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Fender Thinline Cabronita Telecaster Demo

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http://www.pmtonline.co.uk/catalogsearch/result/?q=cabronita Imagine a Telecaster with Gretsch pickups, well that's a Fender Cabronita. Damon demo's and talks about this beautiful new model. Don't forget to subscribe for more video's soon. https://www.youtube.com/c/PMTVUK?sub_confirmation=1 Fender's Cabronita Telecaster Thinline electric guitar combines classic Tele style with a slightly rude attitude. It's got all the bark, bite, and howl you'd expect from a Thinline Tele, courtesy of its resonant chambered Ash body and spanky Maple neck. But, you can easily take the Cabronita Telecaster Thinline over the edge with its duo of Fideli'Tron humbucking pickups. All you need is raunchy valve-amp and the Cabronita Telecaster Thinline's single master volume control, and you're ready to take your tone from sweet and chimey to over-the-top snarl and bite ... Huge sound, wide tonal range, and an aggressive output - this is what your amplifier can expect from Fender's dual Fideli'Tron humbucking pickups. From smooth and mellow clean tones at the neck position, to biting lead tones at the bridge, you can't help but be impressed by the sound of the Fideli'Tron humbucking pickups. With a three-way pickup selector and a single master volume control, the Fender Cabronita Telecaster Thinline is a straightforward tone monster, but even with a single-channel valve amplifier, you can achieve a lot of sonic flexibility. Not only does the Fender Modern Player Cabronita Telecaster Thinline's chambered Mahogany body make this an incredibly comfortable guitar to play, but it has depth and resonance to its tone. Fat, warm, and woody, the Modern Player Cabronita Telecaster Thinline goes beyond the classic tone of a Fender Telecaster. Subscribe https://www.youtube.com/c/PMTVUK?sub_confirmation=1 Find us on social media https://www.facebook.com/PMTHouseOfRock/ https://twitter.com/pmthouseofrock https://www.instagram.com/pmthouseofrock/
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Text Comments (38)
Eric D. (1 year ago)
A lot of overtones ! I wouldn't push these pickups in so much distortion. Just a bit of amp pushing would be great. Super excellent for rythme imho.
Jeff J (1 year ago)
Could you tell me what amp was used in this demo?
Kirby Nils (1 year ago)
I love this guitar.. I don't know why Fender insist on putting the volume knob under the bridge. good for volume swells but a pain in the arse to try and strum.. especially for something that sounds acoustic.
mediastarguest (2 years ago)
Far too much reverb / delay on this review.
Stephan Venner (2 years ago)
Yeah,cool,but the backing music,isn't that P.Paul Fenech twanging?
50'smusicgroup fb (2 years ago)
I am really impressed by everything he play? Anyone knows what the songs are called or is it just random playing straight away? Would be cool if he could post sheet music on it
Eric Filsinger (2 years ago)
Can I put a jazzmaster trem and change the bridge?
PMTVUK (2 years ago)
Yeah you might be able to, I'd suggest taking it to a tech to have a look at
Daniel OLIVIERI (2 years ago)
This Cabronita is not "thinline" at all and it has a normal thick solidbody.
David Stensaas (2 years ago)
I bought one of these slightly used, in gold (not my preference), at an online site for a super price (~$300 below retail after negotiating a reduction due to some minor shipping damage). I replaced the nut with a Tusq XL, and custom made a cool pickguard sort of like those on the Classic thinline, not for looks but because the finish was damaged in shipping when the volume knob was pushed into the body hard enough to crack the paint all around the knob - due to poor packing. But with the new pickguard it looks better, so that rocks. Anywhoo, this Tele is the first of many I have played that I like enough to keep, it isn't too twangy in the bridge, and it has much better grunt in all positions than a typical single coil Tele, even the G&L ASATs are not as good. These kind of pickups are quite sensitive to pick attack. You can adjust the polepieces on each pup, which I did to get more clarity out of the neck pup, and if you don't like ice pick you can dial that out. And check your amps, you can EQ those as well to dial out ice pick! I was skeptical about the single knob, being mainly a Strat guy I like my treble dialed down to about an 8 usually. But the ease of one knob for live performance is a revelation! The other guitar player in my band played the Squier version (which is really good as well, cost-wise its a stupid deal of the year) that I bought before looking for a Fender, and he loved the single knob too, and the guitar. This is a guy who has been gigging for 25 years and plays solo acoustic gigs 2-3 nights per week with a 12-string Guild. The Fender thinline is a super guitar for classic rock, each position has a good sound that is distinct from the others, and the neck is a dream. This is a super easy to play guitar, and combined with the tone it is cake me. The fact that it only weighs about 7 lbs is just icing. The guitar "wings" are nearly completely hollow, only the center and the area around the knobs on that side of the lower bout are solid. I had no shoulder fatigue after 2 hours of rehearsal with this axe on Sunday. There is a bit of neck dive, but not as bad as an SG. Highly recommended.
