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How To Do UX User Research

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How do you do user research and what is the user research process? In this UX tutorial I will show you! ____ IF YOU LIKE MY CHANNEL, HERE ARE SOME NEXT STEPS... 1) HIRE ME: Want me to work with your startup or business? https://bit.ly/2AybHq8 2) FREE EBOOK: "How to start a career in UX" https://bit.ly/2xuYDDE 3) FREE PORTFOLIO REVIEW: Get my thoughts on your portfolio... https://bit.ly/2KuhpxM ____ VIDEO NOTES: Within a HCD (Human Centered Design) research process, there are essentially 3 types of research you can conduct: 1 - Background Research 2 - Usability Testing 3 - ROI research 1 - Background Research This is the type of research you use to discover more about your target audience or users of a product. The research you conduct here is used to gain insight into your users and their needs to discover if what you are designing or intending to design is relevant and suitable for them. Normally consists of: - Surveys (quantitative data) - Interviews (qualitative data) - Questionnaires (qualitative data) 2 - Usability Testing This type of research is used to assess whether what we are creating provides an enjoyable and easy to use experience for our users. Usability tests are often conducted on what we are currently designing or building, but they can also be used to test the usability of something that already exists - like an existing website. Normally consists of: - Low fi wireframes and prototypes (sketches, static visuals) - High fi wireframes and prototypes (task analysis) - Live website testing (task analysis) - Accessibility testing 3 - ROI Research This type of research is used to demonstrate the ROI (Return on Investment) that UX research has made to a particular product. In organisations or on projects where budgets are limited or attitudes aren’t favourable to UX, it’s often important to show the difference user research can make, rather than explaining it. Normally consists of: - A/B testing - Analytics (quantitative data) Process & Timeline Now let’s see how the 3 types of research come together to form the research process. The 3 stages of research can be followed sequentially and then repeated in an iterative way. So, once you have completed the process once, you can then go back to the beginning and repeat it as many times as you want to continue gathering more insight and improving the product continuously. Alternatively, depending on the unique needs and requirements of a project, you may be constrained to start at one of the later research stages. For example, you might join a company that has just shipped the first MVP version of their product and needs to understand users usage patterns and analytic data before deciding what to next. Here it would make sense to start A/B testing the existing product and reviewing their analytics, rather than conducting background research into their audience. ____ Check out my social for more UX tips: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/robertsmith.co/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/robertsmith_co
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Meet Shah (16 days ago)
Wow man! that's so simple and straightforward. I've been exploring this domain from days and here I find the perfect way to go forward. I've one hobby project/idea in my mind...so instead of just deigning it I wat to conduct User research for it...and I'll start it by making survey form. Thanks man!
Vaishnavi Rao (17 days ago)
Can you explain how usability testing could be performed by software testers.. by a service providing company (testing company)?
Sandip (1 month ago)
why u r not making more videos?
Jennifer Hoang (2 months ago)
Can you talk about or make a video going into detail about how surveys in background research would be performed? Where would you conduct surveys so that it's more random and not just surveyed on one demographic in order to get a more accurate persona? It is best to conduct the surveys online or through people you know? If you are conducting a survey in person, how do you know what demographics/age to survey? Also, how many people do you survey? Just wondering what would give the most accurate results! Great video!
Robert Smith (1 month ago)
Thanks for the comment Jennifer. I'll look at putting together a video based on what you've asked for. Cheers
John Evan Remoroza (6 months ago)
How do we actually do some surveys from sample users? Are there free online tools? Which are the best?
Meet Shah (16 days ago)
I think just make a google form and share it with your circle and online user research communities...
Robert Smith (6 months ago)
Hi John, Trying to understand your question properly: Are you asking for examples of surveys or question types? Or how to go about finding users? If you elaborate a little I will try my best to help. In terms of the best tools (in my opinion) for conducting user surveys, particularly online would be - https://www.surveymonkey.com/ https://www.hotjar.com/ https://docs.google.com/forms/
Susie Q (6 months ago)
I have to say! You’re on my computer screen right now and I can’t help but think ‘this dude is handsome and not too showy or insecure’ just chill! Okay, since you’re helping me immensely with my pet passion I’ll just have to cool it and focus! Thanks for the great vids! Nice length and content!
Susie Q (6 months ago)
Robert Smith 💖😜 I am! I’m an agile coach so really want to get deep with design thinking! All these best to you!
Robert Smith (6 months ago)
lol, thanks Susie ;-) I'm glad you like my videos and I am getting the chance to help you with your pet passion. Stick at it!
aO aM (8 months ago)
I like your videos
Даша Полищук (9 months ago)
Chuck Bass :D
thyphaine piw (9 months ago)
Would be great to make some videos of case studies :)
Robert Smith (8 months ago)
I have a video on writing case studies on my channel - https://youtu.be/7l0ij8qJnA0
Ralphunreal (9 months ago)
For background research, is this the best method if you are designing a product from scratch? Also are the insights to look for just what they want or need? Should I be looking for problems mainly? I get confused sometimes because I know we have to solve a problem but then for user interviews do we just ask questions like "what do you find frustrating about this product?" I am trying to create personal projects for my portfolio on my own to land a job in ux.
Meet Shah (16 days ago)
+Robert Smith I am in the same situation as him, and I even have the rival of my product already in the market.
Robert Smith (8 months ago)
Hey Ralph, If you send an email to - [email protected] I can try and answer questions you might have in a bit more detail! Cheers

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