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[MV] (G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) _ LATATA

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[MV] (G)I-DLE ((여자)아이들) _ LATATA *English subtitles are now available. :D (Please click on 'CC' button or activate 'Interactive Transcript' function) [Notice] 1theK YouTube is also an official channel for the MV, and music shows will count the views from this channel too. [공지] 1theK YouTube는 MV를 유통하는 공식 채널로, 1theK에 업로드된 MV 조회수 또한 음악방송 순위에 반영됩니다. :: iTunes : https://itunes.apple.com/album/i-am-ep/1378887583?l=ko&ls=1&app=itunes ▶1theK FB : http://www.facebook.com/1theK ▶1theK TW : https://twitter.com/1theK ▶1theK Kakao : https://goo.gl/otRpZc
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Text Comments (76479)
Marcsx (5 minutes ago)
Nice try Neverlands, At least they won *Best Of Next Artist* MAMA 2018. KEEP ON FIGHTING!
Kiel Vergara (31 minutes ago)
I'm inlove with YuQi's deep voice.😍
Law Rachel (33 minutes ago)
quick and helpful guide to (g)i-dle: miyeon (2:57) - main vocalist and second visual - always panicking - used to train under yg and has a godly voice minnie (0:36) - lead vocalist, thai - sweet honey vocals and understands 5(?) languages what a multilingual queen - meme queen and only ever takes aesthetic photos soojin (0:24) - lead rapper and main dancer - one of her nicknames is cherry! - always seems badass but is actually a softie and says yeorobun a lot soyeon (0:07) - leader, main rapper, face of the group - was on produce 101 and unpretty rapstar 3 - writes a lot of their music including this song and their other single hann yuqi (0:43) - chinese, lead vocalist and lead dancer - most popular member, husky voice and multitalented - bubbly, fun personality shuhua (1:44) - taiwanese, maknae, visual, vocalist - loud and a living meme, deserves more lines! - does very questionable things but we still love her
Ryana Novi (49 minutes ago)
I came from watching their performance at MAMA and I've never stanned a girlgroup b4 but the girl in red caught my attention. She was the same girl in red in this Mv too right? Perhaps im gay for her
EveryDay EveryNight LaTaTa (20 minutes ago)
Yup, that's her. Check out k/da pop/stars. That song is bop and she also rap in it.
Uma Kpopper (52 minutes ago)
OmG,,, wooooow Me : every day, every night latata I love yaaa💖💖💖💗
ImRo Yg (1 hour ago)
100M views fot the girls please 🙏
Kisman Victor Lopes (1 hour ago)
JoHnN L (2 hours ago)
84M go go 85M Neverlands 💜
Vn Snz (2 hours ago)
the true rookie of the year 👑
Minnie x (3 hours ago)
We did it : 84M 🎉🎉 Let's go for 85M Neverlands ❤
M.Ignacia Bernales (3 hours ago)
wow ¡¡¡¡¡
Lydia Gouveia (3 hours ago)
Does anyone know if (G)I-DLE are going to sbs gayo daejun? I really hope so, cause when bts announced the lineup, there was no gidle!!! But maybe we just have to wait 😅😅
Lydia Gouveia (2 hours ago)
Tamara Flores a few questions! What is gayo Daejukye? And how do you know Bts are attending? And also is this the kind of ceremony where you get reactions? And when is it? I’m so sorry for so many questions forgive me!😅😅
Tamara Flores (3 hours ago)
they aren't attending that but they're attending KBS Gayo Daechukje and BTS also is attending! :)
Shawnie 123 (3 hours ago)
Keep streaming:)
Destia Anzarayan (4 hours ago)
You members blackpink?
hazza (4 hours ago)
the little “i love ya” are so catchy. is soyeon the one saying it?