Giulio Imparato (4 years ago)
Jimmy page would have loved this axe!
Maafa 1619 (4 years ago)
That is cool guitar. But, a regular Tele with TV Jones Classic pickups (which sound 1000 times better than those Fidelitrons) is a great guitar. 
Lotus Music Roma (4 years ago)
wv838 (4 years ago)
Sounds as good as I dreamed it would - want one!
SteveBZ69 (4 years ago)
Love it, many thanks for the demo, but why oh why cant you do a left handed one for me?
Joey DH (4 years ago)
atlas92 (5 years ago)
thank you for doing a demo that isnt all reverb and distortion!!!! its hard to find a good demo like this on youtube:)
Todd Hooper (5 years ago)
I'm surprised. I think I want one!
CptWhiteJeans (5 years ago)
No tone control, not interested.
jacob brown (2 years ago)
easy to put a cts stacked pot in there for tone and volume
TheAngello120 (5 years ago)
Well firstly the custom shop did not design it,they jumped on tv jones bandwagon as he did this first, also why no tone control? how do you get rid of that nasty high string thin treble cutting through, need a rethink here.
TheAngello120 (3 years ago)
+john gudgeon I bought a JD Barnfather custom built chambered Tele" a while back( he no longer builds guitars sadly) but it creams any fender I ever played also picked up a cheap but as new JTV 69 variax and with the workbench I built a Cabronita ! with trem, fantastic .
john gudgeon (3 years ago)
+TheAngello120 I have one but I rarely use it because of the "nasty high string thin treble cutting through" TV Jones pick ups are on my shopping list.
Joseph O' Hara (5 years ago)
The dude looks like Don Everly... O.o
ataricombat (5 years ago)
So are we hearing what the guitar can sound like or what it can sound like when run through that massive bank of effects pedals?
Mrlz56 (5 years ago)
something is missing in the tone, MIDS. Very thin sounding or muddy with OD
chris (5 years ago)
I find myself rather fancying one.
Rottie Man (5 years ago)
Is it just me or does Damon always appear as though he just woke up? lol Great tele!!!
Angel Vargas (5 years ago)
It would be nice to hear some Smiths on this guitar...
James Langford (5 years ago)
Richmond Avenal (5 years ago)
Great Demo!! And superb guitar :)
Ján Bakoš (5 years ago)
the drive sounds like ZZ Top :)
VintagePatriot (5 years ago)
Gotta love that jangle
SxDx1986 (5 years ago)
i bought one of these from zzounds....a choice im very happy with.not only does it look and sound good but it plays damn good...the neck is very small compared to my other guitars....i mean its mexican made,but honestly i like it better than my japanese surf green pawn shop 72 :/
Nathaniel Dean (5 years ago)
Finally, a tone demo that shows off clean tones and doesnt just stick to cheesy rock and roll, thank you so much!
Paul Hebert (5 years ago)
I just got this Telecaster and it is awesome! Fantastic sound, and very easy to play.
Clyde Phalanx (5 years ago)
This guitar looks great. If this the Cabronita, I wonder what the Cabron looks like lmao
TheF86Sabre (5 years ago)
Jangle unchained!

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