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Harley Benton TE-90QM trans red thin line Telecaster style

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Using a Fender twin reverb tone in Amplitude 3
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TheElrondo (1 year ago)
Still waiting for the extendend version :)
TheElrondo (1 year ago)
Nice Guitar and nice playing. Just ordered one today after reading your review on HB forum. Where can i get the backing track u used? Best wishes and regards from Germany El
TheElrondo (1 year ago)
lancpudn Thank you for responding. I try to find the track. Fleedwood Mac is one of my favorite bands since back in my youth. I only play 10th on my teles. Found out it gives me the tone i'd like to hear. I will give D'daddarrio NYXLs a try on the new reddish one. Take care El
lancpudn (1 year ago)
Hey Thanks & Congrats on your new HB TE-90QM Telecaster. They are a nice sounding/ playing guitar. I recently changed the strings on it to a set of 9's & it changed the tone of the guitar completely, I shall be putting a set of 10's back on it as soon as possible. much prefer the 10's I get my backing tracks from a site called Karaoke version, you can customize the tracks/mute them etc as many times as you like, they cost around €2. The song was 'Fleetwood Mac' 'Need your love so bad' I hope you enjoy you're guitar as much as I do.
SeinMariry (2 years ago)
great playing :)))) may i just ask what kind of interface to you use?
SeinMariry (2 years ago)
lancpudn (2 years ago)
Thank you, I use a Line 6 Guitarport for my interface.
What strings gauge?
lancpudn (2 years ago)
+rubén cárdenes santana They are the original 9's that the guitar came with.
what is the name of this song?
+lancpudn thanks
lancpudn (2 years ago)
+jeronimo navarro herrera. It's Fleetwood Macs "need your love so bad" from 1969.
lancpudn (2 years ago)
Thank you so much Paul, It's really appreciated.
Paul Hickman (2 years ago)
Beautiful sound and subtle playing
Kevin Jones (2 years ago)
love that tone man
trailrunnerxy (2 years ago)
Hi, a wonderful Sound... great Performance - but sorry - this Video is too short..Keep the blues alive!!
jeff wackenthal (3 years ago)
Perfect!! For the money;..why pay more?
jeff wackenthal (3 years ago)
+lancpudn Yes absolutely,ive got 2 HB,a single cut and the ";Prinz Telecaster TE80nt";...but this Thinline is really really nice!Thanks for the vid!
lancpudn (3 years ago)
+jeff “jeffbwack” wackenthal Thank you Jeff, It's a beautiful instrument. You're right, you don't need to spend a fortune to have a very nice guitar these days. This Harley Benton is superb.
mywave inwoods (3 years ago)
lancpudn (3 years ago)
+mywave inwoods WOW thanks Man.
Is it heavy or light?
lancpudn (3 years ago)
+Dídac Martínez Torrent Just under 8lbs.
Richard Jagger (3 years ago)
Now thats music .
lancpudn (3 years ago)
+Richard Jagger Thank you kindly Richard.
Scott Padgett (3 years ago)
Sounds like need your love so bad- Gary Moore ?
lancpudn (3 years ago)
+tutorialinater  Yeah Need your love so bad, Fleetwood Mac when Peter Green was the front man. Great song.
S. Trottier (3 years ago)
bdman420 (3 years ago)
Im interested to get one. But confused about tuning stability and electronics  and weight... Can u tell me the weight of your guitar? Need a lightweight guitar  coz i hav  back pain... nice vid
bdman420 (3 years ago)
Thanx man for answering. I need something less than 7lbs
lancpudn (3 years ago)
+bdman420 Thanks, the guitar weighs just under 8Ib. the tuning stability is fine, no problems at all. the electrics are also good & these P90 pickups are GREAT. Very good tones in this guitar & overall a very nice guitar indeed.
Nick in the States (3 years ago)
Pretty playing man! Very nice! I just bought a couple of these Harley Bentons and now I'm watching all of the videos while I wait for them to get to the states from Germany. Thanks for sharing. Well done!
lancpudn (3 years ago)
+Blkjakk Thank you for the nice comments. I cant put this thing down & another bonus is it sounds terrific unplugged too.
Blkjakk (3 years ago)
Super nice playing!
lancpudn (3 years ago)
Yeah they're cheaper than buying used guitars here in the UK, Good choice with yours. I have my eye on their Rickenbacker model, undecided if I want the 12 or 6 string, I've got a month before I have to make up my mind. They were really quick in delivering my guitars from Germany, fantastic service & cheap P+P too.
Nick in the States (3 years ago)
+lancpudn Hehe. At their prices I can understand how they'd be habit forming! I just bought one of the LP copies and a 335 copy. $307.77 to my door in the USA. My last Epiphone cost that much! Everyone who bought one of the upper HB's tends to love them. Can't wait!
lancpudn (3 years ago)
Thanks Nick, They're well worth the wait, unbelievable value. the only thing I had to do with mine was polish the frets. The two Telecasters I bought wont be the last from them either, I love them.
Bruce Lindquist (3 years ago)
Is this vid a teaser? Great sound! Love the red and white pickups! 
lancpudn (3 years ago)
Cheers Bruce, Just a kind of tone test really, A few guys were asking what it sounds like. I've not had chance to do a song with it yet. I'm really liking the tone of this, these Wilkinson P90's are very good & it plays great,  unplugged as well it sounds beautiful.
mike5058 (3 years ago)
Sounds great Ian. Can it play Quo?
lancpudn (3 years ago)
Thanks Mike, It's definitely a keeper. Who's Quo!!! lol
hudsonrilke (3 years ago)
it's a beat!
lancpudn (3 years ago)
Cheers Nige, I'm loving it.

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