Kiddu (1 month ago)
Hay chill out cookie monster
Ray Ray Wycotte (1 month ago)
Like u acting like u know what your saying
breanne farris (1 month ago)
Your black
hamdi ibrahim (1 month ago)
hamdi ibrahim (1 month ago)
Zacketc (1 month ago)
Why the f would you say that, you racist idiot
Forknite Boi (1 month ago)
You are autisitc racist turd
Ashlei Brown (1 month ago)
This sucks
Gametime Nick (1 month ago)
Why not just go in playground
Clint Marlette (1 month ago)
Is it only for PC ?
justin todd (1 month ago)
Clint Marlette or you just suck at listening
Taha Razaque (1 month ago)
Think my head will blow if I keep watching this crap!
Brian Amster (1 month ago)
Romano Family (1 month ago)
Tactical smgs aren't in the game anymore
Domonique Fleming (1 month ago)
Add me on PS4 redhead_4redhead
4ndr3 Ca (1 month ago)
knew that and knew the other one and more
Cyd Dsouza (1 month ago)
Cool and deadly
skizer11 (1 month ago)
Breathing Human (1 month ago)
skizer11 are you insane? This person lies for a living.
Jen Primeaux (1 month ago)
You are the best youtuber i ever seen in my life😏😏😏😏
Taha Razaque (1 month ago)
Dont know bout you but after watching this i suffered from a terrible headache.
Marcus hungidas (1 month ago)
Taha Haqro shame on uou
Taha Razaque (1 month ago)
Just kill yourself
Harris Hubbard (1 month ago)
Your stupid youtuber
Forknite Boi (1 month ago)
Harris Hubbard shut up you retard
Dev Ghosh (1 month ago)
I know the bridge chest
Ronnie Ziehm (1 month ago)
Kylee Emerald (1 month ago)
I play fortntie my name is Deeod2018
chuckmckeewer0 (1 month ago)
I'm cool dude 155 the

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