Lydia Gouveia (3 hours ago)
hazza (5 hours ago)
the little “i love ya” are so catchy! and the chorus too! and the little dance break after the chorus. and the rap. one of the best debuts ever. monster rookies
ann R (3 hours ago)
True 💜💜💜
asoma_bts army (5 hours ago)
اعلن انظمامي لفاندومهم اللي م ادري ايش اسمه 😭😭😭😭💞💞💞💞 يجننونن
Mochi Mochi (5 hours ago)
sHaDySoPhIa (5 hours ago)
Is it just me but at 1:45 shuhua looks a little like jisoo😂
FJJJF 123489980 (6 hours ago)
Mexicanos que tengan el disco original de estas chicas? Yo, y quien mas? pongan que les parecio el disco
Tamara Flores (3 hours ago)
+FJJJF 123489980 hann no tiene album, fue solo un single digital
FJJJF 123489980 (6 hours ago)
Me gusto mucho el Photoshop, esta muy bueno, las canciones también, aunque quisiera saber donde comprar el de "Hann"
Daya y ARMY (6 hours ago)
La verdad es una muy buena canción y una de mis favoritas por cierto :D no entiendo como no puede tener mas vistas... para mi se merecen mas reproducciones, *Felicidades muy buena canción <3*
تىتبن ىنىن (6 hours ago)
John Rey (6 hours ago)
time for the moonlight (6 hours ago)
84M soon❣
jiji jiji (6 hours ago)
Wow this song is awesome
Luana Bello (6 hours ago)
Me encanto
lachimondala uwu (7 hours ago)
Shawnie 123 (6 hours ago)
lachimondala uwu yes let's get it💜
Andrea Serrano (7 hours ago)
i love the one in pink
A Bathing Ape (7 hours ago)
소연이는 여자지코다. 이렇게좋은노래를쓰다니...
I love it tihs song😘
Merlyn Alcaraz (8 hours ago)
We need to reach 100m guys. Nevies lets help our girls.
Eto (8 hours ago)
Does anyone know that black haired girl with the white gorgeous husky name? she's so beautiful she's definitely my bias if anyone could tell me her name i'd be very grateful ♡
Eto (7 hours ago)
+Armyland is my fave Aw, thank you queen ♡
Armyland is my fave (7 hours ago)
Her name is Shuhua, she's the vocalist, visual, and maknae.
cypher subliminal (8 hours ago)
cypher subliminal (8 hours ago)
• Chim Chim • (8 hours ago)
*100 M* You can do it💜💜
g_i_dle neverland (8 hours ago)
ThisKPop_gurlll2353 (8 hours ago)
came from lanky box XD
Random Guy (9 hours ago)
The real ROTY 2018, no corruption, no big3, just talent and quality.
Jannat Ahmed (9 hours ago)
Alsara Ryanka Sangma (9 hours ago)
Alsara Ryanka Sangma (9 hours ago)
Chon Chon (10 hours ago)
Wow Soyeon is amazing! I love her face and her voice. I followed her from K/DA
Army Neverland (10 hours ago)
*If you do not know how to vote for (G) -Idle in Idol Champ, please watch this video.* *I think it's going very fast but you can change the speed, oh and sorry for "my English" (it's from Google: v), I hope they understand and vote.* *More support and love for girls, let's work together to give them what they deserve.* Link: https://youtu.be/TMZhGuwA3_8
RYU (10 hours ago)
음악은 잘 만들었는데~뮤직비디오 감독새끼가 망쳐났네
hannah (10 hours ago)
I love the transformation of female KPOP. I really wanted something fresh and new, instead of the cute concept and the overly exaggerated high pitched voices. Love it.
time for the moonlight (11 hours ago)
Next Comeback Goals:10M views and 500K likes in 24h,chart high in korean charts,5-6 wins and +50K albums sales,let's start saving money neverlands and do this for our rookie legends❣
It's KiM BoBaE (11 hours ago)
Neverland's next album,let's crushed the WIZ*ONE'S record😌
Shook Dubu (11 hours ago)
g_i_dle neverland (11 hours ago)
LaRagazzaCheAma I BTS (11 hours ago)😍
Lydia Gouveia (11 hours ago)
(G)I-DLE didn’t win roty, but Neverlands all know who the real winner is!! If MAMA wasn’t a snake, and just went off of votes then (G)I-DLE would have the crown! Anyways I heard the award best of next, is superior to both male and female rookie awards, so that makes me happy 😊! It basically just means the next big thing, and trust me gidle are the next big thing!!!!
Minnie is My Princess (11 hours ago)
The thing is it's not just votes. It's votes+digital (50%). They did the same thing in 2016 and 2017 with roty and the best of next.
time for the moonlight (11 hours ago)
Watch (g)i-dle's performance at MAMA 2018 and give it a like:https://youtu.be/aYUbYL2cDS0 ❣
fans 123 (12 hours ago)
I think G-idle knew it but still put their best into performing, I am... 😍👍💖 I also saw Neverlanders being good sports and congrats the winner 😊 The feeling of winning G-idle have been through many times. I'm sure G-idle do cheer for the winner too. I'm abit weird, I actually do not prefer to be on 1st place. Probably what I have been through, I need something to thrive/a motive/a target, I imagine myself being at the top then there is nothing for me to achieve anymore😅... Sorry I know I'm weird.
Crazy Army (12 hours ago)
Yuqi got me here but I stayed because of all of them😍❤
84M.views come throouuughhh
Minnie is My Princess (13 hours ago)
Despite not winning roty from snake Mnet, our girls gave us all their best in their performance. We should focus on helping our girls more instead of fighting against other fans and trolls.
Hello Me (1 hour ago)
+Lydia Gouveia I love GIDLE but what you are doing is disrespectful. Izone totally deserved their award!
Lydia Gouveia (11 hours ago)
They seriously deserved it more than IZ*ONE! They have been around for like what... 1 month!! They may have higher sales, but that’s only because of pre-debut hype! Without that, they will have normal sales! I’m not saying their not talented I’m just saying it’s unfair! And la vie n rose was originally ClCs song, but cube gave it to mnet! So technically they don’t really have a set concept! But it’s whatever, our girls got something, and I did some research and the best of next award is superior to both male and female rookie awards! So that makes me happy 😊
candy pop (13 hours ago)
Apparently our girls won an award at MAMA! An award called "Best of next". I'm slightly disappointed they didn't get ROTY (as expected... MNET is a snake and gave ROTY to izone). Let's continue to cheer our girls on! <3 <3 <3
ann R (3 hours ago)
I agree Mnet is such a snake. No wonder why it's getting worse every year. Im not hating on izone and im not complaining on the awards that our Queens got but truth be told MNET made magic on that award show. Snake moves from mnet!!!
candy pop (13 hours ago)
​+Readioheed Yeah I know, the TRUE roty actually belongs to IDLE, but fans will get mad if our girls didn't get an award so they just gave them BON. At least it's pretty clear to the world now that MAMA is a scam and MNET is a snake.
Readioheed (13 hours ago)
I read from one comment that, historically, the winner of Best of Next, since it was created two years ago, have gone on to better careers than the winners of the Best New Female Artist for that Year. Blackpink to I.O.I. and Chung Ha to Pristin.
egi defiska (13 hours ago)
it's okay NEVERLAND, cuz we been knew that mama is fucing biased since the beginning right?. The best of next WAT? THEY'RE THE BEST NOW but MNET TOOK IT, then GIVE IT TO THEIR DAUGHTER. just wait till our QUEENS got bigger and slay those mnet snakes cuz they're GONNA BE THE BEST OF THE NEAR NEXT FUTURE. THANKS❤️
Readioheed (13 hours ago)
I read from one comment that, historically, the winner of Best of Next, since it was created two years ago, have gone on to better careers than the winners of the Best New Female Artist for that Year. Blackpink to I.O.I. and Chung Ha to Pristin.
Shawnie 123 (14 hours ago)
MAMA 2018 performance💜 https://youtu.be/aYUbYL2cDS0
Army Neverland (14 hours ago)
*Vote for (G)-Idle on the app Idol Champ for "BEST SUPER ROOKIE", plz vote we're weak in votes.* - Sorry for my english -
fans 123 (10 hours ago)
+Army Neverland thank you very much 🙏
Army Neverland (10 hours ago)
+fans 123 https://youtu.be/TMZhGuwA3_8
Army Neverland (10 hours ago)
+fans 123 I made a video explaining. I think it goes very fast but you can change the speed, oh and sorry for "my English" (it's from Google). I hope you can understand.
fans 123 (13 hours ago)
Are there any guideline available, it's in Korean I don't understand how to vote
- lucid dreams (14 hours ago)
Hảo Như (15 hours ago)
90M is coming .Keep streaming Neverland
Nightcore Flawless (15 hours ago)
100m gogogogo
Once Forever (15 hours ago)
I really love this song 😊😊😊
Army Neverland (15 hours ago)
*Tenemos que mejorar nuestro fandom, puede parecer grande pero somos un fandom pequeño y muy débil. Tenemos me mejorar nuestros votos y el apoyo hacia las chicas*
Minji Kim (15 hours ago)
The first girl who sang is my bias
Chris Tos (14 hours ago)
Her name is Soyeon.
Army Neverland (15 hours ago)
*(G)-Idle en los MAMA* https://youtu.be/aYUbYL2cDS0
Ayana Midzuno (15 hours ago)
Kim Jimin Vkook (15 hours ago)
What is her name the cute girl have a loaud voice? I'm in love with her cuteness
Kim Jimin Vkook (15 hours ago)
+Army Neverland thanks for the feed back but i just known at kookie Over Oreos comment about who is who hehe😇👍
Army Neverland (15 hours ago)
+Kim Jimin Vkook Song Yuqi
Kim Jimin Vkook (15 hours ago)
+Army Neverland yes
Army Neverland (15 hours ago)
time for the moonlight (15 hours ago)
Congrats to our rookie legends💅
allisa yaj (15 hours ago)
why didnt idle get the roty in mama
Minnie is My Princess (13 hours ago)
+Readioheed i mean, it becomes too obvious if you look into it a bit.
Readioheed (13 hours ago)
I read that, historically, the winner of Best of Next, since it was created two years ago, have gone on to better careers than the winners of the Best New Female Artist for that Year. Blackpink to I.O.I. and Chung Ha to Pristin.
Armyland is my fave (14 hours ago)
+allisa yaj Yes! And there are still more award shows to come.
allisa yaj (15 hours ago)
but atleast they got that award on the other awarding ceremonies
Armyland is my fave (15 hours ago)
MAMA is biased, that's why. Anyway congrats to Idle for winning something at least and not going home empty handed, they looked really happy and grateful.
Rica Styles (15 hours ago)
This must be the gg roty
Readioheed (15 hours ago)
It's a sad day for me and perhaps for many more. But in the hearts of all Neverland, you will always be the real winners. <3 At least, we showed you how much we support all of you in the online voting. Take heart, Miyeon, Minnie, Soojin, Soyeon, Yuqi, and Shuhua! (G)i-dle fighting!
Prestige Akali (15 hours ago)
G-idle performance at MAMA https://youtu.be/aYUbYL2cDS0
shreya jha (16 hours ago)
i swear i just wanted to learn their names......
KIM JISOO (16 hours ago)
LOVE GIDLE 'S music but some of the fans.....
Chic T (14 hours ago)
In reality its ALL Kpop fandoms..
Army Neverland (15 hours ago)
Same with Blackpink, BTS, Twice and every group in Korea :)
Bread Jinie (16 hours ago)
What company are they from?
TaehyungK (16 hours ago)
Prestige Akali (16 hours ago)
soyeon ft sunwoo at MAMA https://youtu.be/gj8gSfYBPPc
Prestige Akali (16 hours ago)
u.r welcome.. 😁
fans 123 (16 hours ago)
That got me repeated 5 times. She is not human 😅❤️. Thank you for sharing.
*Yuqi's voice is kinda deep and I'm digging into it.*
Ngọc Trà My Nguyễn (17 hours ago)
張如 (17 hours ago)
every day every night LATATA!
Kwiin Riverr (19 hours ago)
3:06 she killed it.
amie ungui (19 hours ago)
Dimas Yudhistira Auly (20 hours ago)
Who's here after K/DA ?
Irvan D (20 hours ago)
Lets go to 100M ❤
Jikookis Bae (21 hours ago)
Today is mama neverlands get ready .😍😎
byun taeyeon (21 hours ago)
As of December 10, 3:35 PM KST we are at 83,830,612 views. My last update was on November 29, 5:21PM KST, which wr already have 81,435,004 views. We have gained 2,395,608 views after almost 11 days. The average views everyday is at 217,780 and it will take us to 70+ days before reaching our target 100m. If we could double our streaming, we can actually get the 100m before January 15, 2019. Hoping we can achieve our goal the soonest. Fighting, NEVERLANDS!
jeon fam (21 hours ago)
stream harder guyss!
¿2-1《13》1-2? TS&Tw (22 hours ago)
ann R (22 hours ago)
Getting that 84th M soon 💜💜💜💜
anitakur1 (23 hours ago)
why they all are wearing mehendi? from an indian kpoper
fans 123 (22 hours ago)
Because it's beautiful
Shawnie 123 (23 hours ago)
84M soon!
ransczul zul (1 day ago)
Go 100 million
Drica Kpop (1 day ago)
❌MV WITH NAMES ➡️https://youtu.be/n1aGeZ96iT8
LOLDE GAMES (1 day ago)
mellee 51 (1 day ago)
Hey guys I’m new to this group and I’m still trying to learn names so can someone point out whos who for me please??
mellee 51 (4 hours ago)
jeon fam thanks!!
mellee 51 (4 hours ago)
Drica Kpop thank youuu!!
jeon fam (21 hours ago)
0:11 jeon soyeon. leader, face of the group, main rapper, lead dancer, composer, choreographer, korean 0:21 seo soojin. main dancer, lead rapper, choreographer, korean 0:31 minnie. lead vocal 1, thai 0:41 song yuqi. face of the group, lead vocal 2, lead dancer, lead rapper, chinese 0:51 cho miyeon, main vocal 1:01 shuhua, visual, maknae
Drica Kpop (1 day ago)
Mv with names ➡️https://youtu.be/n1aGeZ96iT8
inu - neko :3 (1 day ago)
Dios! Me encantó!
Ankita Bajaj (1 day ago)
stupid ruanruan (1 day ago)
I played this on 2x speed and it felt nice

